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A small Balkan country knocks at Europe’s door ...

Edging towards Europe

Jun 16th 2012 | PODGORICA | from the print edition

LEADERS of the European Union have the euro crisis to discuss at their summit on June 28th-29th. 

Perhaps surprisingly, Montenegro will also be on the agenda (and not because it uses the euro despite not being in the euro zone, leading some to speculate that Greece may follow its example). 

Most countries favour opening membership talks with the six-year-old Balkan country of just over 600,000 people. 

But it may not happen. 

The Bulgarians say that to hold Montenegro back at this stage would be unfair, but Sweden is not alone in wanting more proof of a genuine fight against organised crime and corruption.

The country’s courts have just offered some help. On June 5th a former mayor of Budva was jailed for corruption. Sent down with him was Dragan Marovic, his former deputy. 

By coincidence Mr Marovic’s brother is a political foe of Milo Djukanovic, who has dominated Montenegrin politics for more than two decade…

El presidente más pobre del mundo (Foto) ....

junio 8, 2012 11:08 am

Gana 12.500 dólares por mes, pero dona el 90% a fondos sociales. Su único patrimonio es un viejo Volkswagen, y vive en una humilde chacra en las afueras de la capital de su país. “Hay otros que viven con menos”, se justifica.


¿Quién donaría el 90% de su sueldo para proyectos de ayuda? 

Nada menos que el presidente uruguayo José Mujica, de la coalición izquierdista Frente Amplio. 

“Con ese dinero me alcanza, y me tiene que alcanzar porque hay otros uruguayos que viven con mucho menos”, dice el mandatario. 

Así de simple.

El dinero que entrega va a parar a organizaciones no gubernamentales que colaboran con viviendas y al Fondo Raúl Sendic, que administra su fuerza política, el Movimiento de Participación Popular (MPP), y que financia emprendimientos productivos e, incluso, simples colaboraciones

“No es una carga ni una pose, es una filosofía decantada en años de privacidad”, explica el presidente uruguayo, quien dice ser feliz con lo que tiene. Sigue viviendo en …

INDIA & USA: Less than allies, more than friends ...

America and India try to define a new sort of relationship

Jun 16th 2012 | DELHI | from the print edition

“TWO cities where people rarely agree on much of anything” was how Robert Blake, an assistant secretary at the American State Department, described Washington and Delhi this month. 

It was a joke but, in context, was rather close to the bone. Touting a blossoming friendship, America and India still find plenty to bicker about.

His speech was looking forward to the third annual US-India “Strategic Dialogue”, which brought together senior figures from both countries in Washington, DC, on June 13th. 

This is a celebration of a partnership by which both countries set great store. Yet the list of issues on which they are at odds is dispiritingly long: Afghanistan, Iran, nuclear trade, climate change, market access, arms sales and more. 

If this is partnership, some in both capitals ask, what would rivalry look like?

The impetus seems to have gone out of a relationship in which America investe…

PUNE, INDIA: Panel to suggest ways to stem mango, cashew crop losses ...

Nikhil Deshmukh

TNN | Jun 17, 2012, 02.39AM IST

PUNE: An experts' committee will draw up a plan to prevent damage to mango and cashew crops during the next season. The state government has set up the committee following reports that of the 99,172 hectare land under mango cultivation, about 80,093 hectare suffered more than 50% loss in yield this season.

The committee will comprise district-level agriculture officers and researchers in horticulture and crop protection.

Speaking to TOI over telephone, a senior secretary from the state agriculture department, said, "Mango and cashew were the worst-hit crops in the summer, mainly due to climatic variations, unfavourable changes in temperature and pest attacks. There are reports of some new pests attacking mango trees during the flowering period, causing damage. On the other hand, sudden changes in temperature have also resulted in dropping of raw mangoes from the trees or resulting in discolouration of the fruit. Such mangoes are n…

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El presidente Hugo Chávez saluda al entonces magistrado Eladio Aponte Aponte.

El exmagistrado Aponte fue destituido como presidente de la Sala de Casación Penal del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) de Venezuela el pasado 20 de marzo, que fue ratificada por la Asamblea Nacional, y ahora, fuera del “Gobierno” acusó a sus ex amigos de narcotráfico, y aseguró que tomaba decisiones luego de las llamadas de Chávez.

mayo 4, 2012 7:24 am

(Foto EFE)

El presidente venezolano ha comenzado a usar pañales por la gran disfunción fisiológica que le causa el avanzado cáncer, publicó ABC de España.

Con Hugo Chávez teniendo ya que usar pañales, dada la alta disfunción fisiológica que le está provocando el avanzado cáncer que padece, según últimas informaciones médicas a las que ha tenido acceso ABC, la marcha de Venezuela del juez del Tribunal Supremo Eladio Aponte le ha llegado al líder bolivariano en el peor momento.

Las revelaciones de Aponte sobre la implicación de los militares fuertes del chavismo en…

Export of mangoes to USA still facing major economic hurdles ...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been working for a long time to tap into American market with its high quality mangoes.

The conditions and requirements set for Pakistani mango exports to US have made it a costly matter, said member Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) Ahmad Jawad.

He said till date mango buyers in the US were concerned about the financial feasibility of selling Pakistani mangoes, because of high prices, they may not be able to clinch much of a market except the niche die-hard Pakistani mango fans.

He said the shipping and handling costs come to around $22 for a two kg carton unless they are given more options for shipping and irradiation destinations to bring down costs and facilitate importers to the US.

He said US authorities have designated only one airport, Chicago for Pakistani mangoes from there, the imported fruit would be shipped to a facility in Iowa for irradiation treatment to destroy bacteria and insects and there was also designat…

Obama Administration Should Stand Against Cuban Repression ...

Ray Walser

June 15, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Valiant Cuban dissident and democracy activist Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (Antunez) delivered a message of solidarity from the island to The Heritage Foundation in May

On June 7, Antunez testified to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee via video conference from Cuba.

On both occasions, he urged real solidarity with those struggling for authentic liberty on the island.

To Heritage: “It is alarming that while activism and Resistance is increasing inside Cuba and while repression also increases, the government of Mr. Barack Obama has exercised a political agenda of approach and relaxation with the regime of Havana, instead of strengthening the support for the Resistance.”

To the Senate: “And we need to bear in mind that no increase in remittances, no increase in the number of trips, no increase in the cultural exchanges can speed up the democratization process in our country. This only serves to strengthen the repression and to grant impunity to the people…

El fenómeno climático “El Niño” eleva las temperaturas en Perú ...

junio 16, 2012 1:58 pm

(foto archivo)

El fenómeno climático “El Niño” parece ya una realidad en Perú donde se registran inusuales altas temperaturas a puertas del invierno, hasta cuatro grados por encima de lo normal, expresado en el calentamiento de las aguas del océano Pacífico y en un ‘veranillo’ atípico en la capital peruana.

La señal más notoria de que algo anormal y mediático ocurre pasó el viernes en Lima cuando el cielo registró gran brillo solar y la temperatura alcanzó los 25 grados centígrados, cifra histórica para la temporada otoñal en una ciudad marcada a fuego por un cielo cubierto y una densa nubosidad en esta época.

“Los 25 grados y el brillo solar en Lima, y las altas temperaturas en las ciudades costeras del Perú van a continuar en lo que queda del mes y quizá todo el invierno (austral, de junio a septiembre)”, dijo el sábado el experto Félix Cuba, del estatal Servicio Nacional de Meteorología (Senamhi).

“El calor que golpeó a Lima es una anomalía de 6 grados, un registr…





Scenes from Pakistan:

After purchasing mango wooden crates from the whole sale market....retailer taking these crates on a donkey cart.........

Photo courtesy of Hadi Laghari


Mango Madness

Mangos by Haitian artist Louis Rosemond

June is mango month in the Dominican Republic and 2011 sees a bumper crop thanks to the lack of rains in the early part of the year. Mango season runs from May to September.

Native to southeastern Asia and India mangos were first introduced to the Dominican Republic in the mid 1700s. Mangos belong to the same family as cashew and pistachio nuts. 

They come in various shapes, colours and sizes from small, yellow ones to huge almost rugby ball sized dark purple-reds. The mango tree is a common site here, it’s often found in back gardens. As you drive north of Hard Rock Hotel towards Macao beach you’ll see them in the fields, their broad canopies providing shade for man and beast.

Tip for picking mangos: A mango ripe for the picking will snap easily from its stem, if you have to pull too hard then it’s not ready. 

Here’s a great source for selecting and storing mangos plus some great mango recipes…

“Carlotta” se degrada a tormenta tropical y deja 2 niños muertos en México ...

junio 16, 2012 11:01 am

(foto archivo)

El huracán “Carlotta”, que dejó dos niños muertos en México, se degradó hoy a tormenta tropical sobre la zona montañosa del oriental estado de Guerrero, informaron fuentes oficiales.

En un boletín emitido hoy a las 07.00 hora local (12.00 GMT), el Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN) señaló que “Carlotta” sigue debilitándose y se espera que continúe su movimiento hacia el noroeste de Guerrero (suroeste de México), “degradándose paulatinamente en las próximas horas”.

El documento indica que el meteoro, cuyo índice de peligrosidad fue reducido de fuerte a moderado, avanza hacia el oeste-noroeste a 20 kilómetros por hora. La zona de alerta se extiende desde Punta Maldonado, en el sureño estado de Oaxaca, hasta Acapulco, Guerrero.

La tormenta desarrolla vientos máximos sostenidos de 75 kilómetros por hora y rachas de 150 kilómetros por hora. Sus bandas nubosas cubren parcialmente Oaxaca, Puebla, Estado de México, Ciudad de México, Michoacán y Guerrero, g…

GUJARAT, INDIA: Mango Festival to spread awareness among people, Junagadh ...


A unique mango festival was held at Surajgadh of Sasan in order to spread awareness among people. More than 80 varieties of mangoes were there in this festival. 108 farmers from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and various other states of India participated in this festival and presented unique variety of mango of their state.

National and international mango experts were also present in this festival and expressed concern about the extension of varieties of mangoes.

People were amused at the very sight of different kind of mangoes and many mango farm owners were also present in this festival who took tips from the present farmers. The festival will continue for 3 days and has became center of attraction for everyone.


NEW - Foodnews weekly podcast 15-06-12. Listen here...
What is the Commission doing?
Friday June 15 2012

NOBODY can find a rationale for it. The European Commission’s decision to push ahead with its re-classification of various fruit purées, that is, and the accompanying tariff changes.

‘Changes’ is the wrong word, actually. What we have here are increases, in every case. It was Winston Smith, in George Orwell’s novel 1984, who noticed that the Ministry of Plenty never referred to a reduction in rations as such – it was always referred to as a ‘readjustment’. Smith would have felt an odd familiarity with the European Commission.

It has been suggested to FOODNEWS that the impetus for the reclassifications came from Germany, or at least a German component in the Commission: that it would simply be ‘tidier’ if purées were all put together under the 2007 hierarchy, instead of being randomly scattered between that and the 2008 hierarchy. 

That could be true, especially if importers were delibera…


Mango Festival 2012

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Janette

Discover Dominican culture at the Mango Festival! 

Mangos, mangos and more mangos. Mangos cooked, juiced, baked, crafted, a mango lovers dream. 

Be sure to bring your dental floss!

Thursday June 13 to Saturday June 17, 2012 at the City Hall in Plaza Bani, Peravia, Dominican Republic/ Jueves Junio 13 al Sabado Junio 17, 2012 Plazoleta Ayuntamiento de Baní, Peravia, República Dominicana

EXPOMANGO is a festival and show to celebrate the Dominican mango harvest in the town of Bani. Bani is a town in the south of the Dominican Republic and is the capital of the province Peravia. Bani, known as the Mango Capital/ Capital de Mango, is known for producing some of the best and largest varieties of mangos in the country. Here is the birthplace of the famous mango the giant ‘Banilejo’.

The festival was launched in 2005. They want to shows visitors hundreds of mango varieties in our country. They will be displaying the available technologies for mang…

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Mango fair in Baní ..

Economy - 16 June 2012, 9:09 AM

Mangoes Photo:

Santo Domingo.- The annual Mango Fair in the south western city of Baní was inaugurated on Thursday night.

The fair, which continues through Sunday, includes presentations by international and national mango cultivation experts as well as cooking demonstrations by teachers and students from the PUCMM University Hotel School, at the Perelló Cultural Center.

The program continues with tours of mango plantations in the Baní area on Saturday, with explanations about cultivation, harvesting and processing, and special varieties including organic mangoes.

The main square outside the municipal building is the site of an exhibition of the main local varieties, sale of mangoes and mango-based products, agricultural equipment, business platforms and production technology, and artistic and cultural performances in the evenings.

The event is also sponsoring children’s painting workshops and competitions, and the famous “Come Mango” con…

For The Next 36 Hours, This Room Is The Center Of The World ...

Joe Weisenthal

ATHENS, GREECE -- This picture was taken in room 16 of the Zappeion Conference And Exhibition Center, a beautiful building surrounded by gardens that's about a 10 minute walk away from the Greek Parliament in Athens.

For the next day or so, it will be the nerve center for the entire world, as it's ground zero for foreign media who have come to cover Sunday's election.

In the room are over 150 computers, hundreds of phones, multiple wifi networks, and a 9-panel TV screen that will be airing CNN, France 24 and local networks like SKAI and Mega.

The interest in this election is massive, as it threatens to determine Greece's status inside the Eurozone, and therefore the future of the Eurozone itself.

If left-winger Alexis Tsipras wins, he promises to completely reject the current bailout terms, thus putting Greece at risk for expulsion should the ECB cut off its banks. 

If that happens, then other weak European nations will see a template for how to exit, and the …

Mundo: Los países del mundo que no tienen oficialmente Coca-Cola


sábado 16 de junio de 2012 07:45 AM
Agencias / Londres

Cuba y Corea del Norte, dos países comunistas, son las únicas naciones del mundo donde Coca-Cola no tiene presencia oficial. 

El tercero era Birmania, país al que regresará la embotelladora tras sesenta años de ausencia, indicó BBC Mundo.

Luego del anuncio de Estados Unidos de que se dispone a relajar las restricciones para inversiones, productos comerciales y servicios destinados a Birmania, Coca Cola anunció su regreso.

En 1949, Coca-Cola y otras compañías extranjeras fueron expulsadas de China por el gobierno comunista.

No obstante, tres décadas más tarde, en 1979, y luego de que se restablecieran plenas relaciones diplomáticas entre Estados Unidos y China, Coca-Cola hizo importar, por tren, 20.000 cajas de su bebida emblema desde Hong Kong, entonces aún territorio británico.

Sin Coca-Cola oficial

La compañia residente en Atlanta, Estados Unidos, llevó a cabo en Cuba una de sus primeras aventuras comerciales en el extranjero,…