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The International Mango Organization (IMO) : "Erradicating ignorance since 2000" ...

Global viewership of the IMO BLOG (Mango world Magazine) @ 9:00pm (PDT) Friday, March 09, 2012 ...

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The legend of the 2,500 year old mango tree at EKAMBARESWARAR ....

Come to Kanchipuram and this is the exotic destination on the face of the earth quite famous for the temples and kanjiwaram saris. This place is also referred as the Kashi of southern India and it is said that Lord Buddha is said to have visited this place.

The heritage of this ancient city is reflected on seeing the temples. You have 108 temples built in honor of lord Shiva and another 18 in honor of lord Vishnu.

The beauty of Sri Vaikuntam Perumal temple cannot be described in the few words. The overall experience in Kanchipuram is really fascinating and you get to see the beauty and heritage of the country.

Kancheepuram or Conjeevaram is situated around the banks of River Vegavati. Though Kalidasa referred to the city as the ideal among the cities (Nagareshu Kanchi) in his works, Yuan Chwang, the fantastic Chinese traveler, who wandered towards the spot within the 7th century, wrote concerning the bravery, piety, adore of justice and veneration for learning of its people today. Based…

The transformation of what is today the ASSIM Agricultural Farm in Sindh, Pakistan ...

The Goa - Brazil Mango connection and the search for new cultivars ...

By Frederick Noronha

SINDHUDURG : Mango trees that bear fruit within three
years, don't grow more than 10-12 feet tall, and bear yearly
crops instead of once every two years. All this and more is
possible, as this neighbouring district of Goa has shown.

Not just that, but experiments here have shown that lucrative
Alphonso mango trees can even be grown on barren hillocks.
Farmers are using a method of blasting pits into barren
hillsides, to allow them to grow the this lucrative variety of
mangoes that has a good market in Mumbai.

Located some 180 kms north of Goa, horticulturists of a group
called the Vaidyanik Amrakul (Scientific Mango Forum) are
launching a range of successful experiments which could have
useful lessons for Goa.

"In the next 10 years, many areas you see barren now will be
green. Weather here (in the South Konkan) is ideally meant for
mangoes," says Dr Ajit Shirodkar, from Alto Santa-Cruz in Goa,
who gr…

Transforming Foreign Aid: A Conversation with Rajiv Shah

Speaker: Rajiv Shah, Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Presider: Nicholas D. Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times
March 7, 2012
Council on Foreign Relations

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: This is a(n) on-the-record meeting, and we have people -- council members watching remotely at other locations around the world. They will be submitting questions to this, after following on a password-protected teleconference.

Raj Shah has been running USAID, has been traveling relentlessly around the world and has been aiming not only to administer the agency but really to transform aid and the way the U.S. delivers it around the world.

He -- usually people say somebody needs no introduction, then proceed for several minutes -- (laughter) -- but I'm just going to say that Raj does need no introduction, and introduce him for the annual Hurford lecture.

Raj? (Applause.)

ADMINISTRATOR RAJIV SHAH: Thank you, and good afternoon. It's wonderful to be here, and I want to thank Nick fo…

Caribbean Airlines has abundance of options to Trinidad & Tobago ...

Caribbean Airlines is adding extra seats to its inventory, increasing existing capacity on its Toronto, New York, Orlando and Miami routes. Regionally, additional non-stop flights have been added to and from Barbados and Kingston to accommodate the increased demand for travel to Trinidad, for the upcoming Carnival season. 

For the Carnival period, an additional service between JFK International Airport and Piarco International, Trinidad will be operated by a wet-leased Boeing 747 aircraft, often referred to by its original nickname, Jumbo Jet. The four-engine 747 uses a double deck configuration with a capacity of 23 business class seats and 451 economy class seats which increases the offer to as many as five daily departures.

Additional flights have been added to the core schedule from Miami and Orlando into Trinidad. These flights will be operated by the state of the art Boeing 737 fleet, adding additional capacity into and out of South Florida. Capacity has also been increased on the…

Trinidad & Tobago enjoys 3.9% increase over last year for 2012 Carnival ...

AATT chairman: 3.9% more 2012 Carnival visitors
Friday, March 9, 2012
Dixie-Ann Dickson

Gerald Hadeed

For 2012 Carnival, Trinidad experienced an increased in its tourists arrivals. The statement was made by Gerald Hadeed, chairman of the Airports Authority of T&T (AATT), during yesterday’s official launch of the new TNT Travel Channel 686 at its boardroom at Piarco international airport. 

Hadeed said the total passenger arrivals for Carnival 2012 on international flights was 71,036 persons. He said the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) estimates that 40,000 of the 71,036 passengers were international tourists. He stated that TDC said this figure represents a 3.9 per cent increase in international tourist arrivals into Trinidad compared to Carnival 2011.

Hadeed said he attributed this increase to the efforts of all stakeholders who worked hard with AATT in promoting T&T internationally and those who encouraged airlines to increase air service to both islands. Hadeed sa…

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) continues to enjoy unprecedented numbers as 1 yr anniversary nears ...

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Vista, California

Friday, March 09, 2012

Daily numbers over over 2,000 pageviews are sending the IMO BLOG website into unchartered numbers as the one year anniversary approaches on March 14, 2012.

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Delicious Mango recipe from down under ...

BBQ Chillie Prawns and Mango salad.

2 hours ago
By: FIVEaa

BBQ Chilli Prawns with Mango Salad

Serves 4


For mango salad
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 red chili, thinly sliced, including seeds
1 medium shallot, thinly sliced
½ bunch coriander, chopped
¼ bunch mint, chopped
2 firm ripe mangoes, pitted, peeled, and thinly sliced

For prawns
16 large king prawns, shelled, deveined, leaving tail intact

2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 jalapeño chilli, minced, including seeds
2 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp salt

Lime or lemon wedges to serve


Make mango salad:
Whisk together brown sugar and lime juice in a large bowl until sugar is dissolved, then whisk in red chilli, shallot, coriander and mint. Add mangoes, tossing gently.

Grill prawns:
Preheat BBQ (or pan fry if no bbq avail).

Skewer a prawn on each skewer, lengthwise, to straighten. Transfer to a tray.

Whisk together oil, jalapeño, cumin and salt, then brush on skewered prawns until well coated. Grill prawns turning occasionally, until golden brown…

ATAULFO MANGO in the spotlight as redskins in short supply ....

Yellow mangos gaining acceptance in United States
By Tim Linden | March 09, 2012

By all accounts the Ataulfo variety mango is a great piece of fruit. It has a creamy interior and is free of the fibrous texture that is common among its red mango siblings. It also has a very sweet taste and its smaller size — meaning more mangos per carton — allows for some great promotions at retail.

A Mexican Ataulfo farm earlier this year.(Photo courtesy of Coast Tropical)

Its only drawback — at least in the minds of some — is that it is yellow.

Those mostly ethnic consumers accustomed to the fact that mangos are not just red but can also have a yellow or green exterior, have no problem with the Ataulfo. But for the vast majority of the non-Hispanic, U.S.-born population, mangos are supposed to be red with that deep color signifying that the fruit is ripe and ready to eat. Americans buy with their eyes, it has often been said, even if their eyes sometime deceive or don’t tell them the whole story.

“It’s an…