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Llama olímpica arde en Londres ...


El pebetero fue encendido por siete jóvenes que recibieron la antorcha de manos del pentacampeón olímpico británico de remo, Steve Redgrave

El futbolista Inglés David Beckham junto a la velocista Jade Bailey llevaron la antorcha por el Támesis (AP)

Doble de la reina Isabel II llegó en paracaídas a Londres

Presentación de la delegación venezolana y encendido del fuego olímpico

Londres abrió los Juegos con una ceremonia espectacular y muy británica

Venezuela desfiló de blanco en el Estadio Olímpico
Rogge: "Los Juegos Olímpicos vuelven a casa"

viernes 27 de julio de 2012 07:31 PM

Londres.- La llama olímpica iluminará desde hoy el Estadio Olímpico de Londres, donde brillará durante los 16 días de competiciones de los Juegos Olímpicos de 2012.

El pebetero, formado por varias columnas que se fueron levantando, fue encendido por siete jóvenes que recibieron la antorcha de manos del pentacampeón olímpico británico de remo Steve Redgrave.

Redgrave transportó la llama o…

South American countries unite towards agricultural goals

July 27th, 2012

Six South American countries have agreed to combine efforts with protocols in a bid to harness China’s growing agricultural export opportunities.

Santiago played host to the XXIII Regular Meeting of the Southern Agricultural Council (CAS) this week, where agricultural ministers, state secretaries and expert delegates from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay discussed the region’s pressing issues.

Key topics included trade relationships with China, foot-and-mouth disease, rural land ownership and strengthening the region’s position in international business.

Argentina’s secretary of agriculture Lorenzo Basso said the meeting was “very productive” involving a range of issues.

“We arrived at two declarations being signed – one about foot-and-mouth disease and the other linked to CAS strategies in the approaches emerging with China concerning technical cooperation,” he said.

In the first statement, involving the disease and the strengthening of ‘health ring…

MANGO ON THE MENU: Fruit of the Islands Ice Pops: Raspberry, Mango, Pineapple and Kiwi ...

We are truly enjoying the fruits of summer this year. 

 This ice pop was inspired by my desire to make an awesome ice pop that brought together some of the flavors of the islands and then luckily, the planets aligned (aka the store sales cooperated). 

 We combined some of our favorite flavors to make an incredibly eye catching amazingly flavored ice pop. This one our Munchkin calls an I-Pop. Cute huh?

Truly a rainbow of fruit flavor. Geesh, every time I start to describe this I run across another product advertisement. Those Saturday morning commercials must have been really good as a kid. They are still stuck in my head. Taste the rainbow!

Ice Pops or popsicles, whatever you call them, they are such an easy and healthy treat. Our 2 year old (affectionately called Munchkin) devours ice pops all day. Smoothie pops are her favorite.

 Virtually every morning Chad and Munchkin enjoy a Banana Orange Smoothie. I take the left over smoothie at breakfast and pour it into a mold and she ha…

HAWAII: Big Island's mango fest celebrates delicious, diverse crop during peak of harvest season ...

by: Maureen O'Connell

posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Mango season is under way in Hawaii, and this summer’s crop is bountiful. 

Reason enough to celebrate? We think so. 

If you agree — and happen to be on the Big Island this weekend — head on over to the Kona Coast’s Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort for the fourth annual Mango Festival.

The free fest’s full weekend of “juicy jive,” 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow and Sunday at the resort in Kailua-Kona, will celebrate Hawaii’s delicious and diverse mango varieties during the peak of the harvest season.

Among the highlights: a recipe contest, culinary demos, music and dance performances, arts-and-crafts activities, and, of course, mango-themed eats and drinks of all sorts.

The recipe contest — amateur chefs only — and culinary demonstration are slated for 1 p.m. tomorrow. Following the contest, chef Hubert des Marais from The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii will share his culinary tips on how to feature mangoes in delish dishes.

Also, on Saturday…


FOODNEWS Commentary for Friday July 27, 2012 ...

When will it end?

Friday July 27 2012

ALL eyes are on Spain right now, no doubt about it. 

On 20 July Madrid’s stock exchange suffered its worst day in two years, dragging down Europe’s equity market after the country’s Valencia region asked for a bailout. This got everyone thinking and worrying, once again, about Spain’s financial health and the eurozone debt crisis. 

It also helped to feed fears that other Spanish regions may follow Valencia at a time when the central government itself is having trouble borrowing money. A local newspaper in Murcia, one of Spain’s smallest regions, quoted the regional government’s head as saying it would soon ask for funding help of up to EUR300 million (USD366 million), which it later denied.

It is a fact that many of Spain’s regions have high borrowing needs, and the two regions in the spotlight are well-known for their agricultural significance.

Just last week the Ministry of Agriculture and Water in Murcia announced financial aid valued at EUR35 millio…

LONDRES 2012: Bolt, Gasol, Djokovic y Sharapova lideran la lluvia de estrellas ...


27 de julio de 2012

Varios aficionados posan junto a la réplica de cera del corredor jamaicano Usain Bolt durante una sesión de fotos en el museo Madame Tussauds en Londres, Reino Unido, el pasado lunes 23 de julio. EFE

Londres, 27 jul (EFE).- El jamaicano Usain Bolt, el español Pau Gasol, el serbio Novak Djokovic y la rusa Maria Sharapova lideran la lluvia de estrellas de los deportistas que serán los abanderados esta noche durante la Ceremonia de Inauguración de los Juegos de Londres 2012.

En total serán 205 los países que desfilarán (incluido el grupo de atletas independientes) en el estadio Olímpico londinense. Grecia abrirá el fuego con el taekwondista Alexandros Nikolaidis y gran Bretaña, como anfitriona, cerrará el emotivo paseo de los representantes de los deportistas con Chris Hoy, la gran figura del ciclismo en pista con cuatro oros olímpicos en su palmarés.

Bolt fue una de las grandes estrellas de Pekín 2008 y acude a Londres 2012 de nuevo como una de…

PAKISTAN: Multan mango pulp production on the up ...

July 26, 2012 - Updated 2333 PKT
From Web Edition

MULTAN: Chairman Board of Management Mango Pulp Plant Malik Ghulam Abbas Rawn said plant would prepare three thousands tons of pulp during on-going season.

He informed media a response of mango growers towards the plant for preparation of pulp was remarkable. He added that different multi-national companies purchased pulp within short span of time which helped growers to earn handsome money.

He said the plant had prepared one thousand so far and hoped that the plant would provide two thousand ton pulp further during the season.

About service charges, he added that plant would earn Rs 22.5 million in line with service charges.

Ghulam Abbas also informed that the plant would also make 700 tonnes of Guava and 600 ton of peach as they were obtaining orders from multi-national companies. (APP)


Greece, Italy, Spain... There is a reason it's Europe's southern nations that are facing the worst of the financial crisis.

The dense river network in northwestern Europe (not to mention other infrastructure) affords that region much lower transportation costs. Thus, Northern nations have a significant competitive advantage in exporting. The one trick Southern nations had up their sleeves—devaluing their currencies to make their exports cheaper—ended with the adoption of the euro.

The result? An Italy with a national debt at 120% of GDP, and a Germany with a trade surplus -- negative outlook credit rating or not.

Understand the unfolding financial catastrophein Europe and what will happen next when you join Stratfor. Enjoy a 63% discount (avoiding any financial catastrophe of your own) off your first year, plus see how geography shapes other regions with your free copy of The Revenge of Geography - the soon-to-be-released book by Stratfor's Chief Geopolitical Analyst Robert …

FLORIDA: Mango Cocktail Recipes From the Bartender at Mango's

By Sara Ventiera

Fri., Jul. 27 2012 at 7:40 AM

Categories: Booze Hound, Cocktail Culture

Bartender Angela Erickson of Mango's Makes us a Mango Martini

The beginning of mango season is great. 

Fresh juicy mangoes are just falling off trees.

Their sweet aroma perfumes the air. 

Best of all they're widely available and, assuming you've got a pal with a nice tropically-landscaped yard, free.

If said neighbor is wise, he will totally share the bounty because after a while, this mango madness starts to get old. Mangoes are everywhere, tons of them fermenting in the streets.

Ugh -- that smell. What can we possibly do with all of these mangoes?

Here's one option for tastefully disposing of the overabundance of fruit. (Check out our recent recipe for Strawberry-Mango muffins).

Bartender Angels Erickson of -- where else? -- Mango's Las Olas, showed us how to whip up two of the restaurant's signature mango drinks: the $9 mango martini and the $7.75 Mango-lada.

For the Mango Martini:

Why is Google Picking a Fight with the Mafia? ...

Friday, 20 July 2012 07:27

Written by Steven Dudley


Google Ideas' two-day conference on how to best use technology to fight criminal networks was a forum for tough, anti-mafia rhetoric, but competing interests and few concrete proposals make the proposed geek-government-activist partnership more difficult than advertised.

If there was doubt about Google's resolve in fighting what it calls "Illicit Networks," some of it was washed away with a few words from Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on day one of the conference: "At the end of the day, there really are bad people, and you have to go in and arrest them and kill them."

The statement, which came during the question-and-answer session and was cut from the video version below, seemed to stun all but Google Ideas' own employees who have seen the more combative side of Schmidt on his recent trips to Ciudad Juarez, among other places. The conference continued apace with panelists and Google staff alike t…


Olympic Games 2012: 'Singular vision' as £27m worth of secrets unveiled

Danny Boyle, the director of the London 2012 opening ceremony, has admitted it will be impossible to satisfy everyone

Owen Gibson, Olympics editor, Thursday 26 July 2012 17.09 EDT

Danny Boyle has produced what has been described as a 'singular vision', with music by Underworld and other top British acts. Photograph: Gabriel Bouys/Getty

It must distil thousands of years of history into just over an hour, reflect a nation unto itself, promote Britain to the world, satisfy the demands of politicians and organisers, entertain 1bn viewers and bring the curtain up on the planet's biggest sporting event. So no pressure.

Film director Danny Boyle, the creative director of Friday night's £27m London 2012 opening ceremony, has already admitted that it will be an impossible task to satisfy everyone.

Instead, he has produced what has been described by overall ceremonies creative chief Stephen D…

The 2012 Olympic Games are Officially underway

THE eyes of the world will focus on Britain tonight — and they should “B” prepared for the greatest show ever seen.

The very Best of British will be on display as the 2012 Olympic Games finally kick off with a dazzling £27million opening ceremony viewed by billions across the globe.

National icons including James Bond, David Beckham and Beatle Sir Paul McCartney will all feature. They are expected to open the Games in Stratford, East London, with the Old Baked Bean — cockney slang for the Queen.

Man With The Golden Boot ... Bond star Daniel Craig and ace David Beckham will feature in the ceremony

Becks, 37, said last night: “It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. What the rest of the world will see, I don’t think any other country could do it better.”

PM David Cameron vowed last night: “You will find it spine-tingling.”

Army helicopters carrying “Bond” are likely to fly over the Olympic Stadium as the 007 movie theme blares out.

Rock 'n royalty ... Sir Paul McCartney and the Quee…