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Rejuvenated Mango Trees.............In the back old & larger mango trees.............

Courtesy of Hadi Laghari Technical Manager Assim Agricultural Farm Sindh, Pakistan


By Veronica Peterson, Editor, Healthy & Green Living
They’re pretty, delicious and drumroll please…they’re good for you! 

Yes, I’m talking about the secret our forefathers knew way back in the day. 

Spices have untapped health benefits and have recently been stealing the scene as powerful cancer preventatives and fighters. 

Below are five you might want to consider adding to your diet

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No surprise here. The stinking rose is one of the most potent weapons in preventing cancer, particularly colon cancer. Containing the photochemical allicin, garlic stimulates the production of cancer-fighting enzymes. Daily garlic consumption can lower total cholesterol and triglyceride levels by 10 percent and has the added benefit of keeping vampires at bay.

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For centuries, grandma has been prescribing this knobby …

Venezolanos en el extranjero repudian tener que votar en Luisiana ...

Así reclamaron los venezolanos en Miami la decisión del CNE (FOTO)

junio 8, 2012 10:17 pm

La comunidad venezolana en Miami aprovechó que el equipo de baseball local, los Marlins, están en casa para protestar por la reciente medida del Consejo Nacional Electoral que reubica la circunscripción del Consulado de Venezuela en esa ciudad de la Florida a Nueva Orleans.

Foto: Twitter

junio 8, 2012 9:16 pm

La oposición venezolana en Miami repudió hoy la decisión de las autoridades electorales de Venezuela de que los 23.000 votantes en el sureste de EE.UU. deberán sufragar en Luisiana en los comicios generales de octubre próximo de la nación andina.

El secretario ejecutivo de la Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) de Miami, Pedro Mena, dijo a Efe que se trata de una “violación” al derecho de los venezolanos a sufragar que están inscritos en el circuito electoral de Miami, pero aún así “aceptamos el reto político y vamos a votar”.

“Están violando las disposiciones legales (sobre el voto) al aplicar el …


India’s slowdown

Bereft of leaders, an Asian giant is destined for a period of lower growth. The human cost will be immense
Jun 9th 2012 | from the print edition

IN A world economy as troubled as today’s, news that India’s growth rate has fallen to 5.3% may not seem important. 

But the rate is the lowest in seven years, and the sputtering of India’s economic miracle carries social costs that could surpass the pain in the euro zone. 

The near double-digit pace of growth that India enjoyed in 2004-08, if sustained, promised to lift hundreds of millions of Indians out of poverty—and quickly. 

Jobs would be created for all the young people who will reach working age in the coming decades, one of the biggest, and potentially scariest, demographic bulges the world has seen.

But now, after a slump in the currency, a drying up of private investment and those GDP figures, the miracle feels like a mirage. Whether India can return to a path of high growth depends on its politicians—and, in the end, its…



The first Starbucks opened in Seattle, Washington, on March 30, 1971 by three partners: English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker

The three were inspired by entrepreneur Alfred Peet (whom they knew personally) to sell high-quality coffee beans and equipment.[7]

The name is taken from Moby-Dick; after the name Pequod was rejected by the other co-founders. 

The company was instead named after the chief mate on the Pequod, Starbuck.

From 1971–1976, the first Starbucks was at 2000 Western Avenue; it then was relocated to 1912 Pike Place, where it remains to this day. 

During their first year of operation, they purchased green coffee beans from Peet's, then began buying directly from growers.

The Starbucks Center, Seattle. The company HQ, in the old Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog distribution center building

Sale and expansion

In 1984, the original owners of Starbucks, led by Jerry Baldwin, took the opportunity to purchase Peet's (Baldwin …

I'll Have Another Retired: Tendonitis Ends Horse's Quest for History ...

Does I'll Have Another's Absence Change Your Plans?Yes; Was Going To Watch, Now No InterestNo; Still Going To WatchDidn't Plan To Watch Either WaySubmit Votevote to see results

Adam Wells (Featured Columnist) on June 8, 2012

Getty Images/Getty Images

Saturday was supposed to be I'll Have Another's crowning achievement—literally and figuratively. One win away from immortality in horse racing, it was all snatched away from the three-year-old thoroughbred due to tendonitis.

According to the official NBC Sports Twitter page, I'll Have Another has retired from the sport of horse racing. 

NBC Sports Network

I'll have Another has retired

The sport of horse racing was geared up for its biggest weekend since 2008, when Big Brown was going for the Triple Crown. All of the buzz and anticipation had reached a fever pitch, just over 24 hours from race day.

Then there were whispers of something wrong with I'll Have Another early …

OCEAN CARGO: Fitch Sees Start of Two-Year Container Shipping Recovery ...

Peter T. Leach, Senior Editor | 
Jun 8, 2012 6:22PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Ratings agency expects full return to health is unlikely before 2014

Fitch Ratings said CMA CGM's first-quarter results are evidence that the world's largest container shipping companies are beginning to reap the benefit of a more rational approach to pricing.

But Fitch said the French carrier’s first-quarter loss of $248 million also illustrates how far the industry has to go before a full return to health, which it thinks is unlikely before 2014.

The cyclicality of the industry, combined with its high capital requirements as well as high operating leverage and sensitivity to volatile bunker prices, means companies in the shipping sector tend to be rated in the sub-investment grade ('BB' and 'B' or lower) rating categories.

Larger companies (or conglomerates with significant shipping activities) with the benefit of diversity of shipping lines, stable profitability and …


La vigencia de Capriles (5/29/2012)


General Carlos Julio Peñaloza

*** El G2 cubano ha desatado una operación mediática para crear la sensación de derrota en la oposición, paralela a las objeciones que se han hecho a la campaña de Enrique Capriles. Ese intento de desnoralizacion mas la creacion de una matriz de opinion de un triunfo abrumador sirve para preparar la escena de un futuro fraude.

La inminencia del colapso de la salud de Chávez, sin que haya entre los rojos un pitcher de relevo capaz de derrotar a Capriles, puso a trabajar sobretiempo a los cerebros del G2 cubano. Fidel conoce las debilidades y fortalezas de sus enemigos y ha ordenado una blitzkrieg sicológica para desmoralizar a los miembros de la oposición. 

Este ataque viral de las fuerzas rojas tiene un objetivo muy importante: preparar a los demócratas para que acepten la inevitabilidad del triunfo “abrumador” del chavismo. Campaña que se lanza aprovechando la publicación de objeciones que pueden ser equivocadas pero …

NO TRIPLE CROWN THIS YEAR: I'll Have Another's Triple Crown Bid Derailed by Tendon Injury ...

Tim Daniels (Featured Columnist) on June 8, 2012

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I'll Have Another's bid to become the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years has come to an end, according to trainer Doug O'Neill, who made the announcement on The Dan Patrick Show.

Doug O'Neill: "I'll Have Another is officially out of the Belmont."— Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) June 8, 2012

It is being reported that the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes champion suffered a tendon injury that will force him to miss the Belmont Stakes on Saturday. The three-year-old colt was attempting to become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978.

I'll Have Another was preparing for his third race in five weeks dating back to the Kentucky Derby. It was the most aggressive schedule of his young career, but it is currently unclear how or when the reported injury occurred.

He was the heavy favorite leading up to race day with morning line odds of 4-5. Since main challenger Bodemeister, t…


Owner J. Paul Reddam named I’ll Have Another for what he replies when his wife, Zillah, asks him if he would like to have another cookie.

This Saturday, he will be asking his beloved colt to give him one more win, the one that comes with the tag of racing immortality embedded.

I'll Have Another will be going for the elusive Triple Crown, but he will have to tame 10 throughout 1.5 miles around the long Belmont oval to achieve this.

He is certainly the horse with the best form and seems to be sitting on another big race. This could be great news for his connections and the fans that want to see the first Triple Crown winner in 34 years.

Since then, 11 very talented colts have come to Belmont with the same hopes as I'll Have Another. But they all have fallen short of the challenge from the "Test of the Champion."

Dullahan, Union Rags, Paynter and Street Life will most likely have a say in this before the race is over. They are the top four challengers that I'll Have Anot…



Many years ago, when both the Internet and the MBendi website were fresh and new, we used to run Internet strategy workshops for company executives. 

Here's one of the simple case studies we posed to stimulate thinking...

A Japanese businessman in transit in Dubai Airport uses one of the PCs in the Internet cafe to access a website run by a South African company on servers located in Scotland. 

From the website he orders a book published by an Irish publishing company. 

He pays online using a credit card issued by the US branch of a Swiss Bank. 

The book is duly couriered by a Brazilian courier company from a warehouse in Singapore to the Paris hotel where he will be staying after his onward flight. 

Back then, now nearly twenty years ago, this whole story sounded like science fiction. 

Today we take it for granted. 

Yet, despite the years having rolled by, many of the issues identified by our workshop participants remain unresolved.

Take, for instance, the issue of tax.…

Cómo cambió Hugo Chávez tras un año de batalla contra el cáncer ...

Chávez lleva un año luchando contra el cáncer.


Del "patria o muerte" al "viviremos y venceremos", de estrella de la TV a protagonista ausente, de irreverente a creyente fervoroso. 

¿Cómo se transformó el presidente venezolano?

Viernes 8 Junio 2012

Hugo Chávez sigue siendo presidente de Venezuela, pero ya no es la misma persona de hace un año: el cáncer le cambió la vida.

Este fin de semana se cumple un año desde que fue operado de urgencia en La Habana. Desde entonces, 365 días de batalla, política y personal, han dejado como saldo un Chávez distinto.

Él mismo dice que no es aquel "caballo desbocado", adicto al trabajo, sino un "búfalo".

Pero el cáncer también le ha arrebatado otras cosas: ya no es aquella superestrella de la televisión, ni un devoto cristiano de lo más irreverente ante la Iglesia Católica, ni su grito de guerra es "Patria o muerte". 

De estrella de la TV a...

… protagonista ausente. Aunque poco a poco comienzan a…

AGAT, GUAM : Preparations underway for tomorrow's mango festival ...

Guam - The Agat Mayor's Office and Volunteers worked through the rain today to set up canopies and tables for this weekend's Mango Festival activities.

Mayor Carol Tayama says festivities will commence rain or shine Saturday with the Mango Festival 2k and 5k. T-shirts will be awarded to the first 400 finishers and prizes will be raffled out to participants.

Other events will include the mango desert contest Saturday at 11:30 am, the Queen's Coronation Saturday at 6pm, a vendor booth decorating contest, entertainment, and lots of mango related demonstrations and displays.

“Throughout the day we have demonstrations of mango smoothie, we'll have the mango donuts demonstrations, we have the pickled mango, then we have the demonstration of the mango fruit: the biggest, the most beautiful, and the most bizarre looking mangoes” Tayama told PNC Friday.

The sixth annual Mango Festival will be held at the Sagan Bisita in Agat this weekend.…


Korea´s Garak-Dong is top wholesale market

The Garak-dong Agricultural Market is the oldest and largest wholesale market in Korea for fish and agricultural products which opened in June 19, 1985. 

It is located at the district of Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea covering 543,451m² with a total of 278,785m² for buildings.

Garak market serves as the main distribution area in Korea with the transaction quantity of 10.4 billion KRW/day (7,500 tons/ day) or 8,506,670.94 USD/day with an estimation of 130,000 consumers visiting everyday. 

The Garak market has also approximately 42,000 incoming and outgoing vehicles per day.

The Garak market as widely known, offers different sections of fruits, vegetables, garlics, marine and livestock products and dried products.

The Seoul Agricultural and Marine Products Corporation runs the Garak market and ensures that the distribution of agricultural and marine products is running smoothly.

The Garak market attracts more tourists every year wherein evening is the best…