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USA: Supervalu CEO Herkert leaves retailer ...

By: Dean Best | 30 July 2012

Chairman Sales named president, CEO
Replaces Herkert, who spent three years in charge

Supervalu's recent performance under spotlight

Under-pressure US retailer Supervalu Inc today (30 July) announced CEO Craig Herkert has left the company.

Supervalu, which is battling to revitalise its business after three years of falling gross profit and identical-store sales, said chairman Wayne Sales had replaced Herkert.

The retailer is undertaking a review of its operations, which could include a sale of the company.

The review was announced earlier this month after another quarter of falling sales. In the short term, Supervalu is accelerating its moves to lower prices and lowering costs.

Mr Sales said he would continue to lead the strategic review but also outlined his priorities for Supervalu, which has come under the scrutiny of analysts.

"We will take significant cost out of the business, and move with urgency in our retail food business to lower prices and crea…

IMO FORESTRY: Researchers dig through the gene bank to uncover the roots of the evolutionary tree ...

by Staff Writers

Washington DC (SPX) Jul 30, 2012

File image.

Ever since Darwin first published The Origin of the Species, scientists have been striving to identify a last universal common ancestor of all living species. 

Paleontological, biochemical, and genomic studies have produced conflicting versions of the evolutionary tree.

Now a team of researchers, led by a professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo and including area high school students, has developed a novel method to search the vast archives of known gene sequences to identify and compare similar proteins across the many kingdoms of life.

Using the comparisons to quantify the evolutionary closeness of different species, the researchers have identified Actinobacteria, a group of single membrane bacteria that include common soil and water life forms, as the base of the evolutionary tree. They will present their findings at the annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association (ACA), held July 28 - Aug. 1 …


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Estas son las 10 ciudades más caras del planeta ...

Junio 12, 2012 3:07 pm

Tokio, la capital de Japón, es la ciudad más cara del mundo para los expatriados, delante de Luanda, la capital angoleña, que anteriormente ocupaba el primer lugar de esta clasificación establecida por el estudio británico Mercer.

La ciudad de Karachi, en Pakistán, ocupa el último lugar de la clasificación que toma en cuenta 214 ciudades de los cinco continentes.

El estudio toma como ciudad de referencia a Nueva York está basada en el costo del transporte, la alimentación, la vestimenta, el esparcimiento, los aparatos electrodomésticos y el alojamiento, que a menudo “constituye el gasto más importante de los expatriados”

Ninguna ciudad de la Unión Europea figura entre las diez urbes más caras del mundo.

Londres se ubica en el 25º lugar, Roma en el 34º y París ocupa el 37º.

En el continente americano, Sao Paulo (12º) y Río de Janeiro (13º) son las más caras delante de Nueva York (33º), la más costosa de Estados Unidos.

La lista de las 10 ciudades más caras, según el est…