Tropical plants: Orchids, bananas and papayas in the heart of the Bernese Oberland

Tropical fruits: Banana, Papaya and Co.

The warm climate and the possibility of allowing the fruit to ripen naturally  results in an incomparable fruit taste. In the cultivation and care of the plants, we have been able to profit from the experience of the  Tropenhaus Wolhusen, which has also been cultivating tropical fruit since 1999.
An annual production of 2 tons of bananas, papayas, mangos, carambola, dwarf bananas, guavas, physalis, litchi, durian, mangostana, pomelo, pomegranate, avocados, pineapple and kumquat is planned for the greenhouse.
According to availability, our own fruit will be offered, freshly prepared, in our restaurants and the shop of the Tropenhaus Frutigen. 

Tropical orchids

With an ancillary installation and warm temperatures the whole year round, a green island of a fine collection of orchids and other exotic beauties was created in the greenhouse. The special microclimate is as close as possible to conditions in damp, tropical mountain forests.


Ginger, chilli, vanilla, pepper
Depending on the season and availability, we sell these products in our Tropenhaus Shop.

About ourselves

Ausstellung Berner Oberland
The Tropenhaus plays a leading role in the utilisation of renewable energy in the Alpine area. It grows fish and fruit and, as a model operation, is the centre of expertise for the communication of the subjects and services associated with this in a way that can be both felt and experienced.
The Tropenhaus Frutigen project was started with a feasibility study in 2002, and the start-up company Tropenhaus Frutigen AG, with offices in Frutigen, was founded in 2003.
Logical planning and preparation work resulted in the ground-breaking ceremony taking place in May 2008, so that the Tropenhaus Frutigen could be opened 21 November 2009.
Board of directors Philipp Wyss, chairman of the board of directors
Dr. Peter Hufschmied
Dr. Johannes Heeb
Lorenz Wyss
Hans-Rudolf Wandfluh
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Auditors
Managing director 
Beat Schmidt