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Ecuador film shows growing reach of drugs trade ...

By Irene CaselliQuito

The lead character of the film ponders what to do with his drugs find

It is dawn and several fishermen are on a beach, ready to start work.

As they push a boat into the water, they come across a box with tightly sealed packets full of a white powder: cocaine.

By the end of the morning, dozens of boxes have washed ashore, and fishermen run around trying to gather as many as possible.

These are the opening scenes of Pescador (Fisherman), a film by Ecuadorean director Sebastian Cordero, which is based on a true story.

In 2006, a speedboat chased by the police had to drop a shipment of cocaine off the coast of Ecuador's western province of Manabi.

"Ecuador is vulnerable to organised crime due to weak public institutions, porous borders, and corruption” ~ US state department report

Fishermen in El Matal, a town of 2,000 people, found the boxes.

Mr Cordero developed the screenplay together with Juan Fernando Andrade, a journalist who interviewed one of the fishermen.


Rubio: Iran Building Major Terrorist Network in Latin America ...

Thursday, 12 Apr 2012 05:01 PM

By Newsmax Wires

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs, is headed for Cartagena, Colombia today for this weekend’s Summit of the Americas.

The Summit is an opportunity for Rubio to discuss the importance of democracy and trade with leaders from around the region, and help strengthen America’s relationships in this important part of the world.

Before departing, he appeared on the radio show, “From Washington Al Mundo”, and talked to host Mauricio Claver-Carone to discuss issues in Latin America including Iran’s influence, Venezuela’s upcoming elections and the importance of embracing democracy & free enterprise.

Excerpts from that interview:

Rubio on Iran’s Influence in the Western Hemisphere

Mauricio Claver-Carone: “You’ve expressed concern about Iran’s influence in the Western Hemisphere. And this has actually gone from, in the last few years, from speculation to fact as there’s been intelligence p…

Brazilian-American relations: One step at a time ...

Two American giants are slowly getting to know each other

Apr 14th 2012 | SÃO PAULO | from the print edition

Next time over a caipirinha

TOASTING their president with a caipirinha, their national cocktail, should soon be a bit cheaper for Brazilians in the United States. During Dilma Rousseff’s visit to Washington, DC, on April 9th, Barack Obama confirmed that his government will recognise cachaça, the sugarcane spirit used to make the drink, as a distinct product—no more calling it “Brazilian rum” and applying tariffs intended to shield the Caribbean kind from competition.

The two leaders also found common ground on weightier matters. 

Security co-operation will increase: the countries’ defence ministers will meet regularly, an unimaginable prospect only a few years ago. 

And Brazilians—who spend so much on visits to the United States that the US Travel Association, a lobby group, describes them as “walking stimulus packages”—can now look forward to easier travel planning. 

The State Depart…

LA FAMILIA: Michoacan organized Crime group sets the rules of the Mexican mango deal ...

Relocate or die: Mexican entrepreneurs migrate to the interior fleeing violence, insecurity

Desplazarse o morir: Empresarios mexicanos migran por violencia e inseguridad

Exploring Business, Life June 31, 2011by Fundación MEPI de Periodismo de Investigación and journalism students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México

Closed business at colonia Melchor Ocampo in Ciudad Juárez. (Courtesy of El Diario de Juárez)

MÉXICO CITY — Edgar N. ran a profitable business in the state of Michoacán during most of his adult life, but after falling victim to extortion by local organized crime groups five years ago, he closed his export business and relocated to the state of Querétaro.

“Business was doing fine, 500,000 pesos of sales monthly; I was one of the most successful businesses in my area of the region,” he says. “Michoacán has always had organized crime. Different criminal gangs ran their drug businesses in the area. But in those days they operated like businessmen,” explains Ed…


As most produce importers are aware, we have seen a heavy increase in the number of Non Intrusive Inspections (NII) by CBP, especially at the APM Terminal, Pier 400.

 Because of the heavy targeting, we have seen a delay or backlog in how fast the containers are able to be staged for the CBP NII exam.  

The terminal advises that it is impossible to keep up with the high volume. (Last week there were over 675 containers on hold for a NII exam at the APM Terminal.)

Up until today, Maersk/APM Terminals have been very good about waiving demurrage when the demurrage was due to the delay in the NII exam. 

 However, today we were advised that they would no longer be able to continue that policy. They advised that it is not economically feasible with the high volume of containers. 

Demurrage will be charged after the two free days, regardless if it is due to a delay from a NII exam backlog. This policy could greatly increase your import costs. 

 We suggest that you discuss this with your Maers…


India | Posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 06:24am IST

India, Pakistan to open Attari check post for trade today

Altamash Hashmi, CNN-IBN

New Delhi: India and Pakistan will take another step forward in enhancing trade ties. The two countries will formally open the Attari check post on Friday for trade.

The Attari route has hardly been used for trade since 1947. But as the relationship between India and Pakistan improves the Attari check post is expecting big business.

The number of trucks crossing the border daily could go up from the present 150 to 1500 and the trade is expected to rise four times from the current $ 2.6 billion. The number of Integrated Check posts will also go up to 13.

The dampener is that Pakistan is allowing trade in only 137 items. Even so 100 member delegation of Pakistan exhibitors are already in the capital. While hopeful of finding a big market in India they're worried about red tape and immigration restrictions.

The trade between the two countries seems to be at its b…


The IMO LINKEDIN group continues to grow.

The past seven days two new members bring total members to 239.

New Members: Last 7 Days


Gavin Scurr
Managing Director at Pinata Farms

Brisbane Area, Australia


Pedro DE LA Piedra,



Join the IMO LINKEDIN Group Today!!!

Santos y Colombia, portada de la Revista Time ...



El presidente colombiano es portada de la prestigiosa publicación estadounidense que en su edición del próximo 23 de abril le dedica su artículo central a lo que llama "El regreso de Colombia".

Jueves 12 Abril 2012

Los editores Jim Frederick, Tim Padgett y John Otis de la prestigiosa revista Time, se reunieron en la casa de Nariño con el presidente Juan Manuel Santos, un par de horas antes de que los últimos diez secuestrados de las FARC volvieran a la libertad, el pasado 2 de abril.

Del encuentro resultó un artículo en el que la publicación se pregunta si Santos es el nuevo líder de la región, pues tras la salida del poder de Lula da Silva no parece haber otro mandatario latinoamericano que esté llenando ese rol, tal y como sugieren, lo está haciendo el presidente colombiano.

Aunque Time advierte que Dilma Rousseff podría asumir esa posición, recuerda que el prestigio del incendiario presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez se había reducido mucho antes de que come…

‘Pakistani mangoes will get access to Lebanese, Australia markets’

Friday, April 13, 2012

Staff Report 

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research (NFS&R), Mir Israrullah Khan Zehri on Thursday directed to facilitate and speed up the process for finalising exports of mangoes to Lebanon and Australia from this year.

Chairing a meeting with officials of the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) he said, “Australian experts, who are expected to visit Pakistan in connection with mangoes import into Australia, should be facilitated to make possible the export of mangoes to Australia from this year”.

The required standards of Australian government for imports should be met to broaden the international market for the local agricultural produces, he added.

Zehri said MoU between Pakistan and Lebanon was signed in 2011 for the export of mangoes from Pakistan to Lebanon and the export of mangoes should start from the coming season of 2012.

A team of Australian experts will visit Pakistan from May 25 to inspect the hot water treatment pl…

Month-long Mango (mela) Festival to be celebrated in Hyderabad, India ...

Andhra Pradesh CM Kiran Kumar Reddy to inaugurate Mango Mela-2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Chief Minister Mr N.Kiran Kumar Reddy will inaugurate Mango Mela-2012 on Friday. 

The Department of Horticulture, is organizing a month long Mango Mela 2012 from 13.4.2012 in association with the Economic Committee of Exhibition Society at Exhibition Grounds, Nampally, Hyderabad. The Horticulture minister Ramreddy Venkatreddy will also participate in the mela. 

The main features of Mango Mela 2012 are display and sale of different varieties of non-carbide mangoes, bringing awareness among farmers, consumers and general public about harmful effects of use of calcium carbide for ripening of fruits.

The mela will also focus on providing incentives of value addition to the farmers for mango ripening with ethylene - harvesting in plastic crates, ripening in ethylene chambers at identified locations of Vijayawada, West Godavari and Hyderabad. A number of progressive farmers from various district…

INDIA: Mumbai restaurants offer special menu for Thai New Year ....

Published: Thursday, Apr 12, 2012, 8:52 IST
By Shreya Badola | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Revel in a Thai feast as today is the Songkran festival aka the Thai New Year. Referring to the entry of the sun into the sign of Aries (Ram), Songkran is originally a celebration of the vernal equinox, and a common ritual practiced is that of throwing water filled balloons! And of course, like every other feast, this too comes with a bunch of gastronomic treats.

Citrus (The Leela Mumbai) has borrowed Thai props from the Embassy and has an authentic Thai decor to go with the specially crafted buffet. Besides the food and decor, the hosts/hostesses will be dressed in Thai costumes. Chef Ian Kittichai has a specially designed Thai New Year Menu at Koh, InterContinental.

“Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, an occasion when families reunite to pay respect to the parents and elderly by pouring water on the hands and, in return, the elderly give out blessings,” says Chef Kittichai, adding that Kra…

NMB revenues to increase by 1.6 million dollars per year effective September 01, 2012 ...

Mango assessment to go up by one-fourth cent per pound

04/12/2012 2:32:34 PM
Tom Karst

Mango assessments used for promotion and research efforts are going up for the first time since 2005.

Beginning Sept. 1, first handlers and importers of mangoes will pay one-fourth cent more per pound for their mandated assessments for the Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order.

The initial assessment rate of one-half cent per pound on fresh mangoes was set at the beginning of the National Mango Board in 2005. The board approved a motion in 2009 that proposed to raise the assessment to three-fourths of a cent per pound and the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved it April 12.

“We are very pleased with the exceeding results achieved thus far and look forward to the continued success the National Mango Board brings to the entire mango industry. The additional resources will allow the NMB to increase their efforts in research and marketing, while bringing the industry members together,” Ronnie Co…

Mango festival at the Royal Orchid Hotel in Pune, India ....

Go mangolicious

Indulge in a delightful spread of yummy mango flavoured treats as the Royal Orchid Hotel celebrates this season with a special mango festival

April 12 06:28:50, 2012

Anjali Jhangiani

It’s that time of the year when the smell of ripe mangoes sweet and tempting fills the air. 

To get a taste of the fruit of the season, head to the Royal Orchid Hotel and indulge in some delicious mango treats at their special mango festival.

 The festival is on till the end of this month.

On offer at the festival are Mango pastries, Panna Cotta, tarts and a lot more.
 “The mango festival is a part of the ‘flavour of the month’ plan for the rest of the year where we will be highlighting one special flavour for every month,” informs Chef Brijesh Kumar, Executive Chef, Royal Orchid Hotel.
 “This month we have to succumb to the king of the fruits, the mango,” he adds.

The festival begins with an array of delightful desserts and will proceed to sinful shakes and smoothies and also some innovative ma…

Join FAO Forestry Department in Rio on June 18th, 2012 ...

FAO Forestry Department invites all interested forest sector stakeholders to take part in “Forests: the Heart of a Green Economy”, a full day event on 18th June co-organized by FAO, ICFPA, BRACELPA, and other partners.

The purpose is to highlight the role of forests and forest industries in building the green economy and fostering rural development at the resource base – the two key themes of Rio+20.

 The main themes of discussion are:

- The Role of the Forest Sector in Emerging Bio-Economy

- Forest Certification: A Paradigm Shift in Green Economy

- Contributions of Forest Industry in Rural Development

The event takes place on Monday, 18 June from 09:00 – 17:30hrs, with a press conference held during morning coffee break.

 The event will be organized at the Ribalta Conference Center, situated on Avenidas das Americas-pista Central.

For further information on programme, speakers, venue and registration, please visit event website:…

MEXICO: Packouts by State and Cultivar for Week 15, 2012 ...

Semana 15, del 08 al 14 de Abril de 2012

Through April 10, 2012.....

EstadoVariedadCalibreTotal CajasTotal %ChiapasATAULFO123741.86%142,17910.86%164,86024.23%184,14020.64%205,00724.96%221,2606.28%231,2766.36%247843.91%BABY1800.90%Total ATAULFO20,060100.00%Total Chiapas20,0603.82%MichoacánATAULFO9140.02%10150.02%11430.06%125340.70%141,7452.30%155,7107.52%164,3185.69%1818,54324.43%2012,30416.21%2224,85632.75%