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WEEK 14: Who has the mangoes ?...Top Importers of Mexican Mangoes...

Semana 14, del 01 al 07 de Abril de 2012
Through April 03, 2012

Distribuidor Total Cajas Total %

GM PRODUCE SALES LLC104,219..............................12.42%

CIRULI BROTHERS  86,016............................... 10.25%

FOOD SOURCE TEXAS 83,347............................... 9.93% 

81,543.............................. 9.71%

COAST TROPICAL 53,130........................... 6.33% 

LONDON FRUIT, INC. 51,632........................ 6.15%

These six importers have 54% of all mangoes imported from Mexico this week.

The Rest:

CABEFRUIT PRODUCE LLC  42,162.................. 5.02%
EB INTERNATIONAL 33,881................. 4.04%
PAULMEX INT'L. LTD 29,288................ 3.49%
27,300 ................3.25%
26,160.............. 3.12%
GRANDE PRODUCE LTD,CO. 17,664.............. 2.10% 

These importers have an additional 25%

All of the Rest: Less than three loads:
J & D PRODUCE  14,688 1.75%


EMEX DATA: USA Importer (MEXICAN MANGOES) ranking 2012 Season ...

Acumulado General Temporada 2012

Distribuidor Total 

Cajas  Total %

1,196,973  12.10%

CIRULI BROTHERS  1,193,264  12.06%



FOOD SOURCE TEXAS  562,744  5.69%

PAULMEX INT'L. LTD  557,316  5.63%

SPLENDID PRODUCTS  442,398  4.47%

COAST TROPICAL  350,706  3.54%

LONDON FRUIT, INC.  320,958  3.24%

FARMER`S BEST INT. LLC  292,680  2.96%

EB INTERNATIONAL  244,708  2.47%


DEKALB FARMERS, MARKET  227,688  2.30%

HIGUERAL PRODUCE, INC  208,043  2.10%

PACIFIC ORGANIC, INC.  170,544  1.72%


GRANDE PRODUCE LTD,CO.  161,664  1.63%

RCF PRODUCE INC.  144,288  1.46%


G.MENDEZ AND COMPANY INC  114,888  1.16%

LA MINITA PRODUCE, LLC  111,240  1.12%

DIAZTECA COMPANY  96,051  0.97%

DON QUIJOTE PRODUCE  88,944  0.90%

CABELLO PRODUCE CORP.  82,188  0.83%



ATAULFO mangoes giving up ground to REDSKIN mangoes from Mexico in week 14 (Through April 03, 2012)

Semana 14:
del 01 al 07 de Abril de 2012
VariedadCalibreTotal CajasTotal %ATAULFO82230.06%93750.09%101,3210.33%114180.10%1213,8873.49%135,4071.36%1462,32315.64%158,1892.06%1670,21417.62%1899,06624.87%2061,80815.51%2246,28511.62%231,7610.44%2417,4504.38%269600.24%366,6751.68%BABY2,0330.51%Total ATAULFO398,39547.46%HADEN64640.34%71,9411.44%86,2584.63%921,00415.55%1034,09325.23%1249,38236.55%1421,57815.97%163840.28%

Higher education: Challenging the iVy League model ...

Apr 4th 2012, 16:49 by M.B.| NEW YORK

“THE first elite university to be launched in America in over a century.” Ben Nelson, who cut his entrepreneurial teeth as chief executive of Snapfish, a photo website, does not shy away from making big claims. 

But he has every reason to boast. 

On April 3rd Benchmark Capital announced that it will fund Minerva, which plans to welcome its first class of students in September 2014, to the tune of $25m—one of the biggest seed investments of a leading Silicon Valley venture firm ever. 

What is more, the new university’s advisory board will be chaired by Larry Summers, a former president of Harvard University, and count among its members Bob Kerrey, a former senator and head of the New School in New York, and Pat Harker, president of the University of Delaware and a former dean of the Wharton School.

This is a brave moment to launch a for-profit university. There is much talk of a “bubble in higher education”—an over-expansion fuelled by the ready availa…

SAVANI FARMS now taking orders for mangoes from India ...

Crop Outlook from National Mango Board (NMB) ....

Mango Crop Report from the
National Mango Board
The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated. Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report. Please note - after you click on the link, you may need to refresh the page to see the most current report.   Mango Market News
Mango shipped volume last week was approximately 2,320,802boxes representing 24% more than the previous week. Peru
Peru sent approximately 33,744 boxes last week representing 52% more than the previous week. Projection for the next week is 22,000 boxes each week.Kent weekly average price per box at the Philadelphia entry port on week ending 03/31/2012 decreased by 10%.Kent weekly average price per box at the South Florida entry port on week ending 03/31/2012 decreased by 12%.Kent weekly average price per box at the Southern California entry port on week ending 03/31/2012 decreased by 2%. Mexico
Mexico sent approximately 1,670,403 boxes last week representing 18% more than the previous week. Projections …

DHL (INDIA) makes gifting mangoes as easy as 1-2-3-....

Gifting mangoes is now easy with DHL
Announcement / Corporate

 May 19, 2011, 14:04 IST

Come this summer pamper your loved ones abroad with a box of delicious mangoes through DHL’s Express Easy Mango service, a unique one-stop-shop and hassle-free service for gifting mangoes all across the world.

This unique service by DHL Express, the world’s leading express company, allows customers to send mangoes from India across the world to the following countries Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxemburg, Maldives, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Qatar Singapore, Switzerland and Sweden.

Mangoes can be availed of free of cost by merely paying for the Air Express service. In addition, DHL Express assists customers with the necessary paperwork along with procurement of quality-grade Alphonso mangoes.

Commenting on the new service, Mr. R.S Subramanian, Country Head, DHL Express India said: “With the advent of the mango season, it is no wonder that DHL Express Ea…

Images of first shipments of irradiated (Tree Ripened) mangoes for USA market ....

For more information on setting up a Tree Ripened program for USA Market and the benefits of Irradiating mangoes, Please contact Arved G. Deecke.


Contact Arved Deecke: 011-521-33-1520-5267

USA to sink Ghost Ship that floated across the Pacific Ocean dislodged by Japan tsunami ...


Canada's Department of National Defence photograph shows a Japanese fishing vessel, …

In a photo provided by the U.S. …

OVER THE GULF OF ALASKA (AP) — The lonely voyage of a rusting, unmanned Japanese ship that has floated thousands of miles since it was dislodged by last year's tsunami appeared to be coming to an end in the Gulf of Alaska.

The U.S. Coast Guard was gearing up to use cannon fire to sink the shrimping vessel, which was floating 180 miles southwest of the southeast Alaska town of Sitka Thursday morning.

"Something like this hasn't been done, based on the tsunami," Coast Guard spokesman Paul Webb said. "It's a new one for all of us."

The 164-foot Ryou-Un Maru, which has no lights or communications system, has a tank that could carry more than 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel, but officials don't know how much, if any, is aboard. Either way, the government says the move is safer environmentally than lettin…

PORTS: Long Beach port formally signs biggest ever lease agreement ....

By Ronald D. WhiteTimes Staff Writer

April 4, 2012, 7:32 p.m.

Port of Long Beach officials and executives from the shipping company Orient Overseas Container Line formally signed off on the port's biggest ever lease agreement. 

The ceremony took place in Hong Kong on Tuesday, but port officials didn't announce it until Wednesday afternoon.

The agreement commits OOCL to a $4.6-billion, 40-year lease of the port's new Middle Harbor container terminal, which is under construction.

“I can’t overstate the significance of this agreement,” said J. Christopher Lytle, executive director of the nation's second-busiest cargo container port. “It is the largest and most far-reaching terminal lease ever at the Port of Long Beach.”

Port officials had announced the impending deal in January. The lease gives OOCL and its subsidiary, the Long Beach Container Terminal, exclusive use of the facility for 40 years. 

Port officials say that Middle Harbor will be their most advanced terminal, addin…

Canadian Distributor can get you Pakistani mangoes over the internet ....

Our Story

Our story starts with us falling head over heels in love with the “King of fruits,” the mango. The fragrance, the luscious taste, the succulent flesh and the divine nectar of the mango fruit is something that every man, woman and child has to experience.

In the short span of its existence, it has grown into a major international supplier of Pakistani Mangoes. Our in-depth knowledge of the Pakistani varieties of mangoes and our stringent quality control measures have made Honey Mangoes the number one supplier of Pakistani Mangoes. 

We supply a select range of luscious mangoes available in Pakistan that include varieties like Sindhri, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa, Dusehri and Langra. These mangoes are as exotic as their exotic sounding names and have a devoted following of mango lovers around the world. Mango connoisseurs have long lauded the many exquisite qualities of these varieties of Pakistani Mangoes.

“Honey Mangoes’” was started with the sole intention of supplying the finest vari…

Australian special education teachers partner with Mango Tree Centre .....

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Nuku'alofa, Tonga

A team of six special education teachers from the Narbethong State Special School left Brisbane, Australia, on March 30 for a week-long trip to the Church of the Nazarene's Mango Tree Centre for People with Disabilities in Nuku'alofa, Tonga.

The team will undertake assessment of the educational, developmental, and other needs of children and young people who rely on the therapeutic and practical support of the Mango Tree Centre. This process is known as capacity building.

They will also provide educational and therapeutic support to Mango Tree clients. The team will focus specifically on children with autism, vision-impairment, and multiple impairments.

The team is led by Jim Good, a graduate and post-graduate student of Nazarene Theological College-Brisbane and a special education teacher at Narbethong. After visiting Mango Tree in August 2011, Good shared about the work of the center with his colleagues at the Narbethong school and th…


MANGO Exporter from India has won national exporter's award 5 years in a row ...

Hi Will,

I saw you active on Tacler and thought I will introduce our company to you.

We are an Indian export company specialising in export of mangoes. 

We ship mainly to Europe but have started shipping to the US (irradiated mangoes) for the last 6 years.

 Attached is our company brochure.

Are you involved in trading of mangoes? 

Let me know more about your involvement with mangoes.


Kaushal Khakhar
Kay Bee Exports
+91 98704 05667 (Mobile)
+91 22 415 789 99 (Direct)
+91 22 415 789 00 (Tel)
+91 22 253 766 10 (Fax)

Winner of APEDA export awards for 5 consecutive years

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Kay Bee Brochure.pdf
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PHILANTHROPER: how YOU can touch a heart with one little dollar!!!...($1.00 usd) ...

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