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Major players looking to increase share of Mango drink market in India ....

Beverage makers eye $10-bn Indian summer
New Delhi, April 09, 2012

First Published: 14:29 IST(9/4/2012)
Last Updated: 23:13 IST(9/4/2012)

With the mercury rising and the fizz getting louder, beverage makers are launching new products and campaigns with catchy taglines to grab a share of the $10 billion Indian marked, amid growing consumer base and fierce competition.

PepsiCo, which has started the new year with some product-centric innovations and big brand campaigns, has launched two new flavours of its soft drink Mirinda - Orange Masala and Orange Mango.

"Through this unique local palette-led innovation, we expect to drive consumption frequency and penetration," Deepika Warrier, executive director, marketing, PepsiCo Beverages, India, told IANS.

"We have launched innovative and consumer-focussed initiatives to drive consumption. We are also investing heavily in expanding distribution and have created a state of the art, segmented G2M strategy based on three filters - por…

Venezuela y Haití serían los países más peligrosos para ejecutivos extranjeros ...

SCZ - Globovisión/Latin Business Chronicle
09/04/2012 5:32:30 p.m.

Venezuela, junto con Haití y tres países centroamericanos, son los más peligrosos para los ejecutivos extranjeros de las empresas multinacionales, según el sexto índice Anual de Seguridad Latinoamericana elaborado por FTI Consulting Ibero America para Latin Business Chronicle.

El mismo informe indica que en Panamá han visto una mejoría. El índice de Seguridad Latinoamericana toma en cuenta cómo anda cada país de la región en cuanto a inseguridad pública, poniendo el foco especialmente en la comunidad de negocios.

Además de sondear sus contactos empresariales en la región respecto de asuntos que afectan la seguridad, FTI analiza estadísticas gubernamentales a los niveles federal, estatal o provincial y municipal en áreas como homicidios, delitos graves, robo de cargamentos, allanamientos de moradas, secuestros, malestar político y laboral, disturbios y demostraciones violentas y tráfico de drogas, así como la eficacia de l…


Mango Ripening
Posted on September 24, 2010 by Banana Jim

To facilitate successful marketing of mangoes using conventional packaging and postharvest handling methods, mangoes destined for import into the USA are harvested at the mature green stage while still firm.

The fruit are then ripened after they arrive in the USA by the wholesaler, retailer, or consumer (Kader and Mitcham, 2008). Kader and Mitcham note that sales of mangoes increase if ready-to-eat fruit are available at retail markets.

One of the challenges to successful marketing of mangoes is their limited shelf-life (typically 14 to 28 days at the mature-green stage and up to a week at the ripe stage). Postharvest technology that would extend the shelf-life of mangoes without adversely affecting their quality at consumption would be of considerable value to the industry.

Factors Affecting Ripening:


Temperature management is the most critical factor in the management of ripening in mature-green mangoes. Paull and Chen (…

DRUG CARTELS dictating terms of the Mexican mango deal ...

By Will Cavan Executive Director International mango Organization (IMO) Vista, California

April 09, 2012

Whether in an effort to flood the domestic market and bring pricing of mangoes in Mexico to a more favorable price or an orchestrated attempt to raise the price of mangoes in the USA market, Drug Cartels in Mexico have ordered a shutdown of mango export packing operations for one week in the State of Michoacan, Mexico.

This is not EMEX or the Exporters that want to stop by any means.

The order comes at the local level from organized crime organizations in Michoacan who are limiting the harvest of fruit in the local Orchards in Michoacan.
The Knights Templar have been in the international press recently with banners taking credit for trying to control agricultural pricing in Mexico:

With Oaxaca one week away from winding down, the cartels in Michoacan feel that this is …

COOL: How much do you want to know about your food???...


A Question of Origin

Dear Reader: Where did your last meal come from?

Given our globalized food system, this is a difficult question to answer.

The question of food origin breaks down into several parts. Do we care where it originated? Or, do we care where it was processed? Does where the food comes from impact its quality? Does a food's origin impact its safety? Can we ever know as much about the sources of our food as we would like?

The answers to these questions will vary, but the bottom line is that it is a complex issue.

Reasons to want to know

For some people, knowing where their food comes from is very important. For others, it may not matter at all.

One reason for promoting labeling has to do with the consumer's right to know. Consumers have a right to know what ingredients are in a product and where it is from, manufactured, processed, or packed. If consumers want to purchase food that was grown …

DRUG CARTELS: Mexico’s Knights Templar Claim Responsibility for Drop in Food Prices...

Published at 10:43 pm EST, April 8, 2012

Photo: Narcmantas by Mexico's Knights Templar

Mexico’s Knights Templar, or the Caballeros Templarios, allegedly claims to be the authors of a series of ‘narcomantas’ reportedly spotted in cities throughout the state of Michoacan.

The banners claim that the well known alleged criminal organization encouraged without blackmail or violence the decrease in food prices. Banners were found in Morelia, Zitacuaro, Lazaro Cardenas, Uruapan, Apatzingan, Ocampo, as well as Tuxpan.

The banners, hung in the early morning hours of Monday April 2nd, arrived after a recent truce called by the organization in preparation for the upcoming Papal visit to Guanajuato, a neighboring state of Michoacan. 

 In the capital city of Morelia, various banners were found stating the following:

“To the Michoacan society, in these moments of reflection and before a social situation that is depriving the state, it is important to know that our brotherhood, the Caballeros Templ…

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