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Pakistan's deepest Port is just the beginning for mango export program ...

FAP Terminal comes in handy
By Kazim Alam
Published: April 14, 2012

MV Rapallo has the deepest draft that any Pakistani port has ever accommodated. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Friday was an unusual day at the Fauji Akbar Portia (FAP) Marine Terminal at Port Qasim. While labourers, FAP officials and PQ representatives enjoyed a sumptuous meal at the one end of the only grain and fertiliser terminal at the port, huge mechanical and pneumatic un-loaders kept discharging cargo from MV Rapallo, a bulk cargo ship which, according to a Port Qasim official, has the deepest draft that any Pakistani port has ever accommodated.

Draft is the vertical distance between a ship’s waterline and the bottom of the ship. The bulk cargo ship carried 60,000 tons of Australian canola when it docked at the FAP terminal on Friday morning. It has a draft of 12.3 metres and its length overall is 220 metres.

Talking to The Express Tribune, FAP Chief Operating Officer Hassan Sobuctageen said that although vessels with a draft…

VI Cumbre de las Américas en fotos .....


Galería Multimedia

Por María Gabriela Villalobos / Agencias / Fotos: EFE - - Maracaibo - 15/04/2012 16:30 15

Este fin de semana se dieron cita en Cartagena la mayor parte de los mandatarios, tanto del cono sur como del hemisferio norte de América, para asistir a la VI Cumbre de las Américas en la que se trataron diversos temas para el desarrollo y cooperación entre las naciones

Hoy concluyó la VI Cumbre de las Américas que reunió a 34 jefes de Estado y de Gobierno que discutieron durante días sobre la integración y cooperación como medidas para alcanzar el desarrollo del Hemisferio.

Cartagena de Indias fue el lugar escogido para llevar a cabo el evento que aunque terminó sin consenso el anfitrión y presidente de Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, consideró que el diálogo sobre temas “álgidos” evidenció la evolución de la Cumbre.

Como la Cumbre reunió a jefes de Estados y importantes representes de diferentes países los medios de comunicación se …

Pakistan Port receives largest cargo vessel to date ....

* Vessel carries 60,000 metric tonnes Australian canola

Staff Report

KARACHI: The largest bulk cargo laden carrier, MV Rapallo on early Friday morning carrying 60,000 metric tonnes of Australian canola has docked at Fauji Akbar Portia Marine Terminal (FAPMT) with a draft of 12.3 metres and an LOA of 220 metres, the vessel is a landmark for FAP Terminal as well as for the country as it is the largest bulk cargo vessel ever berthed at Port Qasim Authority (PQA). 

Director General (DG) Operations Gul Aleem Khan said this while addressing media briefing at FPA office at Port Qasim. FAP CEO Ahmed Rana, PQA Director Cargo Akbar H Mughal, Shabir Qazi and others were also present on the occasion.

Aleem Khan said, “During previous 36 years of PQA operations’ history, this is for the first time that a bulk carrier of 12.3 metres draft arrived at Port Qasim.” 

He said that before FAP Terminal, PQA did not have the depth to cater to large sized bulk carrier and PQA’s next task is to enhance the PQA’s …



Mango men, mango madness, and the mango diversity—all coming to local supermarkets.

Mangoes on display at the International Mango Festival.

Chef Allen Susser—the Mango Man—is biting into a Julie, one of the Caribbean’s finest mangoes. 
Unlike the stringy, fibrous varieties sold in American supermarkets, this one is totally smooth. Its intense sweetness is balanced by background notes of cinnamon and clove, as well as a powdery marshmallow texture. “That chalkiness, or muskiness, is really brought out by the acidity,” explains Susser, licking Julie juice off his fingers. 

“In the States you eat a mango and then it’s gone. You don’t get that mouthful of aromatics that just lasts and lasts and lasts.”

Read more by Adam Gollneron
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Susser is in St. Lucia for a weekend of Mango Madness—an event dubbed “1001 Things to do with a Mango Before You Die”—that is being held at Jade Mountain restaurant at th…

Trinidad & Tobago: The trip of a lifetime ....

Angostura Global Cocktail Contest

April 15th, 2012

It was nearly twenty years ago that I first sailed into Trinidad’s Carenage anchorage protected by the westernmost point of Trinidad and a few sparsely populated barrier islands. The trade winds that had powered my sloop from Florida south through the Eastern Caribbean island chain had died to a gentle breeze during the night. The ocean current augmented by the outflow from the Oronoco and Amazon rivers was stronger as I approached the Bocas, a group of small islands that guard the entrance to the Gulf of Paria and Trinidad. The brilliant blue Caribbean water had turned a duller hue and the tropical heat was almost oppressive early on that August morning. 

Even before I dropped anchor there were signs that this was not just another Caribbean island that wore the scars of hundreds of years of wars, slavery and the fall of the sugar trade on its chest.

In this anchorage, almost everything was different from the other islands, the aroma of t…

En fotos: Hillary Clinton deja atrás el trabajo para disfrutar de la noche en Cartagena ...

Publicado el 15 de abr de 2012 10:09 am |

Foto: STR / AFP

(Caracas, 15 de abril – Noticias24) Tras finalizar la jornada de debates en la VI Cumbre de las Américas que se realiza en Cartagena, Colombia, la secretaria de Estado norteamericana, Hillary Clinton, aprovechó la oportunidad para relajarse con unos amigos en el café Havana.

La foto que nos brinda la agencia AFP muestra la cara más alegre de la mujer fuerte de Estados Unidos, que se toma un tiempo para disfrutar de la noche colombiana.

Foto: STR / AFP

CONRAD N. HILTON Foundation will award 1.5 million dollar prize to HELPAGE in Washington, D.C. tomorrow....

HelpAge International wins the 2012 Hilton Humanitarian Prize. 

Join us in congratulating this organization for its extraordinary work!

We're in Washington, D.C. getting ready for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize ceremony tomorrow night. As you can see, we're taking care of the last-minute details.
— at The Fairmont Washington, D.C.

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