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“Más de 230 productos puede exportar Venezuela muy pronto a Brasil": Chávez ...

miércoles 25 de julio de 2012 08:49 PM
AVN / Caracas

El presidente Hugo Chávez indicó este miércoles que se evaluó con el gobierno de Brasil los mecanismos existentes para activar las exportaciones de Venezuela a esa nación tras ingresar al Mercosur.

Luego de una reunión con una comisión de alto nivel proveniente de Brasil, Chávez explicó que Venezuela puede exportar a la nación vecina 230 productos.

“Se ha identificado un conjunto de más de 230 productos que Venezuela puede exportar muy pronto a Brasil", precisó.

Asimismo, refirió que se creará fondo especial para empresarios que exponer a naciones del Mercosur.

"Se han acordado reuniones tanto en Brasilia como en Montevideo en agosto, que tienen que ver con nomenclatura común, tenemos que acoplarnos a la nomenclatura de Mercosur, la normativa de Mercosur”.

El presidente Hugo Chávez agradeció a los gobiernos de Brasil, Argentina y Uruguay por apoyar su ingreso al Mercosur.

Manifestó el Ejecutivo que la presidenta de Brasil, Dilma…

Los mejores y peores carbohidratos de la dieta ...

25Jul 2012 Comer o no comer carbohidratos Muchos creen que los carbohidratos son los “malos de la película”, porque engordan. Sin embargo, según informa la Academia de Nutrición y Dietética,esto no es cierto: engordan las calorías, de cualquier fuente que provengan. Tampoco promueven la acumulación de grasa y según un reciente estudio publicado en el Journal de la Asociación Dietética Americana, hay menos riesgo de obesidad si se consumen la mitad de las calorías diarias en carbohidratos “buenos”. ¿Qué son los carbohidratos? Se encuentran en gran cantidad de alimentos: pan, legumbres, galletitas, frutas, verduras, batidos y pasteles. Y se presentan en forma de azúcares, fibra o almidón, según explica una publicación de la Escuela de Salud Pública de Harvard. El dilema, entonces, es cómo elegir los carbohidratos “buenos”. ¿Cuántos carbohidratos se recomiendan? Las Academias Nacionales del Instituto de Medicina recomiendan incluir carbohidratos con fibra en la dieta. Así se asegura cubr…

Pitching Philippine tourism via ‘polvoron,’ mangoes ...

By Jocelyn R. Uy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
4:53 am | Thursday, July 26th, 2012

SEOUL—Don’t belittle the unpretentious “polvoron.”

Fashioned out of flour, powdered milk and sugar, it is one of the native Philippine delicacies, along with dried mangoes, offered in a one-stop shop set up on a street in this bustling South Korean capital to attract more Korean tourists to the Philippines.

On the shop’s glass window, an eye-catching poster greets passersby: “Outdoor cafés. More fun in the Philippines.”

Guests at the shop are offered mango juice or coffee and Filipino delicacies, such as dried mangoes and polvoron, while they browse through brochures detailing holiday packages to the Philippines.

The shop’s staff is a mix of Filipinos and Koreans.

The Department of Tourism on Saturday opened its first ever international one-stop shop and showroom to pump up the already growing tourist traffic from South Korea.

“Korea is our No. 1 market so it is only right that we set up our first ever showroom here…

Toward super-size wind turbines: Bigger wind turbines do make greener electricity ...

by Staff Writers
Washington DC (SPX) Jun 25, 2012

On the horizon: super-giant turbines approaching 1,000 feet in diameter.

In a study that could solidify the trend toward construction of gigantic windmills, scientists have concluded that the larger the wind turbine, the greener the electricity it produces. Their report appears in ACS' journal Environmental Science and Technology.

Marloes Caduff and colleagues point out that wind power is an increasingly popular source of electricity. It provides almost 2 percent of global electricity worldwide, a figure expected to approach 10 percent by 2020.

The size of the turbines also is increasing.

One study shows that the average size of commercial turbines has grown 10-fold in the last 30 years, from diameters of 50 feet in 1980 to nearly 500 feet today.

On the horizon: super-giant turbines approaching 1,000 feet in diameter. The authors wanted to determine whether building larger turbines makes wind energy more or less environmentally friendly.


At present, 6,800 hectares of land in Tainan are dedicated to growing mangoes, and the region exports about 900 metric tons of the fruit to Japan and 600 metric tons to South Korea every year.

Mangoes were introduced to Taiwan in 1562 and their first home was near Lioujia Township, Tainan County. 

After many years of developments and introduction of new types of mangoes through the Japanese occupation/colonial era and Taiwan Retrocession, a large variety of mangoes are grown in Tainan with more being studied and developed near the county. 

In addition of the domestically famous Irwin, Chiin Hwang, Local (土芒果), there's Keitt, Kent (肯特), Haden and Tainung No.1 and 2 and other types available. Tainan County has become the biggest mango-producing place in Taiwan with over 1 hundred thousand ton per year.

With exceptional qualities these mangoes have been exported overseas to places like Hong Kong, Singapore, and other Southeastern places. The most demanding consumers in Japan have been h…

MARCO ISLAND, FLORIDA: Mango's holds official ribbon-cutting with party, music ...

9:52 AM, Jul. 25, 2012 |

The restaurant's owners, staff members and supporters enjoy the symbolic ribbon-cutting moment. / Quentin Roux/

Written by
Quentin Roux

Jane Purcell shows off a plate of heavy hors d'oeuvres provided by the restaurant for the occasion. / Quentin Roux/

Mango’s Dockside Bistro made it official Tuesday evening this week by staging a chamber-sponsored ribbon-cutting ceremony.

A few hundred people jammed the restaurant and outside area to enjoy the festivities, which included kids’ outside games, plenty of food to snack on, and the vibes of entertainer Frank Carroll.

The bistro is the culmination of what began as a take-out-and-catering business, Chefs’ Express, which opened seven years ago.

Mango’s is approaching its first year at The Esplanade dockside location.

See more photos in the Thursday, July 26, print edition of the Marco Island Sun Times.…


Imtiaz Hussain of Imtiaz Enterprises

Pakistan: Mango exports not going to plan

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain, M.D. Imtiaz Enterprises has been providing his views while receiving the Global Food Safety Awards 2012, organized by the National Forum for Environment and Health & Halal Research Council.

He stated that a team of experts from Japan and South Korea have arrived in Pakistan to inspect the Hot Water Treatment plants in Karachi as well as the country's entire mango supply chain. Hot water treatment is not yet commercially available in Pakistan and moves such as this one are to be highly welcomed, according to Hussain.

With regards to the current state of the mango export markets, he said, "Mango exports don't seem to be going as planned this season, with indications being that the country will not achieve its target of 200,000 tones. The slow pace of the trade will mean financial hardship for the growers and also, for the national economy, which benefits immensely from the su…

Brazil to build first algae-based biofuel plant ...

by Staff Writers
Rio De Janeiro (AFP) July 24, 2012

The world's first industrial plant producing biofuels from seaweed will be built in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco in late 2013, the official in charge of the project said Thursday.

The factory to be set up by Austrian firm SAT on a sugar cane plantation that yields ethanol, will produce 1.2 million liters of algae-based biofuels annually, Rafael Bianchini, head of SAT's Brazilian subsidiary, told AFP.

The $9.8 million facility will make use of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in the ethanol production to speed up the photosynthesis process in the seaweeds and thus reduce emissions of polluting gases into the environment, he said.

Bianchini said the goal was to "convert the CO2 from a passive to an active" state, making use of the strong CO2 emissions lost in the sugar cane ethanol production.

"For each ethanol liter produced, one kilogram of CO2 is released in the atmosphere. We are going to take thi…

Cuba: Mango pulp packaging problem is solved ...

Problems related to the deficit of five-gallon containers to store pulp, find solution in the mango processing industry, in Santiago de Cuba.

Dalgis Peña, head of the factory plant in Caney, Santiago, explained to ACN that after complications with raw materials, specifically the lack of tin, currently the providence is receiving a significant amount of these containers.

Currently pulp production is stabilized, resulting in the production of jam and nectar, Peña explained.

Peña added that the difficulties in the supply of packaging affected the production of that line, to which breaks past deficiencies in boilers and water pumps were present last month.

Sobeida Vinent, technologist of the industry, noted that such packaging is arrive from Havana, although still below demand, thanks to the company Empresa de Conservas y Vegetales of the eastern territory.

To date, they have reached 1,164 tons of pulp, a plan that exceeds 2,200, a figure that they are able to achieve, as stated by her.

At the …

Fire on MSC Ship Under Control, Salvors Say ...

Joseph Bonney, Senior Editor 

| Jul 24, 2012 2:13PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Each container must be checked before the vessel can enter a port

Salvors report that a fire on the container ship MSC Flaminia has been brought under control as a tug continues to tow the stricken ship toward Europe, the ship’s owner said.

Thick fog prevented the salvage team from boarding the ship early Tuesday. Shipowner Reederei NSB said that when visibility improved, a salvage team would board the ship to check each container and extinguish any remaining fires.

This procedure must be completed before the ship receives permission to enter a port, Reederei NSB said. The shipowner said it has not decided which port the vessel will call next.

The MSC Flaminia was being towed by the tug Fairmount Expedition at a speed of 5 knots, with the tugs Anglian Sovereign and Carlo Magno on standby. The group of vessels was reported 320 nautical miles off the U.K. early Tuesday.

“The tugboat Anglian Sover…

LAOS: Work progresses on Mekong dam? ...

by Staff Writers
Vientiane, Laos (UPI) Jul 24, 2012

disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

Construction is proceeding at the controversial proposed $3.8 billion Xayaburi Dam site on the Lower Mekong River in northern Laos, observers say, despite calls for the Laos government to put the project on hold until further studies are conducted into the dam's impact on lower Mekong communities.

About 95 percent of the dam's 1,260-megawatt capacity is intended for export to Thailand, which is financing the project. Thailand would operate the dam, turning it over to Laos after 30 years.

The Lower Mekong supports nearly 60 million people who depend on it for their livelihood, says the World Wildlife Fund.

While the Laos government says that only preparatory work on the dam has been conducted, the Bangkok Post reported that work is still under way at the site, including a dike straddling the Mekong River that locals say is obstructing the passage of boats.

The site also includes pa…

RIP: Gourmet Trading president Chris Martin dies ...

IMO NOTE: Chris Martin was one of the original supporters of the IMO initiative and attended our first IMO GLOBAL MANGO CONFERENCE in La Quinta, California in 2000. Chris will be sorely missed. We send our condolences to the entire Martin Family.

July 24th, 2012

Fruit industry veteran and Gourmet Trading Company president Chris Martin died of a heart attack on Monday, Jul. 23, during a family trip with his wife Sharon and their four daughters.

The New Zealand native was president of the company since 1988 and was also West Coast co-chairman of the Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA).

Gourmet Trading Company co-owner Paul Martin issued a statement of mourning for his brother, while also celebrating his many achievements.

“Chris and I had a vision many years ago of providing a worldwide supply of asparagus, blueberries and other products to many countries around the world,” said Paul.

“Through Chris’ vision and the support of his outstanding staff around the world, Gourmet Trading…


New Members: Last 7 Days


Luc Hellebuyck,
Director at Sohe cvba

Gent Area, Belgium


SangYeol Kim,
Samsung food land Direct



Ashok B

Pune Area, India


K H Vijayadeva Reddy,
Independent Farming Professional

Bengaluru Area, India


Raj Makkad
Sales & Marketing

Orange County, California Area


Owner, ams european

Paris Area, France


periasamy saravanan,
Chemicals Professional

Tiruchchirappalli Area, India


Tom Ricker,
Responsible for Marketing & Sales Export , Export Markets and Development at Productos Naturales de Exportación S.A.;



Arturo Javier Caraballo López,
Compras, servicio al cliente, ventas en Dianka Joyeria

Zapopan Area, Mexico

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July 24, 2012 —
Perishable Pundit Overview:

A Modest Proposal For Reviving The Merger Of PMA And United

A Modest Proposal For Reviving The Merger Of PMA And United

One thing that came through loud and clear at PMA’s Foodservice Conference is that many industry leaders believe we should have one national produce trade association. They consider the collapse of talks between the two associations to be a ridiculous kind of petty inside-baseball by the two associations, an example of leadership forgetting about the broader strategic imperatives of the industry and getting distracted by non-issues like whether their favorite CEO got the job or not.

These industry leaders want to see consolidation of PMA and United into one national trade association. Steve Grinstead, Chief Executive Officer for Pro*Act, may have expressed this viewpoint most clearly when he told the Pundit: “The industry should tell the associations that we do not accept the conclusion.”

Now we have to say as a prerequisite that…