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PHILIPPINES: Bry. Kalunasan to showcase mango during its anniversary ...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Veda Hilary Bongalos,  Holy Name University Mass Comm intern

BARANGAY Kalunasan, Cebu City will launch its version of the Mangga Festival on June 11, as one of the events of its 77th founding anniversary.

Kalunasan, which used to be part of Guadalupe, has several mango plantations.

Barangay Councilor Marvin Leyson said the purpose of the festival is to make it known that Kalunasan’s main product is the mango fruit.

Leyson said the barangay does not intend to take the title of having the best mangoes in the country from Guadalupe since the latter has long been famous for that.

Street dancing

The highlight of the festival will be a street dancing that will start in Lower Kalunasan, passing by Langub Church in Guadalupe, before stopping at the Oprra Plaza where participants will have a dance showdown.

There will also be a search for a festival queen and parlor games about the mango fruit, among others, Leyson said.

The barangay will also showcase its tourist attractions and aw…


Canaima National ParkPhotograph by Sergio Pitamitz A land of great contrasts, Venezuela boasts wide beaches and sharp mountains; a booming oil industry and a struggling working class; ages-old cultures and a yearning for modernization. In the balance hangs a nation bursting with potential and endless opportunities to explore.

Andes RainbowPhotograph by David Evans A secluded home enjoys a crystalline view of a rainbow in the midst of low-hanging clouds. The rocky peaks of the Andes, the world’s longest exposed mountain range, cut through the western edge of Venezuela as they carve out a trail along the coast of South America.

Tumeremo StorefrontPhotograph by Gilles Rigoulet/Getty Images While storefronts in Venezuela offer goods from jewelry to hats to meat, the real backbone of the economy lies in the 2.6 million barrels of oil produced each day in the country, most of which is exported abroad.

Frailejon PlantsPhotograph by David Evans Lonely outposts of life, 9,094-foot-high (2,772…

Las dos bellas caras de Maracaibo (Fotos) ...

julio 2, 2011 1:01 pm

La capital zuliana es también un paisaje de bellos colores. Navegando por Flickr nos encontramos con el perfil del usuario crl_, que tomó dos instantáneas de la ciudad de La Chinita -una de día y otra de noche- donde se resalta el hermoso horizonte marabino.

Foto: crl_ (17 de marzo 2011)

Foto: crl_ (18 de frebro 2011)


Deportes | 02/06/2012

La magia de Salomón

Un cabezazo de Salomón Rondón en el minuto 83, en partido que ganaba Uruguay, le dio a la Vinotinto un oportuno empate en el estadio Centenario de Montevideo

Con Gol del delantero Salomón Rondón en el minuto 84, el combinado nacional empató un gol a uno con Uruguay en la quinta jornada de las eliminatorias suramericanas al Mundial de Fútbol Brasil 2014 que se disputó este sábado en el Centenario de Montevideo.

Las selecciones de Venezuela y Uruguay salieron sin cambios en sus alineaciones para encarar el segundo tiempo del partido.

El primer tiempo terminó con marcador de 1-0 a favor de la celeste, gracias a un gol del capitán uruguayo Diego Forlán al minuto 38. El astro uruguayo recibió en el punto penal un pase de Martín Cáceres desde la banda izquierda, y disparó sin marca para abrir la pizarra.

La primera mitad se caracterizó por un juego ordenado de ambos equipos, con mostraron un nivel parejo, aunque los uruguayos controlaron por más tiempo el…


Mango Festival 2012 from June 4, all arrangements completed

SATURDAY, 02 JUNE 2012 21:02

MIRPURKHAS: All arrangements to celebrate three- day National Mangoes and Summer Fruit Festival were completed by the district administration and Mango Festival Committee here on Saturday.

The participants' registration process will end on June 3.

About 400 growers from all over Sindh are expected to participate in the Festival.

A Meena Bazar for women along with an entertainment fair for them as part of the Mango Festival, was inaugurated by MPA Shamim Ara Phanwar here on Saturday.

About 200 mango varieties including famous varieties and king of fruit Sindhri, Langra, Chonsa, Desri, Nelam, Anwer Ratol, Saleh Bahi, Began Pali, Gulab Khasa and others were displayed in the stalls of Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Mango Exhibition Hall.

According to event schedule cash prizes, shields and certificates would also be distributed among successful growers of different categories to promote mango production…

INDIA: Bangalore prepares for three week Mango Festival ...

Bangalore's mango lovers head to Lalbagh

Published: Saturday, Jun 2, 2012, 15:20 IST
By Deepthi MR | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Even as the city awaits rains, the department of horticultural inaugurated a ‘mango mela’ on Friday at Lalbagh botanical gardens. The mela will continue till June 24 and Bangaloreans will get to taste a wide variety of the king of fruits.

As part of its agenda to help farmers get better prices for mangoes, the department has set up 100 stalls. “We have Badami, Banganapalli, Raspuri, Mallika, Sendura, Mulgoa, Totapuri, Neelam, Ratna, Amrapali and Kesar varieties under one roof,” said P Hemalatha, director, department of horticulture.

Though 2012 is an off year for mangoes, the sales of the king of fruits is expected to cross the 1,000 tonnes sold last year. “We recorded a turnover of Rs1.2 crore last year. Though this is an off year, we are expecting good sales. We want to promote the fruit because it is easy to grow in Karnataka and it is a rain-fed one w…

Desaceleración global empeora: Europa cae mientras EE.UU. y China se frenan ...

África, Asia, Europa, Latinoamérica, Medio Oriente,Oceanía

En Reino Unido, la actividad manufacturera se contrajo a su mayor ritmo en tres años el mes pasado, dado que la desaceleración económica global golpeó la demanda por sus productos.

En esa línea, la actividad manufacturera en la mayor economía del mundo se desaceleró más de lo previsto el mes pasado, pese a que sus pedidos treparon a un máximo de más de un año.

Vie, 01/06/2012 - 19:05

Londres. Las mayores economías del mundo avanzan con tropiezos o simplemente se están contrayendo, con la producción fabril china y estadounidense apenas creciendo, y los poderosos países manufactureros de Europa que caen aún más en el fango, según sondeos divulgados el viernes.

En Reino Unido, la actividad manufacturera se contrajo a su mayor ritmo en tres años el mes pasado, dado que la desaceleración económica global golpeó la demanda por sus productos.

"No es un buen augurio para el segundo trimestre. Hay un montón de incertidumbre y riesgo en …

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Cuba's G2: One of the most effective Espionage Operations in the World ! ...

Why Cuba matters:

"Today, Venezuela is a colony of Cuba"

~ Will Cavan



"The Sordid History of Cuba's Spy Apparatus"
Appendix to Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder

by Gus Russo and Stephen Molton

To those who labor under the misconception that Fidel Castro’s regime was incapable of maintaining a secret pipeline to a Lee Oswald, or not inclined to authorize and/or condone assassinations, an overview of Castro’s spy agencies might prove instructive. 

Traditionally, it has been infinitely easier to obtain operational details and internal structural layouts for the offices of America’s secret warriors than for those of its intelligence adversaries. 

This is especially true for Cuba’s spy apparatus. 

Given the relative transparency of the US government, thousands of books and monographs have been written on CIA, FBI, NSA, Military Intelligence, etc. But for those seeking to determine if Cuba’s spooks …