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James Cameron resurfaces after epic journey to bottom of the Mariana Trench ....

DHL Round-the-World Flight Animation & Interviews ....

DHL announces around the world flight to increase cargo volume ....

DHL boosts intercontinental service with new round-the-world flight, linking Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Leipzig

Market-leading, next-day service available from more Asian markets to U.S.

Enhanced service offering for Western U.S. - Europe route

Additional capacity in DHL global air fleet to meet growing customer demand on key intercontinental trade lanes 

Bonn, 03/22/2012, 11:00 AM CET

Capacity and service reliability on this new route will be enhanced by the introduction of three Boeing 777F freighters.

DHL announced significant enhancements to its intercontinental delivery capabilities, effective March 27, 2012. The launch of a new, additional round-the-world flight connecting Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Leipzig will create a unique service proposition on key trade lanes between Asia and Western U.S. and Canada.

The transit time capability between Asia and Western U.S. and Canada will be market-leading, with a greater number of Asian origin locations, including key trade hubs Singapore, Kua…

DHL Express Adds Hong Kong-LA Freighter ...

William B. Cassidy, Senior Editor | Mar 22, 2012 6:14PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

New round-the-world flight expands next-day capacity between Asia, U.S., Europe

DHL Express is expanding next-day package service between Asia and the U.S. and Western Canada with a new flight connecting Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

The new flight will provide next-day service from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Manila as well as cities throughout China to the Western U.S.

The flight will go from Los Angeles to Leipzig, Germany, giving shippers in Californian markets three extra hours to order a pick-up for shipments to Europe.

DHL will dedicate a Boeing 777F freighter operated by Southern Air to the Hong Kong-Los Angeles-Leipzig route. Another flies from Hong Kong to Cincinnati.

“The new flight is part of DHL’s strategy to improve our network infrastructure and add capacity,” said Stephen Fenwick, regional CEO for DHL Express Americas.

DHL is expanding its hub in Cincinnati to help pro…


Astrium's satellites reap first fruits in Canada
by Staff Writers
Paris, France (SPX) Mar 26, 2012

File image.

Astrium Services' PixAgri satellite imaging service for crop management has just successfully completed its first agricultural campaign for "La Coop federee", the largest agrifood business in Quebec, Canada.

PixAgri has been developed by Astrium Services to help farmers optimize the management and yield of their crops. Working from satellite images, the geo-experts from Astrium in Toulouse provide Canadian producers with information that can detect crop anomalies including drainage faults, excessive leaf growth or seeding problems, in order to improve the quality of their crops and their yield.

The system offers a capability to manage farmland thousands acres wide.

Astrium was awarded this contract in June 2011, for the program that ran from July until August 2011. Two sets of satellite images were recorded of specific plots of land, enabling a comparison between …

Six hours on the Ocean floor almost seven miles below the Sea surface sets new world record...

Director Cameron reaches bottom of Mariana Trench
by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) March 25, 2012

"Titanic" director James Cameron reached the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean in his solo submarine Monday in a record-setting scientific expedition.

Mission partner the National Geographic said Cameron reach depth of 35,756 feet (10,898 meters) at 7:52 am Monday local time (2152 GMT Sunday) in the Mariana Trench in his specially designed submersible.

Cameron is the first person to make a solo dive to the Pacific Ocean valley known as the Challenger Deep, southwest of Guam, and the first to do it since 1960, according to his team.

His first words on reaching the bottom were "All systems OK," according to a mission statement.

He then tweeted: "Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you."

He planned to spend up to six hours on the Pacific Ocean sea floor, collecting samples for sci…

Cooking better biochar: Study improves recipe for soil additive

by Staff Writers
Houston TX (SPX) Mar 26, 2012

Rice biogeochemist Caroline Masiello.

Backyard gardeners who make their own charcoal soil additives, or biochar, should take care to heat their charcoal to at least 450 degrees Celsius to ensure that water and nutrients get to their plants, according to a new study by Rice University scientists.

The study, published this week in the Journal of Biomass and Bioenergy, is timely because biochar is attracting thousands of amateur and professional gardeners, and some companies are also scaling up industrial biochar production.

"When it's done right, adding biochar to soil can improve hydrology and make more nutrients available to plants," said Rice biogeochemist Caroline Masiello, the lead researcher on the new study.

The practice of adding biochar to topsoil to boost crop growth goes back centuries, but in recent years, international interest groups have begun touting biochar's climate benefits as well. Biochar removes carbon fro…

WHO NEEDS NASA ???: Explorer-filmmaker reaches Mariana Trench bottom on deepest ever solo sub dive.....

James Cameron Now at Ocean's Deepest Point

The DEEPSEA CHALLENGER during February tests off Papua New Guinea. Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic

James Cameron in front of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER (file picture). Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic.
Ker Than

for National Geographic News

Published 6 p.m. ET, March 25, 2012

As of 5:52 p.m. ET Sunday (7:52 a.m. Monday, local time), James Cameron has arrived at theMariana Trench's Challenger Deep, members of the National Geographic expedition have confirmed.

His depth on arrival: 35,756 feet (10,898 meters)—a figure unattainable anywhere else in the ocean.

Reaching bottom, the National Geographic explorer and filmmaker typed out welcome words for the cheering support crew waiting at the surface: "All systems OK."

Folded into a sub cockpit as cramped as any Apollo capsule, the National Geographic explorer and filmmaker is now investigating a seascape more alien to humans than the moon. Cameron is only the th…

ATAULFO mangoes are on center stage....TIME TO SHINE ....

USAID Honors the birthday of the "Father" of the Green Revolution ...

The Power of Wheat: Honoring Borlaug’s Legacy

Written by Blog Administrator on June 20, 2011

By Dr. Rob Bertram, Director of the USAID Bureau for Food Security’s Office of Agricultural Research and Transformation

We don’t often stop to think about how much the global food supply depends on dedicated researchers who work to ensure bountiful harvests for farmers—and indeed for everyone who eats. Thanks to the vision and work of Dr. Norman Borlaug, a Nobel Prize-winning agricultural scientist, and that of other dedicated researchers, wheat fields in the U.S. and all across the globe have a fighting chance against some of the most dangerous crop disease threats to emerge in decades.

This critical connection was very clear in St. Paul, Minnesota, earlier this week during the annual meeting of the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI). I was honored to deliver a keynote address on Monday at the BGRI meeting, which brings together experts from international research centers, universities, nati…

Over 2,000 pageviews for the IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) on Sunday, March 25, 2012 @ 12pm ....

Daily scores over 2,000 pageviews have become a standard at the IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) since February 28, 2012 ....

Over 2,000 Pageviews by Countries @ 12pm on Sunday March 25, 2012....

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Philippines gastronomical society turns 40 ...

Bailliage de Manille turns 40 

KRIPOTKIN By Alfred A. Yuson (The Philippine Star) 
Updated March 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Officers of the Philippines chapter of Chaîne des Rotisseurs (led by Freddie Borromeo and Michel Lhuillier at center, standing) with some of the new members (seated, Dames de la Chaine Ines Cabarrus, Christine Cunanan, and Stephanie Zubiri, with officier Josephine Borromeo and Bailli de Cebu Amparito Lhuillier at right).

It was another glittering affair for the Bailliage de Manille of the Confrèrie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the worldwide association of gastronomes, as it turned 40 years old — a milestone marked with a grand formal dinner and induction of new members at the Harbor Garden Tent of Sofitel Philippine Plaza on Saturday, March 17.

As the sun set on Manila Bay, more than 200 guests, including distinguished international officers of other national bailliages or bailiwicks, gathered for cocktails at the pleasant garden patio leading to the elegantly bedecked tent. …

This is why AUSTRALIA rocks the mango world ...

"Spies in the sky" set trap for fungal spores...Unmanned aerial vehicles track the spread of plant diseases. Australia........Detecting the spread of disease could save growers money by identifying a disease before it destroys significant areas of crop..."The most likely business model for provision of these aerial surveillance services is that regionally based companies will be established that can provide the service to farmers over region up to 200 km from home base. 

"This will carry a multitude of sensors, from the spore trap, to conventional and multi-spectral imaging sensors. 

The farmers might request weekely imagery of their crops to estimate yield or moisture content, the pssibilities are endless ... 

They may also request high resolution standard imagery, so farmers can identify location of stock, condition of bores, dams or fence lines.

It's part of an overall picture of a robotics surveillance service that will be flying, not only for agricultural indu…

EL PODER DEL AMOR: Expectación en Cuba por visita de Benedicto XVI ....


El Papa se entrevistará este martes con Raúl Castro y saldrá de la isla este miércoles. En su visita podría coincidir con el presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, quien viajó este sábado a La Habana para iniciar la radioterapia con la que se está tratando un cáncer.

No está previsto que Benedicto XVI se reúna con ningún grupo de los llamados disidentes en la isla.

Dom, 25/03/2012 - 10:22

Santiago de Cuba. Desde los más fervientes católicos hasta los ateos recalcitrantes están atentos a la visita del Papa Benedicto XVI a Cuba, la segunda parada de su gira por Latinoamérica a uno de los últimos países que defiende la bandera del socialismo.

La llegada del Sumo Pontífice este lunes, procedente de México, está marcada por sus declaraciones a bordo del avión papal en las que aseguró que el comunismo ya no funciona y que la Iglesia Católica está lista para ayudar a buscar nuevas vías que permitan a la isla avanzar sin "traumas".

Un gigantesco cartel presidido por un joven Fidel Cas…

Global viewership of the IMO BLOG (Mango World magazine) on Sunday Morning @ 8am ....

Pageviews by Countries @ 8am on Sunday, March 25, 2012 ...

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50 (mostly) free social media tools you can’t live without in 2012 ....

50 (mostly) free social media tools you can’t live without in 2012

18TH MARCH 2012 


A couple years ago, Jay Baer wrote a great blog post called ‘The 39 social media tools I’ll use today’ which was an all-in-one toolkit for social media marketers (and still is). A lot has changed in the two years since that post was published so here is a ’2012 remix’ featuring 50 (mostly free) tools you can use on a daily basis. Whether you are just starting out in the social media arena or have been at it for a few years, this will hopefully be a handy resource. So, let’s serve ‘em up!

Website analytics Google Analytics is the king when it comes to free website insights but lots of other tools can play a role is a great all-in-one tools to get a feel for the performance of any website on the planet and can track site performance over a time period.

Social media analytics tools Twitter: is perfect for measuring the impact of a campa…