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How expensive oil impacts economic growth ....

Oil and the world economy The new grease? How to assess the risks of a 2012 oil shock

Mar 10th 2012 | WASHINGTON, DC 

from the print edition

Power struggle in China as senior leader comes under fire ...

China's Bo Xilai emerges from scandal cloud

By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN, Associated Press – 1 day ago

BEIJING (AP) — Under fire over a scandal that threatens his career, senior Chinese leader Bo Xilai confidently hit back Friday, admitting lapses in judgment while defending the controversial anti-mafia crackdown that made him popular.

Bo's remarks to reporters were his most extensive in the three weeks since the police chief in the inland mega-city he runs, Chongqing, fled overnight to a U.S. Consulate and brought into the open their bruising power struggle that has dimmed Bo's political star. His defense was all the more remarkable because China's leaders rarely admit mistakes or explain their actions to the public, and almost never to the media.

"I feel like I put my trust in the wrong person as a manager," Bo said of his ex-police chief and former right-hand man, Wang Lijun, who is under investigation. "So this incident is something we need to seriously refle…

Ahorra viene "Lo peor" para Chavez segun el Doctor Marquina ...

Metástasis: Ex-ministro Londoño entrevista al Dr. @marquina04
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