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Two experiences: Chile and Peru ship grapes to China ....

The Peruvian version ....

The Chilean version ...

India prepares for shipments to USA market ...

Update from India by variety as season approaches ...


We are thrilled to announce the 2012 Mango Season. 

We plan a full season with all varieties of mangoes from India and from Pakistan. 
We will be conducting our Orchard survey by the end of February. 
We have requested that the US inspectors be available between April 15th and July 25th in India. 

This will enable us to bring in all the varieties from North and South India. We have made many changes to the Pakistani mango supply chain to improve selection and quality of the fruit- we are confident that this will result in a great 2012 season!! 

Following is an update on the 2012 season for Mango from the Indian subcontinent.

Alphonso Mango: Alphonso Mango season is progressing very well. Flowering is excellent and it looks like a bumper crop this year. 
This year flowering is a little early, so fruit will be available earlier than normal. We hope to get from Ratnagiri and Devgad- last year Devgad did not have much fruit.

Kesar Mango: The Kesar mango prog…

The Chausa / Chaunsa mango debate ....

Fresh Chaunsa Mango

Chaunsa mangoes most popular late season variety. The fruit is medium oblong and has a golden yellow colour with a red blush. 

This variety is also grown in Northern parts of India and is available in July & August.

Maturity Stages of the fruit.

The shoulders are in the line with the stem-end and the colour of the fruit is olive green.
The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour is olive green

The shoulders outgrow the stem-end and the colour becomes light

The flesh becomes soft and blush develops.

The Chausa Mango are is most delicious fruit available late in the season , one of the juicy mangoes, available in good size, farm fresh, extremely juicy having sweet flesh these are pure temptation. 

Fresh Chausa Mango is in high demand all over the world for its high quality and freshness.

We provide proper packaging that ensures greater shelf life and protection against any kind of damage.

Cahunsa Mangoes have powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities.

High in prote…

The mango cultivar that attempts to make peace between India and Pakistan ....

Er, well, that should settle the debate between Dashehari and Chausa lovers. 

While the Dashehari of Malihabad is the best-selling mango of India, Chausa lovers wait the entire mango season to savour their favourite mango. 

CISH Lucknow tried both male-female combinations to create a cross between the two but only one worked. 

They haven’t given this one a catchy name yet. 

One day it may be selling in the market next to your house.


The mangoes of Pakistan that the world has yet to taste....

Home JK Computers JK Export JK Pharmaceuticals JK Manufacturing Contact JK Export is a Subsidiary of JK Group of Companies. We export Bed Sheets, Fresh Fruits, Sweets and Upholstery Products throughout the world.

One product of JK Export is World’s sweetest mangoes which taste incomparably better than any Pakistani, Indian, Caribbean or Latin American mango variety. They have less pulp, sweeter in taste and their flavor is more intense. These mangoes are ripened in the severe heat of Punjab terrain (most fertile land in Pakistan) to reach to the highest level of sweetness and are a nutrition gift of nature. This high quality fruit is available in different varieties, from May to August every year. These mangoes are collected from remote areas in Pakistan and domestic transportation with high air fare prices may increased the CNF slightly high, but its quality is in SUPERIOR ranking than any present variety of mangoes in the World. We assure it will be the fast moving product in your business…

Which is the most expensive mango in the world?...

Anwar Ratol Mango, The King of all types of Mangoes, Small in size but its Taste is Exceptionally sweet. The Provice of Punjab is the main production area of Anwar Ratol Mango in Pakistan.

Availability Season: June to August

That would most likely be the Anwar Ratol Mango, also known as the "King of Mangoes". 

Anwar Ratol is produced exclusively in Pakistan. 

Mangoes from Pakistan are not sold int he US (until this year 2011 - first time). 

The average price of a premium Anwar Ratol in Canada is about $20-25/lb.

Five great mango cultivars you probably have never heard of ...

Jul 7, 2011

By Shivam Vij

Being a mango cultivator is a fun job, far more than you imagine. You can graft a new kind of mango on an existing mango tree; the male and female chromosomes of two different mangoes can be used to produce a new hybrid; a single mango tree in Malihabad near Lucknow grows 350 different varieties. The mind boggles at all the combinations and permutations possible.

There are 1,200 different varieties in the world, of which about a thousand are found in India, where the mango originated. Mango, India’s national fruit and also Pakistan’s, derives its name from the Malayalam “manna” via Portugese.

Being a mango cultivator is a fun job, far more than you imagine. Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP Photo

At the recently concluded Mango Festival in New Delhi, mango cultivators, mainly from Uttar Pradesh who own hundreds of acres of orchards, displayed over 400 varieties of mangoes. Very few of these were for sale outside the two air-conditioned halls. “DO NOT TOUCH,” a signpost warne…

SENBIKIYA: Possibly the world's most expensive produce store ...

Posted on June 02, 2003

    Right at the top of the escalator there is a small fruit shop/cafe called Senbikiya that is famous for its expesive gifts. 

I'm sure you can find more expensive fruits at Kinokuniya but this was still impressive to say the least. 

500 yen for a, yes only one mikan orange ($4.20 USD)

10,000 yen for two mangos ($85 USD)

and... 15,000 yen for 40 cherries ($130 USD) say about $3.25/cherry

Japan's obsession with perfect fruit ...

5 March 2012Last updated at 13:27 ET
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                                                                                                  By Roland BuerkBBC News, Tokyo and Shizuoka

Senbikiya sells only perfect fruit - with a price tag to match


EMEX: What ever happenend to Acoustic firmness sensor ??? ...

IMO NOTE:   It seems that this technology could have helped Mexico jump the gun on fruit maturity (seems like EMEX has this problem every year).

CALAVO embraced this technology, and look where they are today.

The EMEX/NMB brotherhood never seem to get the important issues...

US: Mango sorting with IQA - ready for production

A presentation by Mr. Valery Quenon of Aweta G&P about electronic sorting of Mango will occur at the Outreach Meeting in Mexico with the National Mango Board and EMEX A.C. Jalisco, Mexico, November 24, 2009

Reedley, CA., USA. – November 17, 2009 – During the summer of 2009, the Aweta IQA, (Internal Quality Analyzer), and AFS (Acoustic Firmness Sensor) were prepped and tested for the selection of fresh packed Mango based upon characteristics such as levels of sweetness, maturity, firmness, and percent of moisture content. This system allows the packer to more accurately pack and ship mango of consistent quality. 

This will he…

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