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A LESSON FROM RIO + 20 (Twenty years later) ...

June 18, 2012

By HIROKI MANABE/ Correspondent

HAIDA GWAII, Canada--Few Japanese had likely ever heard of this part of British Columbia until mid-April, when news of a Harley-Davidson with Miyagi Prefecture license plates washing ashore made headlines.

Peter Mark, 32, came across the motorcycle while riding his dune buggy along the coast. What surprised him were the Japanese characters.

Haida Gwaii is about two hours by turboprop from Vancouver.

Mark reckons that if the Harley could make the journey across the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, there is no reason to discount theories that people from Japan also moved to the island centuries ago by drifting on rafts or other forms of seaworthy craft.

There is another, more current reason to visit the island, especially with the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20 summit, scheduled to begin in Rio de Janeiro from June 20.

At the Earth Summit in Rio 20 years ago, when it was formally known as the United Nations Conference…

FOCUS ON RETAIL: After many false starts, QR codes are finally taking off ...


Mobile marketing
Square deal

Jun 16th 2012 | from the print edition

CEREAL boxes are, by and large, poor works of literature. Yet many people sit at breakfast reading them over and over again. Last year Kellogg’s realised it could make its packets more entertaining—and guessed that people also had their phones to hand (anything beats talking to the family). The cornflake-maker put 2D codes, better known as QR (for quick response) codes, on its Crunchy Nut boxes in America. When scanned, these took cereal-munchers to a video of dawn in, say, Washington state. The idea was to push cereal as an all-day snack: “It’s morning somewhere.”

QR codes—squares of black-and-white patterns—have much to recommend them. They store far more information than plain, old bar codes. For example, they can fit in web addresses and logos. And they are cheap. 

They have been popular in Japan for years, but elsewhere have for a while been touted as the next big thing. (I…

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY: IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) Strong numbers for the month of June 2012 ...

With nearly 100,000 pageviews in the past 30 days, the IMO BLOG is on a roll ...

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Global Viewership is strong ....

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GRECIA QUEDARA EN EL UE: Conservadores al poder ...

Movimiento conservador griego sale favorecido en las elecciones legislativas efectuadas hoy en ese país. Con el 83 % de los votos escrutados Nueva Democracia se impone con el 30%, mientras la izquierda obtiene el 27%

La formación conservadora Nueva Democracia (ND), encabezada por Andonis Samarás, fue hoy el partido más votado en las elecciones legislativas griegas con el 82,50 % de los votos escrutados.

Según esos datos, ND obtendría el 30,02 % de los votos mientras que la izquierda de Syriza lograría un 26,61 %.

Con estos resultados ND lograría 130 escaños; Syriza, 71; el socialdemócrata Pasok, 33; el nacionalista Griegos Independientes, 20; el neonazi Amanecer Dorado, 18; la centroizquierdista Dimar, 16 y el Partido Comunista, 12.

Así, ND y Pasok, socios en el anterior Gobierno que pactó las medidas de austeridad con la Unión Europea, conseguirían juntos 163 escaños, por encima de la mayoría absoluta de 151, lo que les permitiría formar un gobierno de coalición.

Andonis Samarás, dirige…


June 17, 2012

Bull Session
Bull-Running Advice from a Hemingway


John Hemingway
on the Running of the Bulls
Pamplona, Spain
official website

When you want advice on being famous for no reason, you ask a Kardashian. When you want advice on surviving the running of the bulls, you ask a Hemingway. So we talked to John (Ernest’s grandson, author of the family memoir Strange Tribe, two-time runner of the bulls) for a few pointers in advance of next month’s run.

The whole week’s a nonstop party. “You meet friends, you make friends, if they don’t show up, you meet someone else,” he says. “People always ask, ‘How many hours of sleep did you get last night?’ ‘Oh, three. That’s not bad.’”

Well, except the running itself. “If you partied all night, you better be able to wake up and be in some sort of condition to run.”

There are a few simple rules:

“You have to be 18. Don’t touch the bull. You can’t be drunk. And if you get knocked down, stay down.”

Leave the running shoes at home. “I just wear …

INDIA : Summer Sizzle: Mangoes in festival mode - NewsX ...

Among the few silver linings to 45 degree Celsius summers, is the king of fruits, the mango, blooming forth in all its variety and ofcourse going easier on the pocket. 

Extend that to a mango festival, and the mango maniac in you can't help but let go.


Mangoes Mangoes MANGOES!
Posted by Edison Ford Winter Estates On June 13th

One of the historical features of both the Edison and Ford estates throughout their history has always been the flourishing mango trees. In fact, in Edison’s day, they dubbed the line of mangoes along the fence line as “Orchid Lane” because they discovered that the mango trees located there also loved to have orchids fastened to their rough bark.

The trees of Edison and Ford’s time, were mostly the old variety of ‘turpentine mangoes’ but newer varieties such as the prized Hayden Mango were added over the years.

Today, the Edison & Ford Winter Estates boasts dozens of varieties throughout the gardens and offers them up for purchase in the Garden Shoppe, the Museum Stores and at the City of Fort Myers Farmer’s Market (in summer, the first Thursday of the month).

Visitors are still cautioned not to pick the fruit as some folks have allergic reactions to the old varieties. Stop by the Edison Ford and check out the …