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INDIA STRUGGLES WITH DOMESTIC MANGO SALES: Odisha Mango Growers Resort To Distress Sale ...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Report by Akshya Rout;

Jajpur: Mango growers of Jajpur district and its nearby areas are resorting to distress sale in the domestic market.

The two primary reasons for the distress sale are the failure to identify market linkages for mangos and the availability of good quality mangos from the neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh.

"Though we see a good demand for local varieties from the markets, the price realisations fetched from the domestic market is not matching even the sowing costs," said a mango grower Hari Behera of Balichandrapur.

Market linkages are very critical for organically-grown fruits like mangos. Primarily, the whole process has to be linked initially and then go back for production.

Mango , the `king of fruits', has fallen by the wayside literally this year in both the districts and other parts of the state , which saw a reasonably good harvest. The worst hit are the farmers, who are forced into distress selling with the price also…

Private Tour of the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library ...

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization
Vista, California

June 12, 2012

The IMO was very fortunate to Accompany Mr. & Mrs.William E. Cavan, Sr. on a private tour of the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library located in Yorba Linda, California.

Michael Koncewicz, Special Assistant to the Director, guided the  two and a half hour tour of the Library and grounds.

The Cavan's were introduced to the staff at the National Archives Offices located at the Library.

William (B29 Bill) Cavan first met the Richard M. Nixon in 1955 at the U.S. Embassy in El Savador.

Bill Cavan met with Richard M. Nixon on two more occassions. once during a Presidential visit to Madrid, Spain on October 2-3, 1970 and finally in 1977, a private visit with former President  at La Casa Pacifica in San Clemente, California.

MEXICAN MANGO MAFIA: Detenido en EE.UU. el hermano del "número dos" de Los Zetas, según The New York Times ...


Según el periódico, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales fue detenido por supuestamente lavar dinero con su negocio de cría de caballos.

Martes 12 Junio 2012

El hermano del "número dos" del cartel Los Zetas, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, fue detenido este martes en Estados Unidos por supuestamente lavar dinero procedente de la organización criminal mexicana con su negocio de cría de caballos en este país, informa en su edición digital el diario The New York Times.

José Treviño Morales fue detenido junto a varios de sus colaboradores en una operación liderada por el Departamento de Justicia estadounidense en la que se desplegaron cientos de agentes y múltiples helicópteros en sus establos en Ruidoso (Nuevo México) y en su rancho en Oklahoma, detalla el rotativo.

El hermano mayor de uno de los narcotraficantes más buscados del mundo, que según el diario neoyorquino será acusado formalmente este martes, habría establecido hace años una empresa de cría de caballos llamada Tremor Enterp…


Nogales AZ mango retail report, 06/12/2012

Food City is with large display and aggressive price point. 

Safeway and Wal-Mart follows their EDLP format.

Wal-Mart, 88 cents for Redskins  and 50 cents for Ataulfos....

Food City (Basha’s) 2/99 cents.

Max Komjathy, Marathon Fruit Distributors – Independence KY

Max Komjathy - Nogales Office: 520.761.4287 ; m: 859.466.0220 

Safeway, $1.


Until next week,

Max Komajathy

El hombre más rico del mundo propone trabajar hasta los 70 años, 11 horas al día y 3 veces a la semana ...


Foto: EFE

(Ginebra, 11 de junio – EFE).- El hombre más rico del mundo, el mexicano Carlos Slim, cree que los países con alta deuda pública y déficit elevados sólo tienen tres soluciones para sanear sus cuentas, además de subir la edad de jubilación: aumentar los ingresos, reducir el gasto y vender activos, en especial infraestructuras.

“Si se quiere mejorar las cuentas no hay muchas más soluciones que subir los ingresos a través de los impuestos, bajar el gasto público o vender activos: quien tenga autopistas que las venda, aeropuertos que los venda, sectores energéticos que los venda, y así permitirá la inversión privada en sectores estratégicos y ello dinamizará la economía”, sugirió hoy Slim.

El millonario fue el invitado de honor de la serie “Conferencias de Ginebra”, que tienen lugar en la sede de la ONU desde hace tres años y en las que ya han participado el expresidente de la Unión Soviética, Mijaíl Gorbachov, o el exgerente del Fondo Monetario Internacional, Dominique…

INDIA: Gujarat’s kesar mangoes may become history ...

Swati Bhan, Ahmedabad, 

June 12, 2012, DHNS:                                                

Talala taluka of Junagadh district is famous for Kesar mangoes but this year the story seems to be different. 

The mango growers are a dejected lot and have even given up the idea of the cultivation of the fruit. 

Some have even resorted to hire JCB machines (earthmovers) to clear their mango orchards.

Mango production has been on a decline especially in the last five years and this year it is not just a decline in the production there has also been a dip in the prices. 

And this reason has led the farmers to conclude that it is no longer a profit making venture. 

Speaking to Deccan Herald, H Jasania, secretary of Talala mango yard, said: “This season has been the worst in the last five years, with the production in the entire taluka being merely 15-20 per cent of the normal level.’’ He added that it was the dip in the prices which have demotivated the farmers completely and beacuse of that farmers, …

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) Rockin & Rollin....Over 4,000 pageviews today !!! ...

The IMO BLOG is on Fire!!!...a solid week with an upward trend....

Pageviews today  4,110

Pageviews yesterday  3,287

Pageviews last month  98,085

Pageviews all time history  555,005

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries for June 12, 2012 ...

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How geography shapes cultural diversity ...

Study offers evidence that long countries give better protection to languages than those that are wide.

Zoë Corbyn
11 June 2012

One reason that Eurasian civilizations dominated the globe is because they came from a continent that was broader in an east–west direction than north–south, claimed geographer Jared Diamond in his famous 1997 book Guns, Germs and Steel. Now, a modelling study has found evidence to support this 'continental axis theory'.

Continents that span narrower bands of latitude have less variation in climate, which means a set of plants and animals that are adapted to more similar conditions. That is an advantage, says Diamond, because it means that agricultural innovations are able to diffuse more easily, with culture and ideas following suit. As a result, Diamond's hypothesis predicts, along lines of latitude there will be more cultural homogeneity than along lines of longitude.

A country's shape could dictate its cultural diversity.



The 800-Pound Gorilla is a Retail Myth

By Tom Ryan
JUNE 12, 2012

A new study by supply-chain researchers at the University of Arkansas shows relationships between major big box stores and their suppliers are collaborative in nature, rather than adversarial. Further, suppliers that actively participate in supply chain processes with these major customers are wielding considerable leverage and perform better financially.

The researchers said the study's findings debunk perceptions that the leverage has noticeably shifted from suppliers and manufacturers due to retail consolidation.

"In this vision of the retail industry, large powerful retailers are eight-hundred-pound gorillas demanding concessions and squeezing every last drop of profit from suppliers," said Matt Waller, professor of logistics and supply chain management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business, in a statement. 

"The general assumption — and existing aca…

Show me the money: Signed checks missing from city treasury in Valencia, Venezuela ...

Valencia has seen its share of troubles lately from transportation woes to contaminated water. Are the four city checkbooks that went missing, an example of bad governance or bad luck?

By Gustavo Hernandez Acevedo, Guest blogger / June 12, 2012

Valencia has seen its share of troubles lately: The construction of their subway is paralyzed, their drinking water is contaminated with aluminum, their streets are filled with garbage, and the local government is facing a lengthy budget crisis.

Could things get even worse forVenezuela’s third city?


 Four City Treasury check books, with 110 signed checks, just went “missing.”

Though the criminal police are already on the case, there are doubts that the checkbooks (worth a million of Bs.F or a “milliardo” in the old currency) will ever be found, given the fact that the city council refused to discuss the case early on. The public pressure forced them to create a investigative commission. However the president of the council thinks this is only a …


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Teofilo Stevenson dies at 60; Cuban boxer was three-time Olympic heavyweight champ ...

Considered by some to be the most accomplished amateur boxer in history, he won gold medals in 1972 in Munich, 1976 in Montreal and 1980 in Moscow.

After winning his third Olympic gold medal, heavyweight boxer Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba waves to the crowd at the Moscow Games in 1980. He didn't get a shot at a fourth medal because his country skipped both the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles and the 1988 Games in Seoul.(Associated Press / August 2, 1980)

Associated Press

June 12, 2012

Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson, the three-time Olympic heavyweight champion with a devastating right hand and a gentlemanly demeanor, died Monday. He was 60.

"The Cuban sporting family was moved today by the passing of one of the greatest of all time," said a statement read on the news Monday night in Havana. Stevenson died of heart disease, it added.

Considered by some to be the most accomplished amateur boxer in history, Stevenson first won gold in 1972 in Munich and followed that up in 1976 in Mo…

RIO + 20 EARTH SUMMIT: Brazil's blueprint for reforestation ...

Brazil's blueprint for reforestation

Ahead of the Rio+20 sustainable development talks Jonathan Watts visits a tree planting scheme that aims to restore millions of hectares of forest to land scarred by logging and extraction

Jonathan Watts in Miguel Pereira, Tuesday 12 June 2012 07.53 EDT

The ITPN forest restoration project in Miguel Pereira, Brazil. After three years, the hillside is green again, but it will be many years until the saplings catch up with the solitary tree left by the loggers. Photograph: Jonathan Watts

The misty forests of Miguel Pereira, just two hours drive from Rio's Copacabana beaches, show the scars of development. Over the past century, this part of the Atlantic forest has experienced three waves of development – logging, coffee plantations and cattle ranching – each of which ran down the environment a step further.

By 2008, there was almost nothing left to extract. The hills were stripped bare, the rivers dry and the soil degraded. Local peop…

PAKISTAN: Sindh government organizes two mango festivals in Dubai ...

TUESDAY, 12 JUNE 2012 15:48

KARACHI: Sindh Board of Investment in collaboration with provincial department of agriculture is organizing mango festivals in Dubai on June 13 to 16 and again on June 21 to 23, 2012.

This event is first of its kind and is in continuation of SBI efforts to promote investment opportunities in Sindh and finding export avenues. Chief Minister Sindh, accompanied by the Minister agriculture Ali Nawaz Shah and Chairman SBI Mohammad Zubair Motiwala had earlier led a delegation comprising of senior government officials and private sector to Dubai Annual Investment Meeting 2012 for showcasing investment opportunities in Sindh. As a result of positive interactions with UAE Agribusinesses, the Agriculture department Sindh has taken this initiative to promote export of mangoes from Sindh in the UAE market.

In Sindh there are more than 125 varieties of Mango and Sindhri is a unique variety among it. Sindhri is one of the most popular mango varieties from Pakistan and is …

Here's Why the Rich Are Still Renting ...

June 11, 2012 RSS FeedPrint

Despite having the means to plunk down millions on a new home, some rich folks are still opting to rent.

Although it's just a sliver of the broader housing market in ultra-competitive New York City, experts are seeing a growing number of high net worth individuals opting to sign a rental lease agreement instead of a mortgage.

"The high-end rental market's strength is a phenomenon that has been growing along with the purchase market," says Jonathan Miller, president of New York City-based Miller Samuel Real Estate Appraisers, alluding to the uptick in sales of luxury properties in hot real estate markets around the country. "In other words, the high-end housing market has expanded."

But if you have enough money to own a property, why would you choose to rent instead and give up benefits like building equity?

The answer is complicated and centers on the changing dynamics of the housing market and the uncertainty that still pervades glob…

STRATFOR: Spain, Debt and Sovereignty ...

June 12, 2012 | 0900 GMT


By George Friedman

Eurozone countries on June 9 agreed to lend Spain up to 100 billion euros ($125 billion) to stabilize the Spanish banking system. Because the bailout dealt with Spain's financial sector directly rather than involving the country's sovereign debt, Madrid did not face the kind of demands for more onerous austerity measures in exchange for the loan that have led to political instability in countries such as Greece.

There are two important aspects to this. First, yet another European financial problem has emerged requiring concerted action. Second, unlike previous incidents, this bailout was not accompanied by much melodrama, infighting or politically destabilizing threats. The Europeans have not solved the underlying problems that have led to these periodic crises, but they have now calibrated their management of the situation to minimize drama and thereby limit political fallout. The Spanish request for help without conditions, a…