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MEXICO OUT OF CONTROL: Forty-nine headless corpses found in northern Mexico ...

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Analysis & Opinion

The Bentonville Black SOX? Wal-Mart’s Sarbanes-Oxley problem

By Luis Ochoa

CADEREYTA JIMENEZ, Mexico | Mon May 14, 2012 12:01am EDT

(Reuters) - Suspected drug cartel killers in Mexico dumped 49 headless bodies on a highway near the northern city of Monterrey, a sickening atrocity that prompted the government to condemn the "inhuman" violence plaguing the country.

The corpses of 43 men and six women, whose hands and feet had also been cut off, were found in a pile on a highway in the municipality of Cadereyta Jimenez early on Sunday, officials from the state of Nuevo Leon said.

The Nuevo Leon government said the notorious Ze…

CHINA: Problems with trees... Plans to create greener cities are pruned

May 12th 2012 | QINGDAO AND XINCUN | from the print edition

THE mass-planting of trees might not seem like a controversial project for a city government. In the port city of Qingdao, however, it has stirred up debate. 

Complaints abound that newly transplanted catalpa and ginkgo trees are blocking views of the sea, that black pines on pavements are leaving no room for pedestrians, and that trees are being planted in absurd places such as underneath flyovers.

Shrub hub

The aim of the scheme is to help Qingdao qualify as a “National Forest City” in 2014. 

In March alone some 1.8m trees and bushes were planted in seven districts of Qingdao, or nearly one for every two residents. The price tag is likely to be $630m this year alone, a sum that has caused a minor revolt among urban residents, who have pestered local-government departments and posted photographs of absurdly planted trees on microblogs. Zhao Baoshan, a local artist, complains that the tree scheme is “against the laws of nature”.


Euro Officials Begin to Weigh Greek Exit From Common Currency ...

By Patrick Donahue - May 13, 2012 3:01 PM PT

Greece’s possible exit from the euro area moved to the center of Europe’s debt-crisis debate, with officials beginning to weigh the fallout of a withdrawal even as authorities in Athens struggled to form a government.

Meetings brokered by Greek President Karolos Papoulias are set to continue today after Syriza, the largest anti-bailout party, rejected a unity government following last week’s inconclusive elections. The country where the 2 1/2-year-old crisis began moved closer to a new vote, and to the possibility of a euro-area exit that was once a taboo among policy makers.

Graffiti, depicting the Euro symbol as a grenade about to be thrown by a soldier, sits on a wall in Athens, Greece. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Greek withdrawal “is not necessarily fatal, but it is not attractive,” European Central Bank Governing Council member Patrick Honohan said in Tallinn on May 12. An exit was “technically” possible yet would damage the euro,…

Recommended Clothing Line for Mango Industry Executives who operate in "Narco war zones" ....

BulletproofDC ( is an authorized representative of Miguel Caballero bulletproof clothing names "The Armani of Bulletproof Clothing"

El "Armani" de la ropa blindada que usa Chavez ....

La mezcla de diseño y seguridad es el secreto del éxito del colombiano Miguel Caballero, que fabrica ropa blindada para líderes políticos como Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa o Mauricio Funes. El actor Steven Seagal también es uno de sus clientes. (Video EFE)

Pastor Maldonado hizo historia en Barcelona ...

Pastor Maldonado hizo historia en Barcelona

El piloto Pastor Maldonado escribió este domingo una brillante página de la historia deportiva venezolana al imponerse en el Gran Premio de España de Fórmula 1 y convertirse así en el primer triunfo de Venezuela en la máxima categoría del automovilismo mundial.

Guatemala's land grab and massacre ....

Guatemala's land grab and massacre By David Mercer inon Fri, 2012-05-11 16:46. Activists say more than 400 villagers from Rio Negro had been killed by the time the dam wall was complete I meet activist, land evictee and massacre survivor Carlos Chen in front of the Catholic Church in the town of Rabinal.  A solid man in his late-50s, Carlos shakes my hand gently and suggests we go to his village to discuss filming plans for the following day.  While walking along a dusty side street we pass a small museum dedicated to the local Maya Achi culture. Poking my head inside one of the rooms a shiver runs down my spine.  Staring at me are the portraits of hundreds of people murdered during Guatemala's civil war. Two entire walls are stacked with images of those massacred in Rio Negro, a community that refused to leave their land to make way for the Chixoy hydroelectric dam. The photographs are taken from government-issued ID cards, and the paper is cracked and yellowing. Many o…


New Members: Last 7 Days


Ishfaque Ahmed Nizamani

General Manager at Premier Group Islamabad



Roger Turner

FMCG Industry Business Manager

Melbourne Area, Australia


Amol Khuspe-Patil,

Sr.Executive Operation/Agri Business Development. at FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd

Phaltan Area, India


Rocio Talavera,

Business Development Manager at Anastasia Bijoux

Montreal, Canada Area


Leo Zulueta




Oscar Ramirez,

Account Manager at Provelpack S.L.

Málaga Area, Spain


Akram Khalid

Project Director at Agribusiness Development and Diversification Project



China’s Latest Reforms Not a Sign of Economic Strength ...

China’s Latest Reforms Not a Sign of Economic Strength
Sunday, 13 May 2012 | 00:00                                                                                 

This year, China has announced a flurry of financial liberalization measures that were perceived by many in the U.S. and Europe as a sign of confidence among Chinese leaders about their economy’s growth prospects. 

Some analysts, such as Paul Markowski, president of MES Advisers Inc., have argued that these reforms indicate Chinese leaders believe they have avoided a so-called hard landing. 

In reality, these measures - such as widening the trading band on the yuan, allowing greater capital inflows and permitting a domestic pension fund to invest in the stock market - point to growing Chinese insecurity about the future. They are defensive steps intended to protect the economy from a coming slowdown and possibly to boost domestic asset prices. 

China’s economy is slowing because of weaker demand for its exports in Europe and the…

Lifetime airline passes: Fly anywhere, any time, for life

May 13th 2012, 18:52 by N.B. | WASHINGTON, D.C.

IN THE early 1980s, American Airlines, strapped for cash, decided to start selling passes for unlimited first-class travel for life. At the time, the passes cost $250,000 (around $600,000 in today's dollars), with a companion ticket available for an extra $150,000 and discounts for older people. 

The Los Angeles Times explains what happened next:

"We thought originally it would be something that firms would buy for top employees," said Bob Crandall, American's chairman and chief executive from 1985 to 1998. "It soon became apparent that the public was smarter than we were."

The unlimited passes were bought mostly by wealthy individuals, including baseball Hall-of-Famer Willie Mays, America's Cup skipper Dennis Conner and computer magnate Michael Dell.

Mike Joyce of Chicago bought his in 1994 after winning a $4.25-million settlement after a car accident.

In one 25-day span this year, Joyce flew round trip to Lond…

Y LA VIDA DE CHAVEZ NO TIENE PRECIO: La enfermedad de Chávez costó 18 millones de dólares ...


mayo 13, 2012 4:22 pm

Foto: AVN


El presidente Hugo Chávez regresó el viernes por la noche a Venezuela, tras completar sus sesiones de quimioterapia del tratamiento contra el cáncer que sigue en Cuba, donde fue operado tres veces en el último año y pasó 118 días.

Desde La Habana, el líder bolivariano gobierna a control remoto, firma decretos rodeado de 200 funcionarios y envía órdenes a sus ministros que lo aguardan en Caracas. Para cumplir esas funciones, gasta entre 150 y 200 mil dólares por día, según denunció la oposición, lo que totaliza casi 18 millones de dólares de erogación para las arcas públicas de su país.

Para gobernar a distancia, el jefe de Estado dispone de un puente aéreo entre Caracas y La Habana, que transporta usualmente a sus familiares y a funcionarios. El Ejecutivo venezolano dispuso en el presupuesto de 2012 una partida de 12 millones de dólares para el Ministe…


Hallan 49 cuerpos mutilados en carretera al norte de México

Por EFE / Monterrey, México /

Autoridades mexicanas encontraron al menos 49 cuerpos humanos mutilados a un lado de la carretera del municipio de Cadereyta, en el estado de Nuevo León

Algunos de los cadáveres se encontraban en bolsas plásticas negras. Foto: Archivo

Domingo, 13 Mayo 2012 11:26

Las autoridades mexicanas hallaron hoy al menos 49 cuerpos humanos mutilados a un lado de una carretera del municipio de Cadereyta, en el estado de Nuevo León, norte del país, confirmó a EFE una fuente de la policía federal.

La Policía explicó que algunos de los cuerpos localizados esta madrugada, entre ellos los de seis mujeres, se encontraban en bolsas de plástico negras y otros al descubierto.

Los cadáveres fueron hallados en el kilómetro 47 de la carretera que conduce a Reynosa, en el vecino estado de Tamaulipas, cerca de la desviación a la comunidad San Juan, en Nuevo León.

Las autoridades indicaron que en el sitio de…

A SOLO MESES DEL MISS VENEZUELA: Esta es la belleza wayuú que dejó paralizado a Osmel Sousa (FOTOS) ...

Esta es la belleza wayuú que dejó paralizado a Osmel Sousa (FOTOS)

marzo 25, 2012 9:26 am

Las aspirantes al Miss Venezuela continúan desfilando por la Quinta, en busca de una banda. 

Esta semana llegó la hermosa guajira Rocirée Silva a una cita con Osmel Sousa.

El zar quedó pasmado ante la belleza de la beldad nacida en Sinamaica. La morena tiene los atributos perfectos para concursar y mide un metro 80 de estatura, cabellera lacia azabache y facciones de Barbie, es contadora pública, bailarina clásica y tiene 24 años.

Fascinado por la procedencia de la morenaza, siguió indagando y le preguntó: “¿Mira niña y tú hablas wayuunaiki?. La respuesta fue positiva. 

Con esta exposición Osmel quedó maravillado y habría aprobado la participación de Silva al Miss Venezuela 2012 como miss Península Guajira.

Lan Airlines SA (LAN), Latin America’s largest carrier by market value, reported a 22 percent drop in first-quarter profit as fuel costs rose and growth in cargo operations slowed....

Lan Airlines First-Quarter Profit Drops 22% on Fuel, Cargo

By Randall Woods - May 11, 2012 4:01 PM PT

Lan Airlines SA (LAN), Latin America’s largest carrier by market value, reported a 22 percent drop in first-quarter profit as fuel costs rose and growth in cargo operations slowed.

Net income fell to $76.1 million from $97.2 million a year earlier, the Santiago-based company said in an e-mailed statement after the close of trading. The average estimate of four analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News was $73.9 million.

“Results this quarter were impacted by a 14.7 percent increase in fuel prices and a more challenging environment in the cargo business, as well as by the ongoing development of LAN Colombia’s operations,” the company said.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization slumped 13 percent to $218 million. Sales rose 13 percent and operating expenses jumped 18 percent. Results include a one-time cost of $14.3 million related to a collective bargaining process with s…

Pastor Maldonado wins Spanish F1 thriller for Williams ...

Published: Sunday, May 13, 2012, 19:36 IST | 

Updated: Sunday, May 13, 2012, 19:36 IST 

Place: Barcelona | Agency: Reuters

Pastor Maldonado
Getty Images

Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado won the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday for Williams. 

Spaniard Fernando Alonso, in a Ferrari, was second, with Finland's Kimi Raikkonen taking third place for Lotus.

La imagen: la celebración de Pastor Maldonado ...


Publicado el 13 de May de 2012 9:38 am |

Foto: @lubrio

Pastor celebró de lo lindo su primera victoria en la F-1.

Foto: @lubrio

Foto: @lubrio

¡Grande Pastor!… gana el GP de España de Fórmula Uno, Venezuela en lo más alto del podio ...

mayo 13, 2012 7:24 am

Foto: AFP

El piloto venezolano Pastor Maldonado alcanzó un resultado histórico al ganar su primera carrera de Fórmula Uno, el Gran Premio de España.

Es la primera victoria de Venezuela como nación en la máxima categoría del automovilismo mundial a manos de Maldonado, piloto del equipo Williams Renault.

Luego de la segunda parada en pits, en la vuelta 27, Pastor Maldonado recuperó el primer lugar del Gran Premio de España ante Fernando Alonso.

El piloto venezolano que largaba en el primer lugar se mantuvo en el segundo lugar luego de que perdiera la primera posición a manos de Fernando Alonso en la partida.

Éstos son los principales datos de Maldonado, quien partirá el domingo desde la pole position en el GP de Fórmula 1 de España, en Barcelona:

Apellido: Maldonado

Nombre: Pastor

Fecha de nacimiento: 9 de marzo de 1985 (27 años)

Lugar de nacimiento: Maracay (Venezuela)

Nacionalidad: venezolana

Estatura: 1,73 m

Peso: 66 kg

Escudería en 2012: Williams (motor Renault)

Número: 18


¡MALDONADO DE LEYENDA! Ganó el Gran Premio de España. El criollo (VENEZOLANO) hizo historia con Williams.


domingo 13 de mayo de 2012 07:20 AM
Redacción WEB / Maracaibo

El Venezolano Pastor Maldonado hizo historia al ganar este domingo el GP de España de Fórmula Uno. Es el primer triunfo de un venezolano en la máxima categoría del automovilismo.

"Ojalá mañana (hoy) tengamos otro día positivo y podamos luchar por la victoria", afirmó, ilusionado.

Venezuela, su país, estuvo muy presente para él en un día en el que pudo sentirse por derecho propio protagonista.

"No sólo tengo un patrocinador en mi espalda, sino que tengo a todo un país detrás. Me esforzaré al máximo para llevar a Williams a lo más alto. Confío en que es posible, pero hay que trabajar duro todavía", afirmó.

Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico: three ways to nationalize oil ...

Argentina's renationalization of its biggest oil company, YPF, recently caused an outcry. But the cases of oil nationalization in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela show that outcomes can vary widely.

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer, Whitney Eulich, Staff writer / May 12, 2012

Backers of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez protest against Exxon Mobil.

Jorge Silva/Reuters/FILE


"Nationalization is an old story in Latin America," says Larry Birns, director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. "Almost as old as oil itself." When countries choose to nationalize natural resources there are usually dire predictions that investors will flee and economies will crumble. These three cases of oil nationalization illustrate that investor panic can be shortlived and that a country's approach matters. But nationalization can hamper innovation and constrain a country's potential for investment.


President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized Mexico's oil…