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Opinión | 28/05/2012

¡Bendito crudo!

Un barril cuesta más de $50 producirlo y en el mercado interno se vende en $5. Aunque China paga por adelantado, en esos negocios estamos perdiendo hasta la camisa


Los montos de crudos y productos que entrega Petróleos de Venezuela (Pdvsa) a la República Popular China, o la compañía designada para esas transacciones ChinaOil, no los cobra. 

El pago se lo hacen directamente a Miraflores, a través de un complicado esquema burocrático que llega a Fonden, la más secreta sociedad financiera del Gobierno, la cual no tiene que dar cuenta a nadie de sus operaciones.

No se acredita como un ingreso en la tesorería del Pdvsa por la venta de esos barriles, aunque la empresa petrolera tiene que pagar por producir cada barril de petróleo, de 50 a 60 dólares. Extraer un barril de petróleo cuesta unos 7 dólares, refinarlo 8 dólares y 33 dólares paga al fisco por la regalía o impuestos de extracción.

Esas son las cifras oficiales de los informes anuales,…

Powerful "Flame" cyber weapon found in Iran ...

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Analysis & Opinion

Don’t forget Iran’s record of deception
Now is the time to not only maintain pressure on Iran, but increase it

By Jim Finkle

BOSTON | Mon May 28, 2012 6:17pm EDT

(Reuters) - Security experts said on Monday a highly sophisticated computer virus is infecting computers in Iran and other Middle East countries and may have been deployed at least five years ago to engage in state-sponsored cyber espionage.

Evidence suggest that the virus, dubbed Flame, may have been built on behalf of the same nation or nations that commissioned the Stuxnet worm that attacked Iran's nuclear program in 2010, accord…


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MCM: “Los venezolanos necesitamos información detallada de lo que ocurre en las fronteras” ....


Publicado el 28 de may de 2012 2:52 pm |

Foto: Jorge Silva/ Reuters

(Caracas, 28 de mayo – Noticias24) Desde el estudio de Noticias24 Radio, Wilmer Suárez conversó durante su programa “A Calzón Quitao”, con la diputada María Corina Machado, sobre la “soberanía nacional” y otros aspectos importantes de la actualidad política venezolana.

La parlamentaria expresó su preocupación hacia lo que describe como “el momento más crítico de nuestra República”, detallando que entre las áreas que se encuentran en “riesgo”, destaca “la integridad territorial, la situación en las instituciones y la agresión a la población”.

En cuanto al ámbito moral, explicó que se tiene “una Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana profundamente desmoralizada, la cual a través de modificaciones de la Ley Orgánica que se encarga de regirla, se han promovido tensiones, intra y extra Fuerza”.

Igualmente, resaltó la situación que se ha suscitado durante los últimos años al sur de Venezuela, indicando que “el Gobierno Naci…

SECRETIVE GLOBAL DOMINATION GROUP: Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests ...

Source: Secretive group irate over record number of demonstrators, media coverage

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, May 28, 2012

With over a thousand protesters heading to the site of the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting, Bilderberg insiders are becoming increasingly concerned at how the spectacle will impact their much cherished desire for secrecy, according to our sources.

As we divulged earlier this month, Alex Jones has developed two sources who have intimate connections with the Bilderberg Group, the shadowy organization set to meet this week at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia.

The sources, one of whom was able to relate that the code name for this year’s confab is the “Palm Tree Conference,” tell us that Bilderberg’s inner circle has become irate in recent days over having to beef their security preparations in anticipation of record numbers of demonstrators.

Bilderberg is also fuming over the significant amount of press coverage they have rece…

MASTERS OF THE WORLD: Bilderberg power masters meet in the USA ...

Published: 23 May, 2012, 00:59
Edited: 28 May, 2012, 11:41

Activists protest close to the Suvretta House five-star hotel in the chic Swiss ski station of St Moritz, where the Bilderberg Group is holding its annual meeting on June 9, 2011. (AFP Photo / Fabrice Coffrini)

Every time a Bilderberg Meeting takes place, important things happen. The last time they met in the US was an election year, 2008 – and the world got Obama. This year they’re back in the US: will they decide who the next president will be?

When in 2008 they gathered from June 5 to 8 in Chantilly, Virginia – just a stone’s throw from the Washington DC – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were neck-in-neck in the battle for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy.

On June 5 of that year, Barack and Hillary mysteriously “disappeared” for some hours “somewhere in the DC area.” Their agendas blocked out, they clearly sneaked off to “Meet the Bilderbergers.”

The media kept mum about that, save for an Associated Press report …

America's falling carbon-dioxide emissions:: Some fracking good news

May 25th 2012, 15:28 by A.W. | LONDON

The International Energy Agency has just released some data that green-minded fans of shale gas should appreciate. 

The organisation's latest figures show that America’s carbon-dioxide emissions from generating energy have fallen by 450m tonnes, more than in any other country over the past five years. 

The turnaround has been welcomed by many, and Fatih Birol, the IEA’s chief economist, ascribes much of the credit to a shift away from dirty coal towards cleaner gas, according to an article in the Financial Times.

The importance of coal in America’s energy mix has indeed tumbled since 1997, from almost half of electricity generation to just 36.7% in February, according to America's Energy Information Administration (see chart). 

This has come about mostly because of an increase in the use of natural gas (from 21.6% to 29.4% over the same period) rather than renewable energy (from 8.3% to 12.1%).

However, the numbers may not be welcome among all e…

¡Increíble! este es el nuevo invento de los japoneses (FOTOS) ...

mayo 23, 2012 1:50 pm

En Japón este restaurante es la sensación del momento por su ingeniosa estructura y deliciosa comida. 

Se encuentra en la cima de una ábol –artificial de 20 metros de altura.

Quienes visitan el país asiático suelen acudir a este divertido recinto con el fin de disfrutar de su sorprendentes instalaciones y, a la vez, dejar que el aire libre se apodere del momento.


Consumption in Brazilian market very high"
"Small volumes and little interest in mangoes"

There is not much going on in the mango market. 
According to a trader there are only a few volumes arriving from Brazil at the moment. 

"Between 40 and 50 containers are arriving, but that is just the sum total of it. Also Puerto Rico is not doing too well and from the West Coast of Africa there is only the occasional shipment. There is absolutely no oversupply. There is just no interest" is his conclusion.

Also the prices are disappointing. 

The very cheapest are 2,80. 
Average prices are slightly higher between 3 and 4 euro and all varieties are available within this range. Higher amounts are shown on official quotations up to 4,50 but nobody sells at the amount."

What is the reason for this difficult mango market?

"People just do not want them. I cannot think of another reason. "It cannot be because of the summer fruit. From this volumes are only now becoming av…

JUST-FOOD Commentary for Monday, May 28th, 2012 ...

Issue 623

May 28, 2012


The ongoing shift in the balance of power between developed and emerging economies was highlighted last week by two announcements from General Mills, the US food giant.

On Tuesday (22 May), the Haagen-Dazs maker announced plans to cut 850 jobs. The move comes as consumer packaged goods companies battle tough markets in the West. General Mills is a case in point. In February it, issued a profit warning after admitting volumes in the US had been "weak". However, there are few signs trading conditions are improving and so, with growing the top line proving a challenge, companies are looking to cut costs to bolster profits.

Tellingly, General Mills also said its move would "support future growth strategies" and, 48 hours later, came proof of one area in which it sees growth - emerging markets. On Thursday, General Mills announced a deal to buy Brazilian food manufacturer Yoki Alimentos, a transaction that, it said, would almost double its a…


Mango & My Health
Tropical Fruits

The flesh of a ripe mango is very sweet, with a unique taste

Mango is one of the most popularly exploited fruits for food, juice, flavor, fragrance and color

Preserved dry mango chips are also popular in asia

Mango - An excellent overall nutrition source, qualifies it as amodel Super-fruit.

Benefits of Mango- Contains phenols - This phenolic compound has powerful antioxidants and anti-cancer abilities
- by courtesy of Philips

Mango are available in India during the later summer season. It is very famous for its sweetness. These are larger in size, could weigh around 2 Lbs each.

Mango is valuable in combating acidity and poor digestion

Some mango flesh has a fibrous texture.

Mango are low in carbohydrates (Good for your figure)

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin E and Selenium

Unriped green mangoes