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India poised to replace China as world's manufacturing center ....

Sourcing Alternatives Challenge China's Dominance

Peter T. Leach | Mar 7, 2012 2:29PM GMT
The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Rising wages push manufacturers to lower-cost locations such as Mexico, India and Vietnam

Manufacturers are looking for lower-cost sourcing locations as China’s wages rise well above those in other emerging markets.

Mexico, India and Vietnam have their own advantages and disadvantages as new sourcing sites, according to a panel on alternate sourcing locations at The Journal of Commerce’s 12th Annual Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference in Long Beach on Tuesday.

As the U.S. baby boomers near retirement, their consumption patterns are shifting from retail goods to services, so the products they buy require shorter supply chains and much more flexibility, said Anne Landstrom, principal adviser for the commercial group at engineering and construction consultant Moffatt & Nichol.

“Retailers have to look at the market and change quickly, so it makes sense for t…

DOMINOES: As Greece defaults, Portugal stands in line ahead of Italy & Spain ....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Greece Officially Defaults, UK Prepares For Euro Collapse

Alexander Higgins, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

UK Government prepares for Euro collapse and nuclear financial fallout of Moody’s officially declaring a Greece default on their sovereign debt.

Greece has now become the first developed western nation to default on its sovereign debt and, while the media is downplaying the consequences, no amount of propaganda and deception will be able hide the debris that will be scattered across Europe once the the financial shit-storm is done blowing over. 

The consequences will be severe indeed as the spotlight focuses on the rest of the PIIGS nations while investors are forced to consider the situation in Greece, which does not bode well for the economic future of these nations nor is it a good omen for the future of the Euro.

While this can easily be written off as the speculation of some blogger, you’ll see below that the BBC reported that even the UK government is…

Global support for the IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) continues as first year anniversary approaches ..

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries @8:45pm on Sunday, March 11, 2012....

United States


New Zealand








IMO BLOG: New intraday record set as 2,996 viewers log on to visit website ...

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International mango Organization (IMO)
Vista, California

Sunday, March 11, 2012


March is turning out to be a record setting month for the IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) as daily pageviews have consistantly topped 2,00 visits per day.

The previous intraday record was set on new years day when 2,803 viewers visted the website to start the year off with an alltime record.

The month of February saw four days with more than 2,000 pageviews.

Since the 28th of February, the IMO BLOG has seen 2,000 plus pageviews in twelve of the past 13 days.

In the past seven days the IMO BLOG has had five days with over 2,500 pageviews and all seven days with more than 2,000 pageviews.

Here is where things stand:

Pageviews today

Pageviews yesterday

Pageviews last month

Pageviews all time history

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries for IMO BLOG on Sunday, March 11, 2012....

United States



United Kingdom…

The National Mango Board (NMB) disconnect ....

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)
Vista, California

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The National Mango Board  (NMB) lives in a dreamworld.

The consumer demand for fresh mangoes has stalled at approximately 100 million (4kg) cartons.

There are factors such as inertia and money laundering that have caused the "consumption" to continue to increase at 10% per year, but a great eating experience is not one of them.

The potential market in the USA marketplace should be closer to 500 million cartons, but it never will be until the mango industry addresses the issue of finding an alternative to Hot Water treated fruit.

As a representative of the mango industry, I am constantly asked by actual consumers on the street, "Why can't I buy a mango that tastes like the fruit I eat when I'm in: Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti or any other locale that one can eat a real mango?"

The answer is very simple and the NMB knows…

Japan marks disaster anniversary

Japan's slow & painful recovery from triple tragedy ....

Yuriko Koike
Yuriko Koike is a former Minister of Defence and National Security Adviser of Japan.


Japan's rubble economy

The tsunami and earthquake caused the largest loss of life due to a natural disaster in Japan since World War II.

Last Modified: 11 Mar 2012 12:56

Only about five per cent of the rubble created by last year's disaster has been processed so far [GALLO/GETTY]

Tokyo, Japan - On March 11, a year will have passed since Japan was struck by the triple tragedy of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. According to figures announced by the country's National Police Agency, the Great East Japan Earthquake left behind 15,854 dead and 3,155 missing - the largest loss of life due to natural disaster in Japan since World War II. Searches for the missing - mainly at sea - are still continuing.

The number of buildings affected by the earthquake or the tsunami include 128,582 completely destroyed, 243,914 partly destroyed, 281 completely or partly burned, 33,056 floode…