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From June 2011: The Hyderabad Mango Festival in Pakistan ....

Mango Festival 2011 at Hyderabad Expo Centre Farmers decorate their stalls with mangos during the 2011 Mango Festival at the Hyderabad Expo Centre. India is the largest producer of mangoes, but Pakistan is the largest exporter. Pakistan. 23rd June 2011 Report current story
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The Began Phali mango from Pakistan ...

Sindhri Tree in bloom in Pakistan ....

Fruit beginning to set in Pakistan Mango Orchards....

AUSTRALIA: ‘Risk assessment for import of Pakistani mangoes completed’

Australia-Pakistan JTC meeting

* DFAT Deputy Secretary Paul Grigson says considering similar processes for Pakistan’s apples, citrus fruit and fisheries

ISLAMABAD: Australia has recently completed the risk assessment processes for import of Pakistani mangoes and would be considering similar processes for Pakistan’s apples, citrus fruit and fisheries. Australia has significantly increased its development assistance to Pakistan in the recent years.

This was stated by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Deputy Secretary Paul Grigson, who led the Australian side comprising senior officials of DFAT, Treasury, Biosecurity Australia, AusAID and AusTrade, during the third meeting of Pakistan-Australia Joint Trade Committee (JTC) held in Canberra on Tuesday.

Ministry of Commerce Secretary Zafar Mahmood led the Pakistan’s delegation in the meeting, which also included Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Chief Executive Tariq Puri and Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Malik Abdullah.

India mango market speculates on short crop ...

Mangoes may cost a bombTNN | Mar 21, 2012, 03.48AM IST

Read More:Mango|Adverse Weather

NUZVID/HYDERABAD: Mango, the king of fruits, could become dearer this summer. With the crop in about 40% of the nurseries in Nuzvid region having suffered damage due to adverse weather, the price of the fruit is likely to go through the roof. Consumers may be forced to shell out as much as Rs 200-250 to buy one kg of mango. 

The crop in Ranga Reddy and Medak districts is also hit because of late flowering.

Farmers had been spending sleepless nights in the last three months to save the crop. The Nuzvid region supplies a major chunk of mango to the state. The 'Banginapalle' mango from Nuzvid is the most sought after in the local and international markets. 

According to the latest predictions, the crop yield would come down by at least 40%. While mango is being grown in 64.58 thousand hectares in Krishna district, the yield is expected to be around seven tonnes per hectare against last year's 8-…

Supermarkets to Require Growers to Show Proof of Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs), Says PSU Study

ByPenn State University / March 20, 2012 10:22 pm
News Release – UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Pennsylvania supermarkets in coming years will continue to purchase fresh produce from local growers but increasingly will require them to show proof of employing good agricultural practices, or GAPS, according to a study by researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences. Good agricultural practices are food-safety standards that reduce the risk of on-farm contamination of produce, according to Daniel Tobin, a doctoral candidate in agricultural and extension education, the study’s principal investigator. GA

Por qué no atrapan al narcotraficante Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán

Por BBC.

Archivo Semana.El "Chapo" Guzmán continúa libre y las razones de ello han dado vida a una serie de hipótesis (y mitos) al respecto.

Hace once años, Joaquín Guzmán Loera -alias "El Chapo"- se fugó del penal de Puente Grande en Jalisco, México. Desde ese momento, la captura del líder del cartel de narcotraficantes de Sinaloa se ha convertido en una de las prioridades de varios gobiernos mexicanos y de Estados Unidos.

Martes 20 Marzo 2012

Las autoridades lo consideran el traficante de drogas ilícitas más poderoso del mundo, un enemigo "muy inteligente" y, tras la muerte de Osama bin Laden, se encuentra en el primer lugar de la lista de los "más buscados" por el FBI.

Sin embargo, "El Chapo" Guzmán continúa prófugo y las razones de ello han dado vida a una serie de hipótesis (y mitos) al respecto.

Con una artillería de inteligencia puesta en ese objetivo, decenas de investigaciones inependientes sobre su paradero y US$7 millones com…

An Austrialian Billionaire Has Accused The CIA Of Plotting To Undermine The Australian Economy ...

Freya Petersen

GlobalPost | 12 minutes ago | 

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has added "slightly unhinged" to the list of descriptives typically association with his name.

His accusation that the CIA, as well as a "foreign power," are funding the Australian Greens party to cripple the mining industry in his home state of Queensland and undermine the Australian economy.

His statements quickly superseded the news that the Australian Parliament had passed a law imposing 30 percent tax on iron ore and coal miners' profits.

The controversial "Minerals Resource Rent Tax" will come into force on July 1. It is expected to generate 11 billion Australian dollars in the first three years, to be redistributed — the government says — to other segments of the economy.

The tax will apply to a group of around 30 companies that makes 75 million Australian dollars in profits annually and which includes global mining majors such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Xstrata.

Prime …

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) update @ 3:20pm on Tuesday march 20, 2012 ....

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EMEX DATA: Pack out by State (Variety & Volume) through March 18, 2012 ...

ATAULFO1012,3900.47%12198,1827.49%1345,6741.73%14603,78522.82%1524,1660.91%16766,71828.98%18613,94423.21%20286,66610.84%2259,8012.26%237,3670.28%247,0710.27%263,9960.15%BABY15,6300.59%Total ATAULFO2,645,39099.02%TOMMY:923814.29%1071442.86%1271442.86%1,6660.06%61,2905.26%73,09412.62%83,19213.02%97,27129.66%107,20929.41%122,45810.03%Total TOMMY24,5140.92%Total Chiapas:2,671,57043.52%ATAULFO8840.03%91,2790.39%104,4571.34%119860.30%1225,6707.73%132330.07%1459,44517.90%152,7810.84%1672,83821.93%1892,27327.78%2032,6219.82%2232,3849.75%