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Special thanks to IMO FRIEND   Ken Love of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers ....

Walker's World: Why Pistorius matters ...

by Martin Walker

Paris (UPI) Aug 13, 2012

Future historians are unlikely to remember the 2012 London Olympics for the jolly jaunt through British history that opened it nor for the pop culture fest which closed it nor even for the spectacular performances of the athletes.

Its real significance lay in the appearance of Oscar Pistorius, the South African known as the Blade Runner and "the fastest man on no legs."

With both legs amputated below the knee, Pistorius runs on carbon-fiber prosthetics called the Cheetah Flex-foot made by the Icelandic company Ossur. 

Just before the 2008 Olympics, he was banned from appearing under the rule that prohibits "any technical device that incorporates springs, wheels or any other element that provides a user with an advantage over another athlete not using such a device."

His supposed advantage was then tested by biomechanic experts at Cologne Sports University in Germany, who found that his limbs used 25 percent less energy than conve…

Mango Veteran Tavilla Sales (Los Angeles) changes name to Vision Produce Company ...

After 32 years of flying under the Tavilla Sales Co. banner, Bill Vogel, President of the company, announces a name change to Vision Produce Company.

 "With a focus on the future, the name Vision Produce Company expresses better our direction, our essence and our identity. There is no change of ownership, personnel, address or phone numbers. Our current high standards of operation and our focus on the needs of our customers will continue to be met as usual.

"Our company has come a long way since its inception in 1980. Moving from brokerage to importing and direct sourcing has created a new and different business model."

  Gaining national distribution through partnerships Vision Import Group in New Jersey in 2008 and Vision Produce Partners of Texas in 2012 has added an expanded customer base and additional grower sources. 

We are developing our own brands and innovating along our category lines. 

We are no longer just another distributor of commodities; we have become a di…

Ecuador president: I've not yet decided on asylum for Wikileaks' Julian Assange ...

Martin Alipaz / EPA file

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, left, and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, right.
By NBC News staff and wire services

Updated at 6:55 p.m ET: Ecuador's president Rafael Correa on Twitter Tuesday denied reports in the British media that he has decided to offer Wikileaks founder Julian Assange asylum.

"Rumors about asylum for Assange are false," Correa tweeted in Spanish hours after the Guardian newspaper reported the president had already made up his mind. He said in the tweet he was awaiting a report from the Foreign Ministry.

Earlier this week, Correa had said he hoped to announce a decision on Wednesday.

An offer may amount to little more than a symbolic gesture since Assange, holed up in Ecuador’s London embassy since June 19, has no guarantee that he could escape United Kingdom arrest and fly to the capital, Quito.

Assange, 41, has been trying to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning on sex-crime allegations.

The for…

Colombia capitalizes on mango export entry in Japan ...

August 14th, 2012

Colombia has already started freighting 1,000 kilograms of Tommy Atkins mangoes a week to Japan by air after gaining export access to the country on Jul. 24.        

Japan’s Agricultural, Fisheries, and Forestry Ministry (MAFF) authorized Colombia’s hot steam Mediterranean fruit fly quarantine treatment of this cultivar produced in Valle del Cauca and packed in Bogota’s Asopitaya plant.

Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) sanitary and phytosanitary regulation undersecretary María Cristina Torres Villamil, attributed the achievement to the hard work of Valle del Cauca growers.

“This exemplary process of small producers’ persistency and vision shows that, through commitment and compliance with international phytosanitary regulations and private infrastructure investment for physical treatments that eliminate the risk of pest entry into foreign territories, Colombian fruit can enter the most demanding of world markets.”

ICA said the qualification and certification of Col…

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territories mango growers look west to sell fruit ...

By Matt Brann

Tuesday, 14/08/2012

NT mango growers are looking across the border to sell more of their fruit, with the news Western Australia is relaxing some of its quarantine rules.

Under its new entry requirements, WA will now accept mangoes from plantations which can guarantee they're free of a pest known as mango seed weevil.

WA doesn't have the pest, but parts of the Northern Territory, Queensland and NSW do, which in the past has limited trade.

Ian Baker from the NT Mango Industry Association says growers are already showing interest in sending their mangoes west.

"I think it's a good move by the Western Australian authorities, (although) we're still trying to understand what it involves," he said.

"They've removed some of their restrictions which will open up the market for some growers in the Northern Territory, but not all... but one would hope that there will be a bit more interest in (sending fruit to) WA even though it's not a big market.