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Cuba: Campaña del mango en etapa final ...


La cosecha y procesamiento industrial del mango avanza en su etapa final en Granma (Cuba).

Los productores trabajan para cumplir el plan a pesar de los problemas iniciales en la fábrica de conservas de frutas y verduras de Yara, la principal de Granma, con una arrancada tardía por culpa de prolongarse la anterior campaña de tomate y otras dificultades con insumos.

En la Unidad Empresarial de Base, hasta la fecha tienen producidas mil toneladas de pulpa de la fruta, una parte conservada en los frigoríficos de Bayamo y otro volumen fue enviado a las industrias destinadas a la elaboración de compotas en Sancti Spíritus y La Habana.

Especialistas y directivos de la entidad calificaron de favorable el rendimiento industrial e informaron que con los actuales resultados ya se registra un crecimiento en la producción en comparación con el año precedente.

Granma y su empresa de conservas de frutas y vegetales sumó a sus fortalezas el procesamiento tanto del mango como del tomate de la fábric…

Coca-Cola y otras empresas reconocen el peso de la clase media india


NUEVA DELHI—Coca-Cola está dispuesta a apostar por la India, uno de los mercados emergentes de mayor crecimiento y para ello anunció hace poco una inversión de US$5.000 millones, que saldrán de su bolsillo y del de sus embotelladoras socias.

"Pensamos que hay potencial aquí", dijo Muhtar Kent, presidente ejecutivo de la empresa de bebidas, en el marco de una reciente visita al país asiático.

La India, con 1.200 millones de habitantes, sigue siendo una de las últimas grandes fronteras para la empresa con sede en Atlanta. Como indicó Kent, los indios consumen en promedio apenas 12 botellas de 236 mililitros de Coca-Cola al año, frente a 127 en Colombia, 92 a nivel mundial y 728 en México.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Los US$5.000 millones en inversión marcan un aumento en los planes anunciados el año pasado de inyectar US$2.000 millones en los próximos cinco años. En las últimas dos décadas, Coca-Cola ha desembolsado US$2.000 millones en sus operacione…


Peter Dallis "Former President AMIA (Australian Mango Industry Association), Ian Baker "Former President Norther Territory Mango Growers Association"...Kazmi, Sohail, Channa, DG Research & Extension......Qazi Suleiman memon, and many others.........Let's see how our mango growers and other stakeholders respond to these Aussies.......It's ASLP mango intervention...........

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Making the Most of Mangoes

Posted 07/06/2012 10:47AM

The savory aroma of hot mango chutney filled the kitchen at Dole Hall on a recent July morning as more than 60 student and parent volunteers prepared the popular condiment for Carnival 2013. Students stood over brewing vats, stirring the chutney with long wooden paddles; trays of sterilized jars took a final blast of heat; and eager teams lined the counters, carefully measuring and pouring the hand-made concoction into bottles.

“We had a bumper crop of mangoes this year, so we're really trying to up the quantity. Our goal is 9,000 jars,” said Jill Wheatman, parent co-chair of the Jams and Jellies booth, as she bustled around the busy kitchen. She explained that work began in March with volunteers harvesting more than 10,000 pounds of green mangoes. The session on Saturday, July 1, 2012, was one of the final workdays before the committee turns to bottling hot pepper jelly and liliko‘i butter for sale at Carnival, which supports Puna…

Relief in sight as killer heat scorches USA ...

by Staff Writers

Washington (AFP) July 7, 2012

A scorching heat wave searing the United States was expected to ease soon, meteorologists said Saturday, heralding relief from record highs blamed for deaths and drought-like conditions.

Across the country, at least two dozen fatalities are tied to the extreme period of hot weather, one of the longest and hottest on record, according to media reports.

Blistering temperatures will cool "significantly" over the weekend and were forecast to be below average by Monday as a cold front pushed south from Canada to the central and eastern United States, the National Weather Service said.

But the breather will likely be accompanied by fierce storms, forecasters warned, possibly spelling disaster for states still recovering from a killer band of thunderstorms that wreaked havoc last week, leaving millions without air conditioning or refrigeration after power cuts.

"Severe weather, including damaging wind, is expected to accompany this cold…

Puerto Rican Horses go crazy for Mango ....

VIEQUES, PR -- On this small Caribbean island about the size of Manhattan, 9 miles off the eastern shore of Puerto Rico, hundreds of wild horses roam the beaches, streets and jungles.

The horses, a breed known as Paso Fino, are thought to be descendents of animals brought here some 500 years ago, by the Spanish Conquistadors.

The horses sustain themselves on the abundant tropical plants and grassy fields. During mango season, July and August, they enjoy they fruit which grow throughout Vieques.

Some residents and visitors gather mangoes to feed the horses where they tend to congregate, including the Sun Bay beach park.

Kathy and I gathered mangoes from our property and fed them. On this page is an unedited 3:30 video.

In other news about the island, Travel + Leisure magazine has named Vieques its favorite Caribbean island.

Nicaragua Approves Building of Canal ...

The Nicaraguan congress this past week approved a bill for the construction of an inter-oceanic canal but it is unclear where the country will find the resources for the project.

The bill proposed last month by president Daniel Ortega was voted in on Tuesday by 85 of the assembly’s 92 deputies, proposing a legal framework for the project and the creation of a ‘Grand Canal Authority’ to undertake feasibility and environmental impact studies.

While the cost has not been officially estimated, some officials it could require an investment of US$30 billion, with expectations the canal would take 10 years to build.

Ortega’s government has said the channel would have capacity of vessels up to 250,000 metric tons (MT), and would be complementary to the existing Panama Canal.

“This is the first step in a long process,” deputy Jaime Morales was quoted as saying.

“This is basically a very preliminary stage subject to the results of feasibility, environmental, technical and financial studies.”

The gove…

Once Just a Stopover for Drug Traffickers, Argentina Has Now Become a Destination ...


Published: July 7, 2012

BUENOS AIRES — Héctor Jairo Saldarriaga, alias the Dagger, changed his address here three times in the weeks before his killer finally caught up with him in April in front of a family-run cafe in the middle-class neighborhood of Barrio Norte.

Alejandro Andam/Telam, via Associated Press

Angie Sanclemente Valencia, center, a Colombian beauty pageant winner, in Buenos Aires in 2010. She is serving time for a drug-smuggling conviction.

While investigating his death, the police discovered that he had three Argentine passports under false names but was really a Colombian who had once worked as an assassin for a prominent Colombian drug trafficker.

As the trafficking of illegal drugs picks up in Argentina, residents are growing accustomed to front-page news of drug raids, shootouts and the grim reality that the country is no longer simply a transit point for the world’s most-wanted drug traffickers from places like Mexico and Colombia. For many of these out…