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JIM PREVOR'S TAKE: Wal-Mart and Payoffs in Mexico: Bribery or Extortion? ...

The New York Times came out with a front page article titled, Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart After Top Level Struggle.

The article claims are specific, pointed and explosive:
In September 2005, a senior Wal-Mart lawyer received an alarming e-mail from a former executive at the company’s largest foreign subsidiary, Wal-Mart de Mexico. In the e-mail and follow-up conversations, the former executive described how Wal-Mart de Mexico had orchestrated a campaign of bribery to win market dominance. In its rush to build stores, he said, the company had paid bribes to obtain permits in virtually every corner of the country.

The former executive gave names, dates and bribe amounts. He knew so much, he explained, because for years he had been the lawyer in charge of obtaining construction permits for Wal-Mart de Mexico.

Wal-Mart dispatched investigators to Mexico City, and within days they unearthed evidence of widespread bribery. They found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect pay…