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Pakistan to import VHT plant from Japan shortly ....

JUNE 19, 2012


Aiming to tap the very lucrative international markets for fruits, Pakistan, for the first time, is going to import Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT) plant from Japan. With the investment of at least Rs 236 million, the country has almost finalised the procurement process of the plant, which was needed to process fruit especially mango for entering Japanese and other international markets, Business Recorder learned.

According to sources, all parts and other allied machines for the establishment of VHT facility was expected to reach the country within next 120 days will be installed at proposed Agri Processing Zone land, situated near Karachi city along Super High Way. The new plant will process at least 15,000 kilogram or 15 tones mango daily. Vapour Heat Treatment System uses hot saturated water vapour to heat the fruit slowly, treating possible fruit flies.

The plant, according to sources, was being procured through Trade Development Authority (TDAP) of Pakistan a…



Las Alamandas Romantic Boutique Hotel

Las Alamandas is the essence of romance, beauty and style.
- Los Angeles Times

A luxury boutique hotel in Costalegre and Mexico's most private resort, Las Alamandas is a romantic retreat on the Pacific Coast ideal for a honeymoon, family get-together, corporate retreat or the ultimate beach getaway. 

This secluded haven is located midway between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, along the famed "Costalegre" coast of the state of Jalisco. 

Managed as an elegant, private estate where guests are accorded the highest standards of hospitality, this exclusive beachfront hideaway is situated on over 1,500 acres of unspoilt tropical Paradise with only seven villas accommodating a maximum of 42 guests.

Las Alamandas Resort––Costalegre, Mexico

Km. 83 Carretera Federal # 200, Quemaro, Costalegre, Mexico

Travelers in search of space and secure seclusion will be seduced by this stylish, colorful hideaway that attracts Hollywood…


In the final matches of Group B on Sunday, Portugal defeated the Netherlands while in another exciting match Germany won over Denmark. 

With this win both the teams managed to secure a place in the Quarterfinal stage of the tournament.

Germany won over Denmark by 2-1. 

This was the 3 out of 3 win for the Germans in their group stage matches. Lukas Podolski, who was playing his 100th international match, scored the first goal in the 19th minute of the match. But the lead didn't continue for long as five minutes later Michael Krohn-Dehli scored in 24th minute and leveled the score to 1-1, and then, with only 10 minutes remaining, Lars Bender finally broke the silence by scoring the winning in 80th minute of the match. The goal also ended Denmark's hope of reaching the Quarterfinals.

Another match of the night witnessed Captain Christiano Ronaldo return to form by scoring a double in the match against the Dutch. The Dutch led 1-0 with Van der Vaart scoring in the 11th minute. The goa…

Rio +20: Brazilian Farmers Propose the Creation of a Global Index of Sustainable Development ...

Byseedstock / June 18, 2012 5:33 pm News Release – RIO DE JANEIRO, June 18, 2012 – Creating an index of sustainable development, enabling the opening of markets to countries that adopt correct environmental practices, and an international fund for the financing and dissemination of technology to contribute to agricultural development and livestock with respect to the environment are two of the proposals of the agricultural sector for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio +20. “Brazil, which produces inexpensive, high quality food while using only up to 27.7% of its territory, has the moral authority at Rio +20 to argue for new proposals which would ensure sustainable growth of the world output,” says the president of the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA), Senator Katia Abreu. On Monday (18/06), in Space AgroBrasil, at Pier Maua, Senator Katia Abreu will speak on the details of the position paper which was consolidated in March and April…


Mango festival to return next month

Monday, 18 June 2012 16:20

Julie, Boar-Hog, Tina, Rocky, Bandy and Bulltone are among the varieties of mango expected to be on display at the third annual Mango Array and Tropical Fruit Festival next month.

Slated for July 13 at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park, the event will be hosted by the Department of Agriculture in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, according to Government Information Services.

“The festival will provide the opportunity for various cultivar growers of mango and tropical fruits to share their varieties with the community as well as creating a venue for crop producers and business owners alike to showcase their produce, arts and crafts, food and merchandise made from any part of the mango fruit tree and any other tropical fruit tree,” said Arona Fahie-Forbes, deputy chief agricultural officer and event coordinator.

Besides a fruit display, planned activities include a mango-eating competiti…

Angela Merkel: con el mundo en sus manos ...

La canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, habla fuerte. El pasado viernes lamentó la falta de confianza entre países de la zona euro y rechazó soluciones “mediocres” para enfrentar la crisis de la deuda.


Buena parte del destino de la economía mundial depende de Alemania. Políticos, economistas e inversionistas creen que la salida de la crisis que vive la Eurozona pasa por las manos de la poderosa Angela Merkel.

Sábado 16 Junio 2012

La crisis de la Eurozona cada vez está peor. Al descalabro de la economía griega se suma la difícil situación que viven Portugal, Chipre, Italia y España, países que ya están en recesión. Sus sistemas financieros están muy frágiles -en algunos casos al borde de la quiebra-; los gobiernos están pagando a los inversionistas intereses nunca antes vistos por su deuda y las tasas de desempleo superan el 20 por ciento. Los jóvenes viven el momento más dramático: uno de cada dos españoles y uno de cada tres italianos no tienen trabajo. La caída de estas economías es…

Pakistan loses Iran’s mango market ...

By Our Correspondent
Published: June 19, 2012

MARKET LOST: $10m is the worth of mango which could not be exported to Iran this year.

KARACHI: Pakistani fruit exporters have lost a lucrative market in neighbouring Iran, where at least 30,000 tons of mango were exported previously, as a result of the trade embargo imposed by the United Nations on Tehran.

With the loss of this market, the exporters could not export around $10 million worth of mango during the current season, said Waheed Ahmed, Co-chairman of Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association in a statement on Monday.

Keeping in view the serious implications for Pakistani exports, the association has written a letter to the Ministry of Commerce, asking it to use diplomatic channels to resolve the issue.

Ahmed said though the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) had clarified its stance on the UN sanctions, the commercial banks were reluctant to show any flexibility in opening letters of credit and issuing E For…



International Mango Festival Delhi

Mango Festival Delhi Dates 2012

When: 7th - 8th July, 2012

Where: Delhi, India

Summers and mangoes go hand in hand as mango makes our sultry summers extremely succulent. One of Delhi’s most popular events is the International Mango Festival which celebrates everything about the King of all tropical fruits, ‘Mango’.

The International Mango Festival is held every year at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. Hosted by Delhi Tourism in alliance with the Delhi Government, this festival aims to showcase the specialities of mangoes from different states of India. Many other mango festivals are also held across India during the same time.

The International Mango Festival in Delhi features an array of recreational events and activities associated with mango, like mango eating competitions, quizzes, mango slogan writing, mango carving, children’s shows, mango folk performances, mango tasting, and plenty of mangoes to go around with varieties of the fruit on display.

One g…


Tasty, Tasty, Tasty!!! – Manila / Ataulfo

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Mango Varieties in US Markets

Mango Varieties in US Markets
Tasty, Tasty, Tasty!!! – Manila / Ataulfo
3rd Runner-up…Haden
The Trouble with Tommy Atkins
Kents and More Kents
Holy Haitian Mango, Batman!
Haden Mangoes Revisited

If you live in Florida or Hawaii, this series of posts isn’t for you. (As an aside, Hawaiians and Floridians are special, chosen citizens in the U.S. mango universe. They get access to mango varieties the rest of us don’t. Gloat they must…and I can’t even hold it against them. Their access to the niftiest of mangoes is in fact gloat-worthy.)

This series of posts *is* for *everyone else* who doesn’t live in a tropical paradise climate. 

 We mere non-tropical mortals have a short-list of mangoes to choose from in our grocery stores. 

 Here is one:

Manila or Ataulfo Mango

Introducing the “manila” mango. 

 The manila mango is a slender yellow creature that easily earns a “most favored” rating, sinc…

Yellow Skin mangoes are the USA Consumer's best friend ....

Holy Haitian Mango, Batman!

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Mango Varieties in US Markets

Mango Varieties in US Markets
Tasty, Tasty, Tasty!!! – Manila / Ataulfo
3rd Runner-up…Haden
The Trouble with Tommy Atkins
Kents and More Kents

Holy Haitian Mango, Batman!
Haden Mangoes Revisited

Look what I found!! 
 I tell you folks, these babies from Haiti were monstrous! And not only that, the whole lot of them were beautiful, clean and undamaged. What a TREAT!

Haitian Mango. Madame Francis Mango. Francine Mango.

In an earlier post, I covered the Manila mango, and I’ll give it to you – the Haitian mango looks an awful lot like a Manila. But it isn’t.

The Haitian mango (also known as the Francine mango or the Madame Francis mango) is – as you can see- a fair degree heftier than its friend, the Manila mango. 

They do share that wonderful, buttery smooth flesh with the Manilas, though, and that is why I’m a huge fan!!!!

The Haitian mangoes have just a six-to-eight week season, so you have to watch care…

National Mango board (NMB) to blame for defrauding USA consumers ....

Can you say ROTTEN MANGO? Got a bad one? You’ve come to the right post.

Believe it or not, just two days earlier, these mangoes looked normal. 

I bought a whole batch of beautiful Kents and THIS is what became of them in no time flat. 

I had never seen a whole batch turn like this; not only was the skin riddled with large brown spots, but the flesh beneath the brown spots was rotten.

Diplodia stricken mangoes

I had no idea what this condition was, but I knew it wasn’t normal ripening. 
So I dashed off an email to Dr. Richard Campbell, a horticulturist in Florida who is THE authority on mangoes. 

He was kind enough to write back quickly and told me that the mangoes likely had a fungus called Diplodia.

Being the mango consumer advocate that I am, I asked him if the mango importer would have known/could tell that the mangoes they were shipping off to market were going to have this problem upon ripening. 

He said the importer wouldn’t have known because the Diplodia “sits latent on the stem and en…

Mango Maven Website an obsession that started in Peru ....

Welcome to, a mango-nirvana for mango fiends and friends.

My mango obsession started in Lima, Peru in 2005. It was there that I had my first taste of mango and was transfixed.

I grew up in the sticks in Northern California where prunes, almonds, walnuts and peaches flourish – and I had tasted plenty of those. But never mangoes.

Ever since that first South American taste of the real-deal kinda mango, I’ve been on my very own mango odyssey to find…

1 ) Fresh mangoes that rival the ones I had in Peru.

2) Mango products from, well, wherever I could find them!

This site and blog is about both of the above. If you’re as smitten with mangoes as I am, you’ll love it here. Make MangoMaven your home-away-from-home!

-The Mango Maven

Doctor Julia F. Morton is the true hero of South Florida Mango Research ...

Where do Mangoes come from? (Heaven, right?) 
How did mangoes get to the USA?

The real answers to both questions make kind of a long story. 
And thanks to Dr. Julia Morton’s efforts in decades past, I can tell you the story today. 

However, since this is a blog, here’s an abbreviated version of Julia’s original research. 

And if you’ve forgotten your geography, no problem. 

Just click below on any map for a quick visual review!

A) Mangoes are native to southern Asia, particularly eastern India, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and the Andaman Islands.

B) Mangoes have been cultivated and loved since Ancient times.

C) Buddhist monks likely took mangoes on voyages to Malaya and eastern Asia in the 4th and 5th Centuries B.C.

D) The Persians introduced mangoes to East Africa around the 10th Century.

E) Mangoes were cultivated in the East Indies before the earliest visits of the Portuguese, who introduced them to both the Brazilians and West Africans early in the 16th Century.

F) After becoming established in…