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Mango king Haji Kalimullah has no birthday gift for Tendulkar ...

Haji Kalimullah Khan may not need any introduction in the world of mangoes, but the 72-year-old farmer from Malihabad in Lucknow district (Uttar Pradesh) has only one regret: His new variety of mango called 'Sachin' cannot be delivered to batting legend on his 39th birthday today.

April 24 08:08:40, 2012

Bipin Dani

Speaking over telephone from his farmhouse, Khan said: “The tree was grafted a few years ago and I expected 40-50 mangoes to be ready this year, but it may take one more month to be delivered to Sachin Tendulkar. “I don’t know whether Sachin likes this fruit, but he is a son of India and this is my humble effort to name this mango after master blaster.”

I’m loving it: Sachin Tendulkar eats a mango during a practice session in Mohali in 2005. Pic/AFP

Talking about his interest in planting mango trees, Khan, who has won several awards in mango exhibitions, said, “I scored zero marks in English following which I left school and developed interest in mangoes.” 

 Khan h…

IMO feature piece on FRESHPLAZAS (2011)

Still a very informative piece on what the IMO is all about & up to......

Emphasising the need for social responsibility and sustainability

International Mango Organisation connecting research with marketing

Founded in 2,000 the International Mango Organisation (IMO) is an NGO dedicated to serving as an ombudsman for the Global Mango Community. The IMO publishes a blog addressing issues permanent to the International mango Community:

Will Cavan, Executive Director of the IMO is passionate about the need for this organisation within the mango world. He has a long history and extensive experience in the fresh produce industry. He emphasises the need for social responsibility and sustainability in the mango trade as well as the importance of connecting research with marketing.

Corresponding relationships exist between the IMO and Grower Organizations, Marketing Boards, Scientific Bodies, Government entities on a Country by Country Basis.

The IMO was …

The Cincinnati area retail report by Max Komajathy (Marathon Fruit) ...

By Max Komajathy
Marathon Fruit

Cincinnati mango retail report, 04/18/2012

Meijer is the winner this week due to selection.

Three different mangoes: Round, Ataulfo and even Haitian (Banana Mango).

I bought 2 Haitians for the office, which is now filled up with sweet mango scent. The scent reminds me of honey and milk.

Wal-Mart store in Florence, KY,  $1.18/ mango.
Meijer store in Florence, KY, $ 1.50/ mango.

Meijer, $1 on Ataulfo.

Haitian mango at Meijer. No price posted and I paid $1.50 a piece. I think the price should be higher. It has a unique PLU, but it does not work at check out.

Kroger store at Union, KY –$ 1 mango..

Remke store in Florence, KY – 2/$3.

Max Komjathy, Marathon Fruit Distributors – Independence KY

Contact Max:

IMO BLOG @ 4:45am on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 ...

While the IMO is on tour, and IMO BLOG page viewership continues to boom...

With visits to Miami, Palm Beach, Stuart, Cape Canaveral and St. Augustine, Florida on day one of the tour, and Savannah, Georgia,  Charleston, Georgetown, Brookgreen Gardens, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Wilmington, Wilson, North Carolina on day two, and Petersburg, Virginia on day three, the IMO tour is rolling along and making friends along the way.

Day four saw the IMO in Washington D.C., Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland.

Day Five and Six have been spent in New York City.

Day Seven, the IMO will be in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Day Eight the IMO will be back in Florida with stops in the Orlando area.

The tour will wrap up in South Florida 28-30 April before heading back to San Diego, California on the 1st of May, 2012.

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