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EMEX and NMB deserve each other...someone has to "drink the Koolaide" ....

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Vista, California

March 08, 2012

Uncontrolled growth, zero inputs and investments in Orchard management, Money Laundering, and a demographic growth in the USA that makes marketing efforts by the NMB useless.

"Poor Mexico, soo far from GOD (Best Agricultural Practices) and soo close to the USA"

EMEX, The Mexican Exporters (That own Hot water sheds) Association continues to experience phenominal growth driven by the afrementioned factors.

Crediting a "cocerted marketing strategy" is a joke that only EMEX falls for.

As the biggest economic supporter of the National Mango board (NMB), perhaps EMEX has an innate desire to believe the publicity stunts that justify the very existance of the NMB.

The truth is that mangoes that are sold below breakeven every year are what drive consumption in the USA market.

The millions of dollars that the NMB waste every year are a mere pitance…

Uncontrolled growth projected for Mexico once again ....

Mexico predicts 10% jump in mango shipments to U.S.

March 9th, 2012

Mexico is expecting a 10% year-on-year rise in its exports to the U.S. despite rain last month in some key growing areas, the Packers and Exporters Association (EMEX) has claimed.

EMEX president Jorge Armando Celis Moreno said he expected his organization to export an extra 5 million cases (4.3 kilograms) this season.

“The mango is relatively new to American citizens. Originally, only Mexicans, Latinos and Asians ate mangoes in the U.S. but in the last five years this has changed.”

He said this was due to a concerted marketing strategy which had paid off.

“The National Mango Board’s consumer campaign on television and working with supermarkets has increased people’s awareness and knowledge about how to consume mangoes.”

He added that other markets such as Canada were now consuming mangoes too, estimating that Canada imports about 5 million boxes a year and that Japan too had been increasing imports.

EMEX said that rains last …

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) pageviews @5:50pm (PDT) on March 08, 2012 ...

Pageviews by Countries @ 5:50pm on March 08, 2012...

United States



United Arab Emirates


Trinidad and Tobago





The best place for opportunity for a woman on International women's day ...

Economic opportunity for women
Where to be female

Mar 8th 2012, 14:58 by The Economist online

Where women have the most and least economic opportunities

MARKING International Women's Day on March 8th, the Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist's sister company, has published its second Women's Economic Opportunity Index, assessing the environment for female employees and entrepreneurs across 128 countries. 

Nearly half the world’s women of working-age are not currently active in the formal labour market. As governments seek to revive ailing economies, welcoming these 1.5 billion women into formal employment will become ever more important. 

The EIU’s index brings together 29 indicators measuring access to finance, education and training, legal and social status, and the general business environment. The chart above shows how a selection of countries have scored this year and where conditions have improved or declined.

Nigeria with it's oil wealth hopes to help mango farmers ...

Borno home of fishing
By Daniel Essiet
2 hours 22 minutes ago

Agriculture is the main occupation of Borno State. It involves 80 per cent of the population. Farming, fishing and animal husbandry represent the main agricultural activities in the state.

The key agricultural produce of the state include millet, sorghum, wheat, rice, mangoes, citrus fruits, vegetable, gum-Arabic, onions, carrots, groundnuts, berries etc. The state has consolidated its hold in these areas.

The goal of the government is to increase food production to achieve internal food sufficiency, while providing the enabling environment to boost export production.

Experts in the industry see the opportunities and bright promise that Borno State is holding out for the future. A strong agricultural state, good climate and a lot of land for agricultural production to feed the Northern region.

Following the Federal Government efforts to boost the production of major cash crops, farmers in the state can benefited from strong ec…

Casma valley holding out for top dollar ...

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Vista,  California

March 08, 2012

As the Peru mango season enters it's final leg, mango growers are squeezing exporters for every last ounce.

IMO sources in Peru are reporting that growers are "holding out" for .80usd per kilo or $16.00 usd per field crate for fruit.

Don't even bother converting from local currency to US Dollars, growers want their payment in greenbacks!

The Casma valley is located in Ancash department, some 600 plus kilometers to the south and has been spared from both the weather and the yield issues that have plagued the Piura region this season.

Unfortunately for the local growers, Mexico and Central america have begun exporting mangoes that will reach markets in shorter transit times than the Peruvian mango crop.

It is a shame that the growers are so short-sighted.

It will be the rare mango grower who invests in his/her mango orchard in anticipation o…

2nd Climate Change conference to be held in Miami ...

Dear Climate Change Colleagues …

As Co-Chair of the Renewable Energy Finance Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean 2012, REFF LAC, I would like to invite the climate change community to attend the Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Latin America and Caribbean (REFF-LAC). Join us in Miami, April 24-25, 2011.

Register now at

The presence of the climate change community at the conference will greatly enhance the interaction between the carbon markets and the private equity, banking, and investor community.

Finance for the mitigation of climate change is a well known activity of the UNFCCC and the Global
Environment Facility, GEF. The Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol is the major finance mechanism for developing countries. More recently, there is the advent of the nationally appropriate mitigating actions, NAMA as a mechanism to advance carbon markets under the climate change agenda.

In addition, as part of REFF LAC 2012, the organizers and Co-Chairs a…

Pressure on Brazil to rethink forestry legislation ...

Brazil's Rousseff urged to veto new forestry code
by Staff Writers
Brasilia (AFP) March 7, 2012

Environmentalists and small farmers marched outside the National Congress Wednesday to urge President Dilma Rousseff to veto changes to the country's forestry code they fear will accelerate deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

The bill, which is backed by the powerful agribusiness sector, would allow huge areas of the country to be farmed if they were illegally logged before July 2008, and would allow farming along environmentally sensitive riverbanks.

It was initially intended as a bid to rein in unfettered logging, and increase protections of Brazil's forested areas, which play a key role in reducing greenhouse gases.

But farm-based economic interests prevailed, and the bill was reshaped to ease restrictions that have been in place since 1965 and are credited with curbing deforestation.

"We hope that the president will show good sense with respect to the environment, even if …

India moves into the digital age and how trade will benefit ...

HBR Blog Network JEFFREY F. RAYPORT Jeffrey F. Rayport is an Operating Partner at Castanea Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm focused on retail, information, and marketing services, and was formerly a faculty member at Harvard Business School.

India's Exploding Digital Economy 9:19 AM Thursday March 8, 2012
by Jeffrey F. Rayport | Comment

Recently, I had the privilege of moderating a conference of global entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Mumbai — an event called Founders Forum India. Founders Forum is a franchise started by two successful UK-based entrepreneurs, Brent Hoberman and Jonnie Goodwin, to stimulate US-style entrepreneurship in the European region, and now around the world. The event brought together some 250 entrepreneurs and investors for a series of panels, round tables, and a business plan competition. It also featured a showcase of hot new Indian start-ups.
What the event made clear — beyond the striking array of talent in the room assembled by our Indi…

DHL Drives Deutsche Post Growth with 50% increase in profits...

Bruce Barnard, Special Correspondent 
| Mar 8, 2012 2:38PM GMT
The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Profit surges at express unit as German forwarder sees strong 2012

Germany’s Deutsche Post DHL, coming off a year in which net profit fell by half because of a onetime charge related to the sale of its Postbank banking unit, forecast higher revenue and profit for 2012.

Revenue in 2011 increased 2.8 percent — 5.9 percent when adjusted for currency fluctuations — to $69 billion and operating earnings of $3.1 billion were up almost a third.

Excluding the charges related to the Postbank sale, net profit increased more than 50 percent from 2010.

DHL continued to drive earnings growth, with the express unit’s operating profit surging 55 percent to $2.2 billion, outpacing the freight and supply chain businesses.

Overall express profit surged 85.5 percent to $1.2 billion as revenue climbed 5.9 percent to $15.5 billion. The global forwarding unit’s profit grew 12 percent to $562 million on 4.9 pe…

Japan to finance pesticide residue laboratory in Philippines ....

Friday, March 9. 2012
Japan approves P85.5-M for pesticide analyzer of prime commodity exports to Japan

by Gloria Jane Baylon

MANILA — The Government of Japan has approved funding of P85.5 million for the upgrading of two pesticide laboratories of the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)to be undertaken during a two-year period, the Japanese embassy said.

The funds will be used to procure and install sophisticated analytical equipment that will improve the analytical capability of the National Pesticide Analytical Laboratory (NPAL) building in Quezon City and the Davao Pesticide Analytical Laboratory (DPAL) in Davao City.

Both laboratories are accredited to conduct analysis of prime commodities like mango, okra and asparagus, for export to Japan, and eventually, other agricultural products. They have also received funding from Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Mango and okra are current major Philippine exports to Japan.

The embassy said the funding would “improve the country’s adherence to …

National Mango Board (NMB) looking for new blood ...

National Mango Board seeks nominees

03/08/2012 12:19:13 PM
Melissa Shipman

The National Mango Board, Orlando, Fla., has six board vacancies to fill.

The positions are for two importers from District 1, a domestic producer, a first handler and two foreign producers.

The positions are for three-year terms.

Board members work closely with staff to promote, research and serve the mango industry, according to a news release.

Industry members will vote to narrow nominations to two candidates for the positions. Foreign producer positions are accepted through the Foreign Mango Organizations.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture decides the final selections.

The nomination process runs from April to May.

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