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INDIA: The land of 1,000 mango cultivars ....


Summer showers in the past week has flooded the market with all varieties of mangoes. Do you know what these varieties are and where they come from?

By Salonie Rego 11 May 2012, Citizen Matters

This year’s Mango crop was a latecomer and much smaller compared to 2011’s bumper produce.

 While last year produced 11 metric tonnes, this year looks good for just three. 

“Mango is known for alternate bearing. One year you get a good crop and the succeeding year you get a poor crop.” says Dr G K Mukund, Professor of Horticulture at the University of Agricultural Sciences.

Badami: Karnataka’s leading Mango variety. Pic Salonie Rego

This year however, saw profuse flowering throughout Karnataka, which was completely unexpected. But factors like the prolonged drought and high temperature still reduced the quantity. 

Prices are set to increase from double, to 60-70% of the prices last year. “At the height of the season last year prices were between Rs …