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China big market for Pakistani mangoes ...

Saturday, 18 August 2012 02:38

Posted by Abdul Ahad

KARACHI: Pakistani mangoes have become center of action in the largest retail chain of China "Wall Mart" where the king of fruit is being offered for sale in a festivity.

The mangoes were shipped by a leading Pakistani exporter Durrani Associates through sea in July this year.

Director of Durrani Associates Babar Khan Durrani said here Friday that Pakistan has taken a lead by exporting 40 tons of mango to China. India had registered for mango export to China in 2003 and Pakistan in 2006.

He said China is a big market and a three-member Chinese delegation will visit Pakistan to conclude an agreement for the purchase of 100 tons of mango.

The delegation will witness the working of latest mango treatment and quality control processes during the visit.

Durrani said Pakistani mangoes are in great demand in China due to their quality and taste and Pakistan can earn millions of dollars by exporting the king of fruit.

He pointed out that P…

Tres personas señaladas en Malí por caso de avión con droga procedente de Venezuela quedan libres ...

FL - Globovisión/EFE 

18/08/2012 07:08:56 a.m.

Un español, un malí y un francés, acusados y encarcelados en Malí en el marco de la investigación sobre un avión procedente de Venezuela con un cargamento de droga que aterrizó en 2009 en el país africano, se encuentran libres, indicaron a la AFP fuentes coincidentes.

Según Ousmane Touré, funcionario en un tribunal de Bamako, el español Miguel Ángel Devesa y el francés Eric Vernay, "dos de las personas inculpadas en el caso del avión de la droga que fue a dar al desierto malí en 2009, están libres. Los abogados lograron que se anule el proceso", dijo Touré a la AFP, sin brindar mayores precisiones.

Otra fuente judicial confirmó a la AFP que ambos europeos habían quedado libres esta semana, pero tampoco brindó mayores precisiones.

El viernes, un periodista de la AFP vio al español sentado a la mesa de un bar en Bamako.

El malí Mohamed Hacko, quien dirige una agencia de viajes, a quien también se había inculpado y encarcelado en el mis…

Brasil anuncia inversión millonaria en carreteras y trenes ...


BRASILIA (BRASIL),15/08/12 .- La presidenta brasileña, Dilma Rousseff, anunció hoy, miércoles 15 de agosto de 2012, en el Palacio de Planalto en Brasilia, un plan de concesiones al sector privado por 133.000 millones de reales (65.500 millones de dólares) para mejorar la antigua infraestructura del país y apalancar la actividad económica. El plan contempla la construcción y ampliación de cerca de 7.500 kilómetros de carreteras y de 10.000 kilómetros de vías férreas, y tendrá como objetivo mejorar las comunicaciones entre las zonas productivas y los puertos y aeropuertos del país, que serán objeto de iniciativas similares. EFE/FERNANDO BIZERRA JR

BRASILIA -- Brasil pretende invertir $66,500 millones los próximos 25 años en la duplicación de carreteras y la construcción de ferrocarriles para cubrir graves deficiencias que sufre el país en infraestructura, anunció el miércoles el gobierno.

La presidenta Dilma Rousseff dijo que las obras serán…

Islamic Terrorism and Organized Crime in Latin America ...

Friday, 10 August 2012 18:36

Written by Geoffrey Ramsey

A Hezbollah rally in Lebanon, 2005

Islamic militant and terrorist groups do not seem to have an active presence in Latin America, but the possibility that they could develop strategic links with drug trafficking organizations poses a serious threat to security in the hemisphere.

On July 31, the US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2011, which profiles terrorist activity in countries around the world. In the Western Hemisphere, the State Department documented a disturbing trend: a five-year high for terrorist attacks. The reports claim that 480 attacks were committed in the Western Hemisphere in 2011, 40 percent more than the previous year.

While at first glance this sounds like cause for alarm, the statistic is not quite what it seems. 

The reports classify attacks on military targets as terrorist attacks, and according to State Department researchers, the “vast majority” of these incidents were the…



Mario Teódulo Torero Fernández has sent you a message:

Date: 8/17/2012

Subject: Saludos de Madrid..

Estimado Don Will;

Es un gusto de saludarlo, y siempre deseándole los éxitos por el trabajo que realiza.

Le extendemos nuestro apoyo desde nuestro blog y web del programa de Radio educativo de emprendimiento: “Exportadores por el mundo”:

Este se difunde en vivo por: Radio Vallekas 107,5 FM,; todos los viernes de 17:00 a 18:00 horas, (Madrid-España), y a 10:00 horas (América-Eje Pacífico) y 12:00 (América-Eje Atlántico)

Quedamos a sus órdenes para cualquier consulta desde nuestra parte.

Saludos Cordiales

Mario Torero
Director del Programa

HAWAII: Wa‘ipa Mango Festival is on this year ...


Wa‘ipa Foundation/Contributed photo

Mouth-watering recipes were submitted during the 2010 Wa‘ipa Mango Festival. The festival returns this Sunday.

HANALEI — After taking a break last year because of a smaller harvest, this year’s Wa‘ipa Mango Festival is on.

“We are excited to be able to host the festival this year with the abundance of mangos this summer,” said Kalen Kelekoma, site and program manager for the Wa‘ipa Foundation.

The festival will be held Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Wa‘ipa Foundation, a half mile past Hanalei School. Admission is $1 for adults and children are free.

“What started in 2009 as a fruit-grafting seminar focusing on mangoes has evolved into a small-town festival to celebrate all the delicious aspects of the fruit, inspire creativity and provide an opportunity to share technical knowledge and love for mangos. Why not, when folks have mangoes lying around on the ground and are ba…

MARKETING 101: How to cheapen a product ...

Friday August 17 2012

IF YOU want to get ahead, get an energy drink. At least that seemed to be the rule, and energy and sports drinks have certainly boosted the fortunes of many soft drinks manufacturers in a time of declining sales of other products.

But now things seem to be changing. The first indication is that manufacturers are realising that the double-entendre names for their products are not always in the best of taste. This especially applies to drinks coyly sold as (perhaps, and within the bounds of product advertising laws) products that boost sexual performance.

 FOODNEWS has noted brands such as Pussy, Blow and Tantra in the past. 

In fact, at ANUGA last year, a manufacturer of a drink whose claims were so unlikely actually shooed FOODNEWS’ editor away from his stand when he tried to take a picture of the billboard placed on the stand.

The recipe for launching an energy drink seems to be as follows: choose a risqué name, add taurine (well, it works for Red Bull…), a few supe…

AUSTRALIA: Mango trees in full flower in north Queensland ...

By Karen Hunt

Friday, 17/08/2012

North Queensland mango growers have begun preparing for a mid to late November harvest, with trees in full flower across the region.

While the season has so far been favourable, growers will be watching closely for any signs of fungal diseases in the flowers, as that will affect the amount of fruit which develops on each tree.

Grower John Morton from Alligator Creek, just south of Townsville, says at this stage of the mango cycle, every bloom counts.

"If you can protect the flower, you can get good fruit set and pollination. Even though trees may look good, it's too early to predict what that tree will produce fruit-wise."