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Odds firm for return to El Nino

By Anna Vidot

Wednesday, 06/06/2012

The Bureau of Meteorology says all seven of its climate models now indicate a return to El Nino conditions later this year.

The models indicate that the tropical Pacific Ocean will warm even further over the coming months, which is likely to lead to an El Nino pattern developing during late winter or early spring.

El Nino weather patterns typically mean hotter and drier weather for eastern Australia and were responsible for the millennium drought.

Over the past two years, Australia's weather has been influenced by the opposite La Nina pattern, which brought flooding to the eastern states.

None of the bureau's climate models now favour a return to La Nina.

Drought on the Hay plain in Western NSW. The La Nina pattern, which has brought widespread rain, is expected to be replaced by the drier El Nino. (Tim Keegan)


APTOPIX Britain Queen's Jubilee
The Royal Barge is seen passing the Houses of Parliament during the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant in London, Sunday, June 3, 2012. More than 1,000 boats were to sail down the Thames on Sunday in a flotilla tribute to Queen Elizabeth II's 60 years on the throne that organizers are calling the biggest gathering on the river for 350 years. Despite cool, drizzly weather, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line the riverbanks in London, feting the British monarch whose longevity has given her the status of the nation's favorite grandmother. (AP Photo/Tim Hales)

Britain Queen's Jubilee
Kate Duchess of Cornwall stands on the royal barge, the principal boat of a flotilla of 1,000 vessels, on the River Thames, during a river pageant to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in London, Sunday, June 3, 2012. An armada of vessels, from historic sailboats and barges to kayaks, lifeboats and military launches, took part in…

Lo que está ocurriendo en Venezuela es bien posible que no tenga ningún precedente en el mundo sino todo lo contrario

La candidatura de Chávez
Lo que está ocurriendo en nuestro país es bien posible que no tenga ningún precedente en el mundo sino todo lo contrario


Chávez sólo debería ser candidato con una condición: que una junta médica debidamente calificada presente ante el CNE un informe sobre su salud, que certifique que el cáncer ha desaparecido en lo esencial y que ya el paciente no corre peligro alguno de ser inhabilitado por la enfermedad, y se encuentra virtualmente curado.

Chávez hasta ahora ha venido engañando al país y manipulando a sus partidarios con su enfermedad. El secreto que él ha mantenido en torno a su mal ha configurado un engaño al país; si se presenta como candidato y si, en efecto, sus condiciones le impidieran ejercer sus funciones, habría terminado por estafar política y moralmente a sus compatriotas, en particular a aquellos que lo siguen.

Lo que está ocurriendo en nuestro país es bien posible que no tenga ningún precedente en el mundo. Todo lo contrario, existen…


Images courtesy of IMO FRIEND Hadi Laghari, Technical manager, ASSIM Agricultural Farm, Sindh , Pakistan....



IMO has been suggesting for the past several years that Pakistan & India can mutually compliment each other on many fronts of Mango Commerce between the two Mango Powerhouses.
The Seasons compliment one another and could cooperate to extend the mango season from India into Pakistan, not only for local consumption as well as coordinated export programs via India's existing Irradiation protocols for USDA and beyond.

Here, IMO FRIEND , CEO Ahmad Jawad of HARVEST TRADINGS of Pakistan, expounds on the IMO proposal:

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pakistan, India need to increase mango trade

LAHORE: India and Pakistan should set aside their differences and present a united front when it comes to marketing mangoes abroad as both the countries can benefit from a coordinated export approach since, combined, their two seasons span over eight to nine months in a year, said Harvest Tradings CEO Ahmad Jawad while talking to Daily Times on Tuesday.

The potential gains from increased economic integration…

National Mango Board (NMB) on a quest to compile world's largest mango recipe data base ...

Celebrity Chef Aarti Sequeira Gives Summertime Classics a Tropical Twist

The Perfect Summer Menu With Mango -- Just in Time for Entertaining Al Fresco

From friendly neighborhood get-togethers to celebrating poolside, celebrity chef, Aarti Sequeira, loves using mango to add some fresh, exciting flavor to kick off the sunny season. The tropical taste is versatile enough for sweet and savory dishes, like Aarti's new recipes for a refreshing salad, a tangy barbeque sauce, a cooling summer drink and a sophisticated dessert.

The simple addition of mango creates standout dishes while also adding beneficial nutrients. One cup of mango provides 100 percent of daily vitamin C, 35 percent of daily vitamin A and is a good source of fiber, all for only 100 calories.

Mangos are available year round, though grocery stores stock the most varieties during summer months. With an abundance of mangos available, now is the perfect time to try Aarti's mango-licious recipes and to share them with friend…

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) on a strong pace into June 2012 ...

A very strong month for the IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) as June daily pageviews pick up from 3,000 up to 4,000 pageviews.

Pageviews today

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EN VIVO: Así se cruza Venus con el Sol (Espectacular) ...

junio 5, 2012 5:39 pm

Este martes y el miércoles, astrónomos y observadores del cielo asistirán a un fenómeno que sólo se da dos veces cada siglo y que no volverá a repetirse hasta el 2117: el tránsito de Venus, en el que este planeta se interpondrá directamente entre la Tierra y el Sol.

Video streaming by Ustream

Video cortesía de | Nasa


Although many Americans may never have heard of the Law of the Sea Treaty and those who did know about it probably thought it was dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate a couple of year ago, are in for a shock. 

Yes, the Creature from the Ocean’s Floor, better known as the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is back and it is rearing its ugly, globalist head once again.

The LOST is a national sovereignty-killing creature created by supporters of the New World Order who also want the United Nations to ultimately be the one and only world government. It is specifically designed to destroy the sovereignty of all nations, to limit the rights of their citizens and take control over the majority of the earth’s resources in the oceans, including those within America’s territorial waters. 

The enemies of Liberty and Freedom have created a monster that poses more of a danger to America’s sovereignty and to our individual Freedoms and Liberty than any for…

LOST: Reagan wouldn't sign it, and what was bad for the U.S. then is bad now. ...

Still lost on the Law of the Sea Treaty

President Reagan is seen in 1982. Reagan strongly opposed the Law of the Sea and he very publicly refused to sign it. (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library / June 4, 2012)

By Edwin Meese III

June 5, 2012

President Reagan so strongly opposed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea that he didn't just not sign the treaty. He very publicly refused to sign it. He also dismissed the State Department staff that helped negotiate it. And in case anyone didn't get the message, he sent special envoy Donald Rumsfeld on a globe-trotting mission to explain his opposition and urge other nations to follow suit.

How odd, then, to hear proponents of the convention (also known as the Law of the Sea Treaty, or LOST) insist that Reagan would gladly sign on today. To hear them tell it, the Gipper's reservations were few, minor and subsequently taken care of in a 1994 agreement now incorporated in the treaty.

But with the treaty again under consi…

HAITIAN MANGOES: A case of mango bias at Wal-mart? ...

By Georgia East

1:23 p.m. EDT, June 5, 2012

Did a Super Wal-mart in Lauderdale Lakes discriminate against mangoes from Haiti?

The USDA Food & Nutrition Service is investigating shoppers' claims the store on State Road 7 -- in a heavily Caribbean area -- won't let Haitian mangoes be purchased with food stamps.

A Wal-mart customer service rep who declined to be named said such mangoes were not on the federal list. But USDA spokesman Aaron Wiley said, "mangoes from any country of origin are approved.''

The agency is asking Wal-mart why those mangoes were being singled out.

Copyright © 2012, South Florida Sun-Sentinel,0,2824925.story

COMEBACK: Air Freight Back to Pre-Flood Levels at Thai Gateway ...

Mike King, Special Correspondent | 

Jun 5, 2012 1:26PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Reconstruction efforts helped Thailand’s GDP return to growth

The Thai economy’s key role as a component supplier for electronic and auto sectors has not been diminished following last year’s flooding. 

According to one air freight executive, cargo volumes through Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport have fully recovered from the flooding that afflicted large swathes of the country and saw many of Thailand’s industrial centers close for extended periods causing global supply chain disruption.

“Passenger markets are fully recovered since the flooding last year with cargo imports up significantly year over year and exports are up around 10% year over year,” said Stewart Sinclair, senior vice president Asia and managing director of ground handler Bangkok Flight Services, which handles 45 airlines at BFS at Suvarnabhumi and some 45% of the airport’s cargo market.

Reconstruction efforts helped Tha…

Global Port Tracker Forecasts Deeper European Recession ...

Peter T. Leach, Senior Editor | 
Jun 5, 2012 4:21PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

North European ports see little growth in import and export volumes

The slowdown in container volumes handled by ports in northern Europe indicates the continent may be slipping into a deeper recession than anticipated, according to the latest North Europe Global Port Tracker.

“There is little, if any, growth compared to 2011, and by the end of third quarter we are predicting volumes to begin to enter a more serious downturn,” said Ben Hackett, of Hackett Associates, which produces the report with the Bremen-based Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics.

The report forecasts deep-sea imports will increase 2.3 percent in 2012, with a 2.8 percent gain anticipated in North Europe and a 1.3 percent gain projected in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region. This is substantially weaker than in 2011.

North European imports in the first quarter were virtually unchanged from the fourth quarter of…

USA: DHS Releases New Canadian Border Security Strategy ...

Peter T. Leach, Senior Editor | 

Jun 5, 2012 4:18PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Goals include preventing terrorism and smuggling, supporting lawful trade and travel

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday released its Northern Border Strategy, which provides a framework for DHS security procedures along the U.S. border with Canada.

“The Northern Border Strategy provides a unifying framework for the Department’s work focused on enhancing the security and resiliency along our northern border while expediting legitimate travel and trade with Canada,” said DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano.

The Northern Border Strategy is the first department-wide strategy designed to guide policy and operations at the Canadian border. 

The NBS said the strategy identifies three key goals:
deterring and preventing terrorism and smuggling, trafficking, and illegal immigration;
safeguarding and encouraging the efficient flow of lawful trade, travel, and immigration; 
ensuring community…

GPS: TomTom eyes expanding S. American market ...

by Staff Writers
Sao Paulo (UPI) May 29, 2012

disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

In-vehicle location and navigation expert TomTom has spotted a major business opportunity in Latin America where it is teaming with Digibase to expand operations from consumer, corporate sector to government and security services.

TomTom has headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherlands but has a global presence as a provider of location and navigation products and services that are used by individuals, businesses and governments.

It said an expanded partnership with Digibase will enable it increase its footprint and business operations in Latin America.

TomTom plans to benefit from Digibase's local market expertise in Brazil and combine it with its own international resources including mapping capacity.

Increased economic prosperity has brought greater consumer demand for automobiles and also pushed forward the market for road transportation networks. A large part of Latin America is poorly…

James Cook and the Transit of Venus ...

by Dr. Tony Phillips for NASA Science News
Huntsville AL (SPX) Jun 04, 2012

The view from Point Venus, Tahiti, where Cook and his men observed the transit of Venus. Oil on canvas, William Hodges, 1744-1797. Credit: National Library of Australia.

Every ~120 years a dark spot glides across the Sun. Small, inky-black, almost perfectly circular, it's no ordinary sunspot.  
Not everyone can see it, but some who do get the strangest feeling, of standing, toes curled in the damp sand, on the beach of a South Pacific isle....

City odors drifted in from Plymouth, across the ship, shoving aside the salt air. Sea gulls fluttered upward, screeching, as the sails snapped taut. The wind had changed and it was time to go.

On August 12, 1768, His Majesty's Bark Endeavour slipped out of harbor, Lt. James Cook in command, bound for Tahiti. The island had been "discovered" by Europeans only a year before in the South Pacific, a part of Earth so poorly explored mapmakers couldn't agree i…

Brasil: Mango palmer de Jaiba tendría como destino Europa ...

Primer embarque de la fruta será enviado a Portugal

Los productores de Jaíba en el norte de Minas Gerais (Brasil) invierten en el cultivo de mango Palmer. 

La fruta tropical, que tiene poca fibra y mucha pulpa, promete caer en el paladar de los exigentes consumidores europeos. El primer embarque de la fruta tiene como destino a Portugal.

Dos productores saldrían del interior de São Paulo y encontrarán en el Proyecto Jaíba el clima ideal para cultivar el mango por inducción. Los pies son regados diariamente con agua y fertilizante en la base del tronco y la fruta recibe una capa de cal que la protege del sol.

Por primera vez, la fruta cultivada en la región será exportada por mar, lo que representa una reducción del 35% en el costo. En 10 días, el mango llegará a la mesa de los consumidores europeos.

"En este primer momento, a pesar de ser la prueba, hay una gran oportunidad de ganar. Nosotros estamos esperando una ganancia de aproximadamente 20% a 30% y Portugal es sólo la puerta de e…