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Venezuela's Hugo Chavez returns "home" to Cuba for radiotherapy

Mr Chavez says he is determined to win his battle with cancer
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is heading back to Cuba for further radiotherapy treatment for cancer.

Mr Chavez had surgery in Cuba last month to remove a tumour in his pelvic area after a recurrence of cancer first treated last year.

The Venezuelan leader's illness has cast doubt on his ability to campaign for re-election in October.

Mr Chavez will coincide in Havana with Pope Benedict, who is due to fly to Cuba on Monday.
(The Pope and the Devil twins in Cuba at the same time)

"Tonight I leave for Havana. I have decided on the recommendation of my medical team and my political team to begin the radiation treatment on Sunday," Mr Chavez said during a televised meeting with his cabinet.

He sad the treatment was a complement to the surgery he had a month ago, from which he say…

Pope Benedict XVI begins Mexico visit

and the Vatican news service version....

Emocionante llegada del Papa a Mexico ....

OXITEC leads the Global war on fruit flies ...

Fruit flies

Tephritid fruit flies cause significant damage to fruit and vegetable crops across the world and restrict the trade of fruit between markets.

The Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) or medfly is one of the world’s most destructive agricultural pests. 
The female medfly injects her eggs into ripening fruit so that the larvae can feed on the soft pulp. 
Bacteria and fungi enter through the hole and cause the fruit to rot. 
The medfly has spread to almost all tropical and subtropical areas of the world and infests over 200 plant types. 
SIT programmes have been used to successfully eradicate medfly from the USA, Chile, Mexico and Patagonia. 

To prevent re-establishment in the USA, the USDA releases sterile male medfly over California and Florida year-round and supports MOSCAMED, a cooperative program to control medfly in Mexico and Guatemala. 

The El Pino medfly production facility in Guatemala produces over two billion sterile male flies per week to support these programs. 

DE REGRESO A SU CUNA: Chávez viaja a Cuba para comenzar tratamiento de radioterapia

EFEEl Presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez (i), saluda junto a su hija, Rosa Virginia (d), en el balcón del pueblo del Palacio de Miraflores en Caracas.

El mandatario venezolano anuncio que volará en la noce del jueves con destino a La Habana para iniciar el procedimiento, complementario a la cirugía que se practicó hace casi un mes.

Sábado 24 Marzo 2012

El presidente Hugo Chávez anunció el sábado que viaja a La Habana para iniciar tratamiento de radioterapia, un mes después de haberse sometido a una cirugía quirúrgica para extirparle un tumor canceroso.

"Yo así lo anuncio, esta noche (del sábado) salgo hacia La Habana", dijo Chávez en un mensaje a la nación transmitido por radio y televisión.

"He decidido, bueno, por recomendación de mi equipo y también del equipo político del gobierno, iniciar, como vamos a iniciar el día de mañana (domingo) ahora el tratamiento de radioterapia, como complemento a la cirugía que se me practicó... hace apenas un mes".

Chávez, dijo e…

El Secretario Adjunto de Estados Unidos para Narcóticos y Asuntos Policiales, William Brownfield, visitará estos países centroamericanos....

23 de marzo de 2012
Brownfield a Honduras y Guatemala

Voz de América | Redacción

Síganos en Twitter: @VOANoticias

El Secretario Adjunto de Estados Unidos para Narcóticos y Asuntos Policiales William Brownfield visitará la próxima semana Honduras y Guatemala para reunirse con funcionarios del gobierno y representantes de la sociedad civil en busca de analizar iniciativas ciudadanas antidrogas y revisar temas de seguridad.

Durante su visita, el funcionario planea visitar varios locales financiados por la Iniciativa de Seguridad Regional de América Central, CARSI.

A su paso por Honduras, se espera que recorra el posible sitio donde funcionará un programa diseñado para ayudar a la policía y a la comunidad construir relaciones. Mientras que en Guatemala, Brownfield destacará los esfuerzos bilaterales por erradicar el crimen y la violencia. La visita a ambos países tendrá lugar del 25 al 28 de marzo.

Esta visita hace parte de un esfuerzo que realiza el gobierno estadounidense por ayudar a erradica…

Canada & Jamaica celebrate 50 years of a special relationship ...

Celebrating Jamaica 50 in the diaspora

KEEBLE McFARLANE                                                                                                   

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Anniversaries are important to human beings even though they have somewhat of an artificial aspect. They mark the transition from one period of life to another, and those of us who, by accidents of history, happened to originate from our particular rock in the Caribbean, are observing the half-century mark of our homeland's transition from British colony to the exalted status of independence.

And yes, there is a slight artificiality about this, but it is nevertheless important to mark the milestone. Independence was not a new or passing notion among those who launched the island's modern political movement. Some enlightened people had talked about the concept - radical as it may have seemed at the time - as the clouds of the harsh put-downs of uprisings by oppressed slaves began to dissipate in the early…

Oxitec Responds to University of Panama's 'Forum on Transgenic Mosquitoes' ...


LONDON, March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 

The University of Panama held a 'Forum on Transgenic Mosquitoes' on Wednesday21st March 2012.

 Unfortunately, all members of the panel at this event have previously registered on repeated occasions as entrenched opposition to the use of transgenic technologies, ensuring that a balanced and productive discussion could not take place. 

Oxitec, which in 2010 entered into a partnership with the Gorgas Institute in Panama to evaluate a new approach to combating the Dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti, is disappointed not to have been granted the opportunity to participate fully on this occasion.

At Oxitec we recognise that openness, transparency and public discourse are central to the success of our approach. Oxitec is happy to engage in this process. We hope that in future all public debate will take into account the need for a balanced discussion.

Hadyn Parry, CEO of Oxitec, said:

"As with any new technology, our approach shou…

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magaziine) Global pageviews @10am on Saturday, March 24, 2012 ...

Pageviews by Countries @ 10am on Saturday, March 24, 2012 ...

United States




Côte d’Ivoire


Report on Pakistan's mango cultivars published ....

Latest members bring IMO Linkedin discussion group up to 234 members ...

New Members: Last 7 Days:


peter dalm
sales at Red Star BV

Rotterdam Area, Netherlands


Husnain Atta
Manager Business Development at 

Farm Dynamics Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.



Luis Olguin, CFA, Director at 
Frutos del Peru



Govindachetty Vijayan
CEO and Owner at 

Aseptic Fruit Products Ltd

Jolarpettai Area, India


Eduardo Shoiti
Gerente na 
Vale Verde



Vinod Vijayan
Chief Operating Officer at 

Aseptic Fruit Products Ltd

Toronto, Canada Area


Sanjeev Shukla,
A.G.M. - Int'l Business at 

Siva Ventures Limited ( Food & Agri Division ) - Siva Group

Bengaluru Area, India


Sergio Paz Santos,

Guadalajara Area, Mexico

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The Vista Farmers Market: First in San Diego County and one of the first in the State of California ...

Vista Farmers MarketMarch 19, 2012 by  at 1:23 pm The Vista Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 8:00 am until 12 noon — every month, every week, every Saturday — at the County Courthouse, 325 South Melrose Drive just South of Highway 78 in Vista, California, USA There are over 50 farmers at the market, a few prepared food vendors, and a handful of hot food vendors, and a few crafts sold by those that made them.    The Vista market has a focus on farmers and will always maintain priority for farmers that produce crops that are needed in the market. The Vista Farmers Market is the first in the county, and one of the first in the State of California.  It has been operating since 1981 and is a central gathering place for the region. Most of the farmers, who are certified by the county to be the actual growers of what they sell, are VERY local . . . the majority from Vista and nearby communities. Location: County Courthouse at 325 South Melrose Drive,  just South of Highway 78…

A busy week for PHILANTHROPER: $1.00 (Yes, one little dollar) at a time ...

Saturday, March 24th We are for sale! Write us for details. Philanthroper Weekend Roundup
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The Produce Hub adds Mango & tropical link to website ...

By Will Cavan

Executive Director

International mango Organization (IMO)

Vista, California

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Produce Hub (  has added a link dedicated to mango and tropical fruit:

The Produce Hub (tm)

Is an interactive business website that has been designed for the produce and produce industry related professional. 
 There are 12 live feeds: Sales & Marketing (6), Organics, Food Safety, Post-Harvest Technolgy, Sustainability, Media and Other. 

 It is a professional business tool for our members to:

Connect, Communicate, Network and Interact.

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