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VENEZUELA DE CHAVEZ: Incautan 250 kilogramos de cocaína en presunta pista clandestina en Apure (+fotos) ...

Publicado el 23 de julio de 2012 4:28 pm |

Foto: Prensa CICPC

(Caracas. 23 de julio. Nota de Prensa).- Funcionarios adscritos a la Delegación del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (Cicpc) del estado Apure, incautaron 250 kilogramos de cocaína en las adyacencias de una presunta pista clandestina.

La información la dio a conocer de manera oficial el Viceministro de Sistema Integrado de Investigación Penal, Mayor General (EJB) Hugo Armando Carvajal Barrios, quien precisó que el operativo policial se llevó a cabo este sábado a las 5:00 de la tarde con el apoyo de la inteligencia social mediante una llamada al 0800CICPC24 (08002427224), por lo que fue organizada una comisión que se trasladó al sector Queseras del Meta, municipio Pedro Camejo, del Estado Apure.

Detalló el alto funcionario que las comisiones policiales detectaron a orillas de un morichal, una demarcación dentro de la maleza de aproximadamente dos kilómetros de longitud, por treinta metros de ancho,…

Chávez anuncia que mostrará el rostro "computarizado" del prócer Simón Bolívar ...

Tras la reciente exhumación del Libertador y la de sus hermanas, el presidente venezolano aseguró que el próximo martes mostrará "un trabajo computarizado en tres dimensiones sobre el cráneo de Bolívar".

Domingo 22 Julio 2012

El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, anunció este domingo que el próximo martes, natalicio del prócer caraqueño independentista Simón Bolívar, mostrará el rostro "computarizado" en tercera dimensión del también llamado Libertador, obtenido gracias a su reciente exhumación y la de sus hermanas.

"Voy a mostrar la foto del rostro de Simón Bolívar. Ha sido un trabajo maravilloso de los expertos. Un trabajo computarizado en tres dimensiones sobre el cráneo de Bolívar que fue escaneado científicamente. Ayer me llegó, es impresionante, es como si le hubieran tomado una foto. Venezuela y el mundo lo va a ver el próximo 24 de julio", anunció Chávez en un acto televisado.

Un equipo de medio centenar de forenses exhumó los restos de Bolív…

Dr. Richard Campbell "bares all" for magazine cover ....

Never one to shy away from self promotion, Dr. Richard Campbell poses for magazine cover ...


Images courtesy of MADD Facebook page

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With Ramadan kicking-off ’round about now, more than a billion people globally will mark the Muslim month of fasting by abstaining from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset. This year, however, Google is seemingly going all out to help celebrate the occasion by streaming Islamic prayers live from Mecca, something it first initiated last year. However, it’s going even further in 2012. For those looking to gather with family and watch Ramadan-related TV shows created for the holiday, YouTube will help with the scheduling and overlapping issue that happens when so many programmes are broadcast. A new YouTube Ramadan channel seeks to let viewers watch more than fifty premium Ramadan shows on-demand. While fasting plays a pivotal part in the Ramadan celebrations, so does food. When the sun goes down, Google is hosting thirty virtual Google+ Hangouts throughout Ramadan (one each day), reeling in celebrity chefs to share their top recipes, and other notable public figures will discuss…

CHINA: Deadly Beijing floods prompt infrastructure questions ...

Record rainfall hit Beijing on Saturday, inundating roads

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Chinese media and internet users have raised questions after the heaviest rainfall to hit Beijing in 60 years left 37 people dead.

Newspapers and netizens asked why drains in the capital could not cope and why more warnings were not given.

The storm struck Beijing on Saturday night, with torrential rain continuing for several hours.

Roads were flooded and thousands stranded at transport hubs by the bad weather.

On Monday many parts of the capital had returned to normal, with clear skies and the airport operating as usual, after hundreds of flights were cancelled at the weekend.

Hilly areas on the edge of the city were hardest hit.


Several Chinese newspapers criticised the capital's drainage system for failing to cope with the onslaught, in contrast to the centuries-old ditches around th…

INDIA: Mango season ends on sour note ...

Dip in yield and price leaves a bitter aftertaste


Mangoes being kept for sale in Mambazhasalai in Srirangam in Tiruchi on Tuesday. Photo: M.Srinath

"While the yield has been far less than that of last year, the price is either equal to that of last year or at times even less than that of last year," said K.S.Sivaramamurugan, a farmer

Even as the mango season is set for a close, the growers’ woes seem to have no end. We are facing a strange situation which defies ordinary laws of economics, they assert.

Tiruchi district has a total mango area of about 3,000 acres of which 750 acres is irrigated and the rest rain-fed. February to July is the normal mango season in the district.

“While the yield has been far less than that of last year, the price is either equal to that of last year or at times even less than that of last year,” laments K.S.Sivaramamurugan, who has about 40 acre horticultural crops in Manikandam area.

M.Singarayar, another mango grower of Karungulam, …