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Schnebley Redland's Winery: Mango Wine .....

Winery finds business fruitful in Miami-Dade

File photo Wines made out of tropical fruits are growing in popularity.

Brazil Faces New Oil-Boom Curse as the World’s Resource Engine

By Matthew Bristow and Juan Pablo Spinetto - Mar 13, 2012 9:01 AM PT

Rich Press/Bloomberg
Petroleo Brasileiro SA's P-51 oil platform stands in the Marlim Sul field, at the Campos Basin, about 150 kilometers off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Friday, July 15, 2011.

In 2007, Brazilian geologists made the biggest oil find in the Americas in three decades. Buried more than five miles below sea-level, the discovery was estimated to raise the country’s crude reserves by 62 percent.

Brazil was already the world’s natural resource powerhouse: its biggest exporter of coffee, sugar, orange juice and beef. The prospect of it becoming a major energy power as well prompted then-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to declare amid a rush of patriotism that “God is Brazilian.”

Brazil has struggled for half a century to break its dependence on commodities, grappling with the so-called resource curse. Depending on how profits are managed, the new oil wealth could be a godsend that …

THE NEXT DOMINO: Spain is now in the cross hairs ....

Spain Has ‘Worse Problems Than Greece’: Analyst
Published: Tuesday, 13 Mar 2012 | 7:24 AM ET

By: Shai Ahmed
CNBC Associate Editor

Spain’s eye-wateringly high unemployment and the collapse of its real estate market mean that Spain has significantly worse problems than Greece and could threaten the euro zone’s new-found, albeit fragile stability, an analyst told Tuesday.

“Spain has very large downside risks and it needs to tread very carefully – Spain is in a very fragile situation. Its problems are significantly worse than Greece’s,” Sony Kapoor, managing director at international think tank Re-Define said.

He added that a “huge danger” was posed to the macroeoconomic situation and the social fabric of the country by the current austerity program and an expected 5 percent deficit adjustment.

“The financial panic is temporarily over but 2012 will be the year of austerity across Europe and Spain is a microcosm for the euro zone as a whole,” he said.

Earlier this month the Spanis…

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: Analyzing Steve Jobs management style ....

HBR Blog Network
DAVID AAKER David Aaker is the vice chairman of Prophet and the author of Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant. He writes the blog on branding. Steve Jobs and The Bobby Knight School of Leadership 10:45 AM Tuesday March 13, 2012
by David Aaker | Comments (35)

I believe that Steve Jobs was among the best CEOs of this generation because he created entirely new categories six times in a decade, and built the largest company market cap ever. Yet two recent and excellent books (Inside Apple, by Adam Lashinsky and Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson) describe a management style that was disturbingly harsh. To understand Jobs's success, I find it helpful to look at the success of Bobby Knight, the fabled basketball coach at Indiana. Knight was one of two coaches to win over 900 games, won the NCAA championship three times, and was the national coach of the year four times yet had a management style similar to Jobs (described in detail by John Feinstein…

Chart makes convincing argument for Organic Produce ....

Now....does the few cents your saving by purchasing conventional grown produce actually seem worth it if what you are buying food for is NUTRITION?

 And we wonder why this country is insuch ill health. 

Not much of a mystery, although this is just ONE piece of the puzzle

Is Pakistan's Sindh province looking at a carbon copy of last year's crop projection ??? ...

This was last year's outlook.....

Mango crop outlook this year

Written by Mohammad Hussain Khan Sunday, 17 April 2011 18:45

THE weather condition does not seem favourable for mango production in Sindh this season as reports indicate that proper fruit flowering and setting has not taken place yet. However opinion is divided among orchard owners on the size of the crop. He expects ten per cent increase in crop production this year after having visited quite a few mango growing areas despite negative implications of climate change. A noted mango grower Nadeem Shah argues that disease has hit trees after abnormal climatic conditions and prolonged winter. “Weather patterns remained erratic. After a lengthy winter the tree didn’t enjoy full bloom of spring either,” contends Shah, who owns 110 acres of mango orchard in Matiari and Mirpurkhas districts. Trees are being cut by some growers in a bid to use their lands for other cash crops to earn more money as they don’t consider mango a prof…

Hadi Laghari takes a look at the future of sea shipments for Pakistani mangoes ...

Mango phenological growth cycle

Written by Hadi Laghari
Tuesday, 13 March 2012 17:31

In Pakistan, Mango Export Via Sea have become a serious challenge....Pakistani mangoes so far are not meeting to quality standards of the higher end value retail super markets of the world.....and fetching the lowest price/kg....Out of 18,00,000 tons..only 1,43,000 tons being exported to Dubai, Saudi Arabia (Middle East), UK (low end markets) etc.....Answer to all problems/issues that Pakistani mangoes are facing is very much related with Mango growth cycle and some other factors mentioned on this poster....when we'll sort them out?....where are the hindrances? Is there any way out?

By Hadi Lighari

What is China up to in USA's backyard ??? ...

The Caribbean
A Chinese beachhead?
New investors on America’s doorstep

Mar 10th 2012 | PORT OF SPAIN | from the print edition

A CROWD of 17,000, almost 5% of the population of the Bahamas, turned up to watch the firework display when a new national stadium opened in Nassau, the capital, on February 25th. 

A celebration of “our Bahamian identity and nationhood”, said the prime minister, Hubert Ingraham. In fact the stadium was designed and paid for by China, and built mainly by migrant Chinese labourers.

China’s investment and aid looms increasingly large in the English-speaking Caribbean. 

Not far from the stadium, China State Construction is deploying hundreds of Chinese workers at Baha Mar, a $2.6 billion resort financed by the Export-Import Bank of China. 

On Grand Bahama, 80 miles off Florida, Hong Kong’s Hutchison Port Holdings runs a giant container port; a sister company owns a clutch of hotels and casinos. Norwegian Cruise Line, whose ships tower over Nassau, is half-owned by Genting …

APEM DATA: Peru Mango Exporter ranking through week 10, 2012 ...