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LA VENEZUELA DE CHAVEZ: Mil carros iraníes se encuentran abandonados en Aragua ...

agosto 4, 2012 10:17 am

(Foto Archivo)

A pesar de los anuncios acerca de que el famoso “carro popular”, producto del acuerdo Venezuela-Irán, en la empresa Venirauto, sería una solución para quienes quieren tener vehículo barato, en la planta ensambladora hay unas mil unidades que se están deteriorando.

La denuncia la hizo el diputado Rodolfo Rodríguez, miembro de la comisión de Contraloría, de la Asamblea Nacional (AN), quien viene realizando una investigación, desde hace meses, en relación con las irregularidades presuntamente cometidas en este convenio.

“Existe un inmenso estacionamiento, que se ve desde la Autopista Regional Centro, donde se amontonan cientos de vehículos ensamblados y acumulados desde 2008, porque le faltan piezas que vienen desde Irán por barco y están deteriorándose, llevando sol, agua y tierra”, explicó el parlamentario.

Rodríguez también denunció que la investigación “ha sido paralizada en la AN”, pese a que una subcomisión de parlamentarios hizo visitas a las inst…

GiraDora Increases quality of life for less priviledged ...

Uploaded by TeamGiraDora on Jan 22, 2012

GiraDora is a patent-pending human-powered washer and spin dryer to increase the efficiency and improve the experience of hand-washing clothes. 

The user sits on top of the drum-like appliance and pumps a pedal with her foot, which agitates, cleans, rinses, then spins-dries clothes. While providing a more comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient way to clean clothes, GiraDora also affords opportunities to generate income. 

For under $40, GiraDora more than doubles productivity, increases health of women and children, and affords the opportunity to begin breaking the poverty cycle.

We've also just created a FaceBook page for GiraDora. 

For more updates as they come over the next year, please "like" GiraDora at Thank you again for all your interest! We really appreciate it!

Ecuador anuncia 'joint venture' con Perú para exploración petrolera en la frontera ...

Miércoles, 08 de agosto del 2012



Petroperú y Petroecuador participarán en concesiones previstas para octubre de este año. Además, se firmó acuerdo por US$300 millones para conectar oleoductos.

Ministro ecuatoriano de Recursos Naturales confirmó la alianza. (USI)

Perú21.- Perú y Ecuador alistan un joint venture (alianza de largo plazo) para explorar petróleo en el lado ecuatoriano de la frontera común, acuerdo que se daría 13 años después de la firma de un tratado de paz que puso fin a más de un siglo de conflicto.

El ministro ecuatoriano de Recursos Naturales, Wilson Pástor, dijo hoy en Quito que Petroperú y Petroecuador buscan un acuerdo para participar en concursos de licitación para la concesión de lotes de hidrocarburos en el sureste del país norteño, previstas para octubre.

Asimismo, indicó que ambos países también firmaron un acuerdo por US$300 millones para conectar sus oleoductos y poder transportar el crudo ecuatoriano por el puerto de Bayóvar, al norte del Perú. Esta…


Part Supermarket, Part Date Spot 


Gourmet Table
4555 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33146

official website

They say never food-shop on an empty stomach.

They also say the early bird gets the worm.

And never make the first or last out at third base.

But... where were we... oh, right: food-shopping while you’re hungry.

Don’t do it. Ever.


You’re at Gourmet Table, a new market in Coral Gables that stocks imported delicacies and employs on-site chefs... who’re constantly cooking up said delicacies, now soft-open.

A supermarket with test-drives. That’s sort of the gig here. See something that looks good on the shelves and, well, there’s an attached restaurant that’s currently making a dish featuring it. You know, try before you buy.

So what you’re going to want to do is come here with a date. And a shopping list. Start by combing the wooden racks of rare Mediterranean foodstuffs that are on display (think cognac mustard, truffled honey and grapefruit caviar pearls). G…

IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) sets more & more records ...Higher and Higher ...The Blog is on FIRE !!! ...

Another record 700 unique pageviews at one time was set today (August 8, 2012) ... ....after yesterday's 642 ... ...

Pageviews by Countries EntryPageviews United States 3969 Philippines 161 India 116 United Kingdom 82 <

Caesar's Palace Bacchanal Buffet Debuts This September In Las Vegas ...

Published on Aug 2, 2012 by caesarspalace

This September, Caesars Palace will debut its new $17 million Bacchanal Buffet, a gastronomic feast of more than 500 items prepared fresh daily by a collection of acclaimed chefs.

Learn more about the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace:

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: Five Coaching Strengths that Produce Champions ...

by Marcie Schorr Hirsch and Therese S. Kinal | 1:00 PM August 8, 2012

This summer's Olympics got us thinking: how do we as managers and leaders become coaches who elicit greatness in others? 

A study of the coach-athlete relationships that yield successful performance, released by the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2010, has some findings worth adapting to the coaching of corporate performers. 

Authored by Penny Werthner, an Olympic athlete herself, the reports reveals that, to produce Olympic champions, coaches must deliver in five critical areas:

#1:  help the athlete cultivate self-awareness

#2:  build a strong coach-athlete relationship

#3:  create an optimal training environment

#4:  provide financial and other support systems

#5:  manage the Olympic environment

Of these key contributions, #2 was cited as "the most crucial factor in winning an Olympic Medal or producing a personal best performance."

In the corporate milieu, we can leverage these findings to encourage stron…

NO JOKE!!!: The King of Sierra Leone Visits the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market


The King of Sierra Leone Visits the Produce Market

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market may be seeing future business with various countries in Africa after the King of Sierra Leone paid the market a visit last week on August 1st. 

Recently, a delegation from West Africa to explore exporting produce to Philadelphia, PA. Ambassadors from Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast participated in the tour of the market to pursue possible agriculture exporting and to seek ways to increase the overall economies of these nations.

Tad Thompson, the Business Development Manager for the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market, hosted the representatives for the Republic of Sierra Leone a tour around the market and shared some insights on this upcoming long-term project.

“Philadelphia is a prime port for receiving exports from West Africa. We are a day’s drive from 60% of the nation’s population… However, this cooperative project will not be established overnight. There are many phytosanitary reg…

OCEAN CARGO: Stickin’ it to the Shippers, Panama Canal Approves Toll Increase ...

BY  ON AUGUST 8, 2012

Image: Panama Canal Authority

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Following the recommendation from the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the Cabinet Council of the Government of the Republic of Panama approved yesterday the proposal to restructure the Panama Canal’s pricing system. “The new tolls structure was conceived in accordance with the commercial value that the route offers its users. We look forward to working alongside the industry to continue offering a reliable and competitive service,” said Panama Canal Authority Administrator/CEO Alberto Alemán Zubieta. The new tolls were postponed to October 2012 and October 2013, respectively. “The new structure offers price stability to the Panama Canal clients during the next two years, while the approved tolls remain below the value it offers as a safe, reliable and efficient route,” added Alemán Zubieta.

New Segments The new structure increases the number of segments from eight to ten. It …