Japan's most desired mango: "Eggs of the Sun" ....

Today’s Japan Photo: Eggs of The Sun

Alafista | July 17, 2010 - 12:16 pm

I was watching a TV show last night whereby they featured the “eggs of the sun” which is produced in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture and can be sold for very high prices. 

For Today’s Japan Photo, we will be taking a look at these special red mangoes, which are said to be extremely sweet.

This photo of a pair of the “eggs of the sun” being sold for 10,000 yen was taken by camike

You must be wondering what determines the price?

Miyazaki Prefecture-grown red mango, dubbed the “egg of the sun,” are only shipped when the sugar concentration exceeds 15 percent of its juice and the weight reaches 350 grams or more.

In the past it was known to have been sold in auctions for 200,000 yen.

If I had 200,000 yen, I rather buy an entire truckload of just decently sweet mangoes than spend it on just a pair.