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Acumulado General Temporada 2012

                                    Total Cajas         Total %


Total ATAULFO16,661,06136.49%


Total HADEN4,147,9149.08%


Total TOMMY17,048,04937.34%


Total ORO77,3970.17%


Total MANILA31,0900.07%


Total KENT7,231,21015.84%


Total KEITT464,3501.02%


Total NAM DOC MAI760.00%


Total SUNSET1640.00%

Total general                           45,661,311 100.00%


Acumulado General Temporada 2012

Total CajasTotal %DistribuidorGM PRODUCE SALES LLC6,625,73214.51%FRESKA PRODUCE INT'L LLC.3,258,2367.14%CIRULI BROTHERS3,203,7367.02%COAST TROPICAL2,730,0705.98%FOODSOURCE2,692,4335.90%PAULMEX INT'L. LTD2,605,6605.71%LONDON FRUIT, INC.2,204,0174.83%SPLENDID PRODUCTS1,973,8174.32%EB INTERNATIONAL1,786,5973.91%CABEFRUIT PRODUCE LLC1,756,7183.85%FARMER`S BEST INT. LLC1,458,3153.19%#11 - 20DIAZTECA COMPANY1,136,1112.49%DEKALB FARMERS, MARKET884,0971.94%HIGUERAL PRODUCE, INC693,9331.52%RCF PRODUCE INC.592,5291.30%

Del 30 al 31 de agosto, en el Hotel Oro Verde de la ciudad de Guayaquil se llevará a cabo el IV Congreso Internacional de Mango Ecuatoriano ...

Exponentes de Brasil, Costa Rica, Israel y Estados Unidos en el evento

IV Congreso Internacional de Mango Ecuatoriano en Guayaquil

Del 30 al 31 de agosto, en el Hotel Oro Verde de la ciudad de Guayaquil se llevará a cabo el IV Congreso Internacional de Mango Ecuatoriano.

 Durante esta versión del evento, se destaca la gran participación de ponentes internacionales, quienes abordarán diferentes temas interesantes para los comercializadores, exportadores y productores de mango.

Congreso Internacional de Mango Ecuatoriano en su III edición

Durante el jueves 30 de agosto, el brasileño Aldo Malasavi ofrecerá su conferencias “Nuevas tendencias para un eficiente monitoreo y control de la mosca de la fruta”. Por su lado, William Watson dará su conferencia “Consumo del mango en el Mercado Americano: Promoción, Investigaciones y Nuevas Tendencias” para orientar a los participantes sobre el mercado actual del mango en los Estados Unidos y la comercialización del mismo.

Además de ponentes de Estados Un…


ASTRONOMERS ASK: Why Is Earth So Dry? ...

by Staff Writers
Baltimore MD (SPX) Jul 20, 2012

This illustration of two different disk models shows overhead views of the structure of the protoplanetary disk that encircled the newborn Sun 4.6 billion years ago. The Sun's family of planets agglomerated from dust and ices within the disk. The major difference between the two models is the location of the so-called snow line, which divides a warm, dry area of the disk from an icy, turbulent region. In the standard disk model, shown at left, Earth formed beyond the snow line, in an icy region. Our planet should, therefore, contain lots of water because it formed from ices that would have been a major fraction of its composition. However, it's estimated that less than 1 percent of Earth's mass is locked up in water, which has puzzled scientists. In the new disk model, shown at right, Earth formed in a warmer, dry region, outside the snow line, which is much farther away from the Sun. This model explains why Earth is comparati…


You probably hear about the Syria uprising every day.

News agencies run stories of human atrocities and pontificate about Western intervention, but these stories don't tell you the endgame.

The U.S. has left Iraq, and Iran is ready to fill the resultant power vacuum and raise its stature in the region.

Syria is the current battleground for this wider struggle. 

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United States want to add Syria to the coalition of states counterbalancing Iran. 

Iran, on the other hand, needs to keep Syria as a strong ally in the Levant as a check on Israel. 

Then there are the Russians, whose relationship with the Syrians grants them access to the Mediterranean Sea and gives them leverage on the West.

What happens in Syria matters.


The Minister's Tree House,Tennessee ...

Read all about this amazing TREE HOUSE ...

FOODNEWS Commentary for Friday, July 20, 2012 ...

Sweetening the deal

Friday July 20 2012

FIRST, there was fat. 

Then came sugar. 

FOODNEWS scarcely goes a day without receiving a plethora of press releases and news snippets about how bad for you tasty food condiments are.

Newspapers frequently warn consumers about salt in canned vegetables, or about sugar in juice and canned fruit. 

The processed food industry is well aware that certain consumers want good, wholesome, healthy products which are low in sugar, salt, or whatever the latest baddie happens to be. That, at least, is the theory. 

But when Campbell Soup Company reduced the sodium in its soups by up to 45%, a dip in sales prompted a swift about-turn. 

It appears that for many consumers, it was a case of the head says no, the heart says yes – whatever the blood pressure readings are.

This raises the interesting question of where a manufacturer’s responsibilities lie. Is it the role of food producers to dictate what goes into consumers’ diets?

A number of factors come into play here. P…

CAYMAN ISLANDS: Treat yourself to a mango tree ...

By: Natasha Were |

20 July, 2012

Planting a tree in your yard is probably the easiest way to offset your carbon footprint.

During the course of a lifetime, all of those carbon-absorbing leaves will make a significant contribution to the health of the planet. If it’s a fruit bearing tree, it’s also a regular source of juicy, vitmain-laden fruits.

This Saturday, 28 July, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is holding its annual mango tree sale, so if you want to be able to enjoy your own sun-ripened mangos, get yourself along to the park from 9am onwards.

“We will have over 500 grafted Mango trees in three gallon pot size available for purchase,” says John Lawrus, general manager of the Botanic Park. “There will be over 20 varieties for sale including Alphonso, Bombay, Carrie, Cogshall, DOT, East Indian, Edward, Fairchild, Glenn, Graham, Haden, Ice Cream, Jakarta, Julie, Keitt, Kent, Lancetilla, Mallika, Nam Doc, Neelum, Rosigold, Val Carrie, and Valencia Pride.”

The sale …

A key to making our soils productive & sustainable.................


Published on Jun 28, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish

Colombia is known for many things. 

On the plus side there is its vibrant lifestyle, its diverse and beautiful landscape with heart stopping vistas, its rich culture and history and of course its fabulous coffee. 

On the debit side there is its unfortunate place at the top of the world league of cocaine producers and a reputation for violence born out of South America's longest running armed conflict, between government forces, left wing insurgents and right wing paramilitaries. 

And then there are its emeralds. 

To those who covet the sparkling green gems, Colombia is where the very finest stones - those with the deepest colour and fewest imperfections and trace elements - are to be found. 

Emeralds have been mined there since antiquity and were as much prized by the Incan nobility as they were by the Spanish conquistadors who spread across the 'new world' in the 16th century. 

Today, Colombia is responsible for almost two thirds of …

Emerald Czar's Failing Health Could Spark Conflict in Colombia ...

Thursday, 19 July 2012 12:27

Written by Edward Fox


Colombian emerald magnate Victor Carranza is approaching his end after a long battle with cancer, and his demise could spark a bloody war for control of this lucrative industry, with a long list of criminal groups waiting in the wings.

It is impossible to talk about the emerald trade in Colombia without mentioning Victor Carranza. He is said to have complete control over the industry, and has been instrumental in shaping its trajectory over the last two decades. 

Colombia accounts for some 60 percent of the global emerald trade, with many of the most valuable stones coming from Carranza’s own mines in the western Boyaca province. 

However, Carranza's health is failing, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago, and then with lung cancer in 2010, and there is no successor in line to take over his vast empire.

A documentary recently aired by Al Jazeera explored the prospects for what lies ahead when Carranza passes aw…