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Forecast Could affect mango sales: Big snow in Eastern U.S. cities

by Staff Writers

State College, Pa. (UPI)

 August 15, 2012

disclaimer: image is for illustration purposes only

After a 2011-2012 winter that saw little snow, the mid-Atlantic and southern New England states will get a snow dump this winter, forecasters say.

Above-normal snowfall during winter 2012-2013 is forecast for the major I-95 cities including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, reported Wednesday.

"The I-95 cities could get hit pretty good," forecaster Paul Pastelok said. "It's a matter of getting the cold to phase in with the huge systems that we are going to see coming out of the southern branch of the jetstream this year."

The presence -- and strength -- of El Nino conditions in the Pacific Ocean are used to project how active the winter season will be, forecasters said.

El Nino warming of ocean water and the air above it causes weather patterns to change globally, and El Nino winters feature a strong southern branch of the jet s…

Brasil: AGROPAR presente en África ...

AGROPAR se encontrará próximamente representado en Ghana por el señor Kwame Nyamekye- Boamah quién prestará asesoría técnica a los productores principalmente en Ghana.

"Cabe resaltar que el obsetivo es transferir tecnología de producción, post cosecha y comercialización de frutas frescas a Africa para brindarle la asesoría a los productores de diversas frutas principalmente de mango y piña." Afirma André Briso, CEO de AGROPAR.

Mangos listos para exportar con certificado de Calidad de AGROPAR

Despúes de esta asesoría brindada a los productores africanos por AGROPAR, las diversas frutas contarán con el sello de calidad de AGROPAR el cual garantizará un origen seguro de la fruta y su calidad para ser considerada para su comercialización por importadoras de Europa.

La empreesa FMI " FRUIT MARKET INTERNATIONAL", socia de AGROPAR en Europa se encargará de comercializar exclusivamente la producción de frutas certificada por AGROPAR en Ghana. El primer mercado de exportación…

MAERSK: APM Terminals Profit Slips as Container Traffic Grows ...

Bruce Barnard, Special Correspondent | Aug 15, 2012 3:31PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story


Profit dips to $160 million in the second quarter from $162 million a year ago

APM Terminals profit dipped to $160 million in the second quarter from $162 million a year ago as double-digit growth in container traffic in West Africa and Asia was offset by declines across its European network.

The port’s operating arm of Denmark’s A.P. Moller-Maersk booked a modest increase in revenue to $1.19 billion in the three months to June 30 from $1.15 billion in the 2011 quarter.

Volume increased by 7 percent, outpacing estimated market growth of 5 percent, to 9.1 million 20-foot-equivalent units from 8.4 million TEUs. Excluding the impact of changes in the company’s terminal portfolio, volumes increased by 5 percent.

Operations in terminals in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe that were affected by local political unrest or labor disputes improved during the quarter, the N…

Inside Telecom: Venezuela ya no tiene Banda Ancha de Internet ...

Agosto 15, 2012 10:50 pm

¿Por qué hablamos de regresión histórica? 

En cuanto a desarrollo de Internet en Venezuela, para el tercer trimestre de 2007, el primero después de la reestatización de Cantv, la velocidad promedio de conexión fija se encontraba consolidada por encima de un Mbps (1.115 Kbps). 

Para el fin de 2011, cuatro años y medio después, ese promedio había bajado a 875 Kbps (Ver gráfico).

 El gobierno nacional, a través de Cantv, operador dominante en servicios de banda ancha fija, es el responsable de ese estancamiento, que, para los efectos de un mundo que no se detiene, equivale a un retroceso culposo.

El dato lo proporciona el estudio Estado de Internet, en su cuarta edición, que publica trimestralmente Akamai Technologies Inc, que es una entidad que hace seguimiento a la friolera de 2 millones de millardos de peticiones web al día y supervisa 666 millones de direcciones IPv4 en 238 países, que equivalen a un millardo de usuarios web.

La explosión mundial de la demanda de d…


Dear Dr. Will Cavan,

Greetings from the International Tropical Fruits Network!

Attached is the the Report of the 5th Session of International Tropical Fruits Network General Assembly and 6th Board of Trustees meeting.

It is also available for download in

 A hard copy of the Report is currently being printed and will be sent to board members in a few weeks. Meanwhile, a news article on the General Assembly is published here.

TFNet Secretariat

International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet)
Tel: 603-8941-6589
Fax: 603-8941-6591

TFNet GA Report.pdf
3749K ViewDownload

Ancient Mayan Farming and Irrigation ...

25 MAY 2010

Did you know? 
Archaeologists have learned that the Maya were innovative farmers? 

In the swampy lowland areas of the Yucatán, seasonal flooding, low soil fertility, and high water tables all make farming a challenge. 

The Maya cultivated swampy land using a system of raised fields and canals that was low maintenance, all natural, extremely productive, and, most important, sustainable.

Raised fields worked like this: Maya farmers dug canals through the swamps, piling the excess soil onto the inner fields, which raised them two to four feet (0.6 to 1.2 meters) and reduced waterlogging. 

The canals served the dual purpose of providing irrigation and natural fertilizer. A few times each season the Maya harvested water plants from the canals and spread them on the fields to further enrich the soil. The irrigation and fertilizing resulted in an extended growing season for crops grown on the raised fields.

Archaeologists previously thought that raised fields alone produced more than en…

Asian economies most at risk from natural disasters ...

by Staff Writers
Paris (AFP) Aug 15, 2012

Asian countries dominate a league table of economies most at risk from earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural hazards, according to research published on Wednesday.

In an assessment of 197 countries, British risk consultancy Maplecroft said six Asian countries were among the 10 countries whose economies were most vulnerable to catastrophes.

The list is headed by Bangladesh and the Philippines, which along with Myanmar are considered to be at "extreme" risk.

Only one other country, the Caribbean state of Dominican Republic, falls into this category, and was rated third overall.

The other countries in the top 10 were India, Vietnam, Honduras, Laos, Haiti and Nicaragua.

The "Nature Hazards Risk Atlas" looks at the impact of natural disasters on a country relative to its economy, taking into account preparedness to deal with such events and social ability to rebound.

If a country's infrastructure is weak and its governance i…


"You can count yourself lucky if you get to begin a day eating a luscious mango overlooking Biscayne Bay. I have old T-Shirts just for the primal, celebratory occasion! Good Morning Delicious!"

~ Chef Norman van Aken Facebook page

Tropical Storm Gordon has formed in the central Atlantic Ocean to the east of Bermuda ...


Projected Path

Gordon is no threat to the United States and is forecast to become the third hurricane of the season as it heads northward and eventually northeastward across the north Atlantic. 

The system could affect the Azores late in the weekend or early next week.

View more expert analysis from Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro at our Tropical Update article at this link. Current information and satellite imagery graphics are below.

Storm Information

Current Information

So, where exactly is the cyclone's center located now? If you're plotting the storm along with us, you can view the current information map to get the latitude/longitude coordinates, distance away from the nearest land location, maximum sustained winds and central pressure (measured in millibars).

- Enlarge Map


Animated Satellite

Enhanced Satellite

How does the system look on satellite imagery. 

Click on "enhanced" satellite imagery, to see how "cold" the cloud tops are. Brighter oranges an…

Australia, Canada Home to World's Most Livable Cities ...

Go up north and down under (and leave the U.S.) to find the best places in the world to live


August 15, 2012

A tram passes Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia.

The U.S. is great at a lot of things, but other countries have the market cornered on the best places to live.

A new ranking of the world's most livable cities shows that Australia and Canada have a monopoly on comfortable urban areas. Of the top 10 most livable cities, seven are in those two countries. 

The U.S., meanwhile, is nowhere to be found at the top. 

Among the 140 cities ranked, the most highly ranked U.S. city, Honolulu, doesn't appear until 26th, tied with Amsterdam.

[See what Italy can teach the U.S. about how to fix an economy.]

The rankings from the Economist Intelligence Unit, a forecasting and analysis firm within the same group that publishes The Economist, reflect little movement among the top cities. 

The 65 top cities have exactly the same scores and rankings that they did s…

El fundador de Megaupload promete una versión "indestructible" ...

El fundador de la página web de descargas Megaupload, Kim Schmitz, alias ´Kim Dotcom´, abandona un tribunal de Auckland rodeado por la prensa el 22 de febrero de 2012


Kim Dotcom reapareció con una nueva promesa de una tienda en música en internet.

Miércoles 15 Agosto 2012

El alemán Kim Schmitz, fundador del desaparecido sitio de descargas Megaupload, sugirió en un mensaje colocado en el microblog Twitter que el sitio podría retornar en una versión "indestructible" este mismo año.

"Yo sé que todos ustedes siguen esperando. Ya llega. Este año. Lo juro. Mayor. Más poderoso. Más rápido. 100% seguro e indestructible", escribió en Twitter el famoso 'Kim DotCom' sin mencionar a Megaupload, cerrado en febrero de 2012 por distribuir música y películas sin pagar derechos a los autores.

En un mensaje previo, a finales de julio, había escrito: "¡Mega retornará y será indestructible!".

Schmitz también había anunciado el lanzamiento este año de otro pro…