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Fancy a mango? Think twice...

Gervase Poulden

18th July, 2012

From Peru, where the majority of winter mangoes on sale in Europe have been imported from, journalist Gervase Poulden reports on the poor working conditions of mango workers

Poverty wages, forced and unpaid overtime, poor safety conditions, obstruction to free associations and discrimination against pregnant workers – these were just some of the accusations that have been levelled against the largest mango production companies in Peru, in a report produced by SOMO (the Dutch Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations) last year. A year has passed since then and it would seem nothing – from either side of the argument – has really changed.

You might think working conditions in the Peruvian mango industry have little relevance to your own life, but if you have bought or eaten a mango in the last year it will very likely have been a Peruvian one.

 Mangoes are, of course, a seasonal fruit which means suppliers will import stoc…

USA EXPORTERS: USDA Releases Container Availability Report ...

Created by HButler on 7/16/2012 6:43:57 PM

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday released the first Ocean Shipping Container Availability Report designed to alert exporters about possible surpluses or shortages of marine containers at 18 inland intermodal load points.

USDA, in cooperation with the Westbound Transpacific Stabilization Agreement, a discussion group of 10 carriers in the westbound Pacific trade to Asia, will use the service to provide shippers with a weekly snapshot of equipment availability at the designated locations.

The service will also forecast likely availability at each location two weeks out, based on advance carrier bookings. 

The report is available on USDA’s Web site.

“OSCAR represents a model industry-government collaboration, bringing added transparency to the export supply chain,” said Brian Conrad, executive administrator of the WTSA.

USDA and the carrier discussion group began to discuss the feasibility of developing a container availability reportin…

STRATFOR ANALYSIS: The Paradox of China's Naval Strategy ...

July 17, 2012 | 0859 GMT


By Rodger Baker and Zhixing Zhang

Over the past decade, the South China Sea has become one of the most volatile flashpoints in East Asia. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan each assert sovereignty over part or all of the sea, and these overlapping claims have led to diplomatic and even military standoffs in recent years.

Because the sea hosts numerous island chains, is rich in mineral and energy resources and has nearly a third of the world's maritime shipping pass through its waters, its strategic value to these countries is obvious. 

For China, however, control over the South China Sea is more than just a practical matter and goes to the center of Beijing's foreign policy dilemma: how to assert its historic maritime claims while maintaining the non-confrontational foreign policy established by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1980.

China staked its modern claim to control of the sea in the waning days of the Chinese…

JAMAICA: Boosting the economy through mangoes ...

One reader suggests boosting Jamaica's economy by covering the Island with mango trees ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

As everyone knows, Jamaica is undergoing the worst economic crisis in its history. 

No minister of finance has produced a long-term plan that will reduce the national indebtedness, boost productivity and production, provide employment and stimulate commerce. 

Yet it is common knowledge that solving those problems remains crucial to creating a self-sustaining economy.

Delicious Jamaican mangoes

I suggest that far more attention needs to be given to agriculture. And one aspect of agriculture that merits attention is exploiting the many varieties of mangoes in Jamaica for stimulating the agroindustrial sector.

Jamaica has a large variety of delicious mangoes. Neighbouring countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic list more than 100 varieties in their territories. More than 109 varieties are cultivated in the agricultural complex at Salinas in sout…


Moana Surfrider’s Mango Medley



Things are heating up this summer at Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa, as it’s ready to celebrate anything and everything mango! 

Come July 21, this world-class resort will partner with Makaha Mangoes to kick off its fourth annual Mangoes at the Moana event. 

This highly anticipated day is jam-packed with festivities from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in which kamaaina and visitors are invited to savor this world-renowned tropical fruit.

“Mangoes are such a great summer fruit. We really wanted to do an event on property that featured something seasonal,” says Beachhouse at the Moana chef de cuisine William Chen. “Mangoes are summery, bright and tropical, and the name pairs well with the Moana Surfrider.

“Mangoes also have great nutritional value. The Westin brand is really all about promoting super foods and wellness. Mango has a bunch of nutritional complements to it that pairs well with what the Westin brand sta…

Brazil’s mango exports to Europe take a hit ...

July 18th, 2012

Brazilian Tommy Atkins mango exports to Europe have dropped by 60% in week 26, due in part to a strong domestic market and supermarket chains opting for less fibrous varieties.

Groupe AZ France fruit manager Anthony Langlais, said Carrefour was no longer stocking the cultivar.

“Tommy Atkins is a nice fruit logistically, it travels well and it has a lot of blush. However, Carrefour has decided to have not a single Tommy Atkin on their shelves in favor of the Kent variety.”

The fruit’s fibrous quality is making it less popular than other smoother cultivars such as Kent and Palmer.

Netherlands-based Roveg sales manager Martijn Hollink, said given the amount of European summer fruit available, such as strawberries and peaches, a slight shortage of mangoes was not a problem.

“There is less demand than in the winter months and then Israel comes in with enough supply. I think in general, with Brazil as it has a booming economy they like to keep the good fruit on the domestic market…

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Mangoes! Mangoes! Mangoes! best festival yet despite shortcomings ...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Wesley Gibbings

Mission accomplished as Wendy Felix-Baksh, right, crosses the finishing line with Lisa Allen-Agostini, centre, and Michelle Graigg on the home-stretch in the “mango-sucking” contest.

Perennial busybody Gia Gaspard-Taylor certainly outdid herself when she led the staging of a national mango festival four years ago. 

The July 8 edition has been described as the best yet, barring a few noteworthy shortcomings. For example, the festival could have offered a greater variety of mango products—there are supposed to be at least 50 product lines—and provided more fresh fruit for sale. “Climate change,” was the reason offered by mango-products manufacturer and rural women’s activist Rose Rajbansee for the shortage of the fruit itself. Though she usually taps reliable family and community sources for her supplies, Rajbansee said there was a recognisable shift in the core mango season over recent years.

 “You just don’t know when you will get and whe…


Officers: Mango shipment included marijuana

By April Bethea

Posted: Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2012

Rowan County authorities said they found more than 300 pounds of marijuana hidden in a tractor-trailer that was hauling mangoes. The drugs are in the plastic bags in front of the mango boxes.

A Texas man is accused of drug trafficking after Rowan County authorities say they found more than 300 pounds of marijuana Tuesday in a tractor-trailer hauling mangoes.

Authorities estimated the value of the drugs at $253,600, though said it could fetch more than $700,000 if sold by street-level dealers in small amounts.

Hermilo Gomez Jr., 41, of Edinburg, Texas, is charged with two counts of trafficking marijuana, along with conspiracy to traffic marijuana and one count of maintaining a vehicle for controlled substances. He was being held under a $100,000 secured bond in the Rowan jail.

The Rowan Sheriff’s Office said the drugs were discovered after detectives spotted a “suspicious” t…

VIVA MANGO Launches Television show dedicated to mangoes ...

VIVA Mango is a TV program - a documentary really - commissioned by public television to chronicle the incredible passion (some would say obsession), devoted to mangoes ...


VIVA Mango will tell and is looking for the best mango stories, of people and animals who go nuts for mangos; people who lead respectable lives but steal mangos on the side, including a realtor who takes mangos from the houses she sells; and even some who live off mangos or have risked their lives for mangos.

We show the characters who inhabit the world of mangos, including explorers and scientists of world reknown, chefs, presidents of countries and normal individuals who have an outsized passion for this fruit.

Even though Mangifera Indica is native to India and Southeast Asia, many cultures where it is grown and eaten consider it their own.

Unlike the bananas sold in supermarkets, which are exact genetic copies, the 600+ mango cultivars provide great diversity of taste, size, shape and texture, makin…