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IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) finishes July on a strong note ...

Another 100 thousand plus pageview month for the IMO BLOG as July 2012 comes to an end....

June 2012 saw 110,042 pageviews and July 2012 has topped that number ...

USA viewership has topped the half million milestone ...

ALLTIME Pageviews by Countries since March 14, 2011 ...


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July 31, 2012, 10:27 AM

Mango Mania


KARACHI — Summers in the city — and across much of Pakistan —— are relentless. Temperatures typically hit 100 degrees, power outages drag on for hours, heatstroke is common, and while monsoon rains bring some relief, they bring great ruin through widespread flooding.

But there is one thing that makes Pakistanis anticipate the torpid summer months — mangoes.

With their golden yellow, blushing pink and pale green hues coloring markets by the cart-full, Pakistani mangoes are a source of national joy and pride. But bad luck — and poor logistics — are now threatening Pakistan’s king of fruits.

The country is the fifth-largest producer and third-largest exporter of mangoes in the world. For as long as I can remember, mangoes have turned oppressive summers into seasons of celebration and amity. Friends and families share crates of the finest mangoes. Rival tribes exchange baskets to resolve arguments. 

Hotels and restaurants host mango festivals fea…

OCEAN CARGO: (Brazil) CMA CGM upgrades its BRAZEX Service

Following the end of its cooperation with Maersk Line on the South America East Coast - Caribbean Trade, CMA CGM has decided to maintain and upgrade its fixed-day weekly BRAZIL EXPRESS (BRAZEX) Service as from end August 2012 with the introduction of two new Brazilian ports on its rotation, Manaus and Salvador de Bahia. 

As from the 20th August 2012 departing from Manzanillo, Panama en route to Brazil, the CMA CGM Group network will be covered by the following loop: 

BRAZEX service:
CMA CGM will be the only operator of the new BRAZEX service with 8 dedicated vessels of 1700 TEUs.

Rotation: Manzanillo (Mon) > Kingston (Thu) > Port of Spain (Mon) > Manaus (Tue) > Suape (Tue) > Santos (Sat) > Paranagua (Mon) > Itajai (Tue) > Santos (Fri) > Rio de Janeiro (Sun) > Salvador de Bahia (Wed) > Cartagena (Sat) > Manzanillo.

Furthermore, the BRAZEX service will continue offering to its customers seamless relay to South America North and West Coast, Central America …

Spain's Corruption Capital: Trial Highlights Extent of Building Boom Sleaze

By Helene Zuber

Getty Images

Spain's construction boom attracted many hustlers, particularly to the Costa del Sol's luxury resort town of Marbella. 

But now a singer's high-profile trial for bribery and money laundering is exposing the extent of the abuses and turning the city into a symbol of the consequences of an unsustainable growth model.

The Spanish tabloids and private TV stations had waited months for these images: The country's best known folk singer, and currently its most high-profile defendant, on the way to her trial. 

It seemed as if she were on stage as she walked up the steps to the glass-enclosed entrance of the provincial court on the outskirts of Malaga. It promised to turn into a courtroom operetta, a trial to rival the economic crisis.

The diva kept her face hidden behind oversized black sunglasses, with her long hair tied tightly into a ponytail. Dressed entirely in beige, with a white shawl over her shoulders, she stretched out her head and smiled like…

USA: The Election, the Presidency and Foreign Policy ...

July 31, 2012 | 0900 GMT


By George Friedman

The American presidency is designed to disappoint.

Each candidate must promise things that are beyond his power to deliver. 

No candidate could expect to be elected by emphasizing how little power the office actually has and how voters should therefore expect little from him. 

So candidates promise great, transformative programs. 

What the winner actually can deliver depends upon what other institutions, nations and reality will allow him. 

Though the gap between promises and realities destroys immodest candidates, from the founding fathers' point of view, it protects the republic. They distrusted government in general and the office of the president in particular.

Congress, the Supreme Court and the Federal Reserve Board all circumscribe the president's power over domestic life. This and the authority of the states greatly limit the president's power, just as the country's founders intended. 

To achieve anything substantial, …