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USA MARKET: Kingston & Associates expands line to include Brazilian mangoes ...

August 20, 2012

Through the growth of its strategic partnerships in Central America and South America, Kingston & Associates Marketing LLC has expanded its mango program to include imports from Brazil.

With established grower relationships in Costa Rica, Peru and Guatemala, the move signals the first of several program expansions marked for 2012-13 season.

“Kingston has over 38 years building and sourcing the highest-quality fresh produce programs from an array of countries and grower sources,” Ken Nabal, president of Kingston Marketing, said in a press release. “By establishing a reliable and year-round program with our grower relationships in these countries, Kingston is able to effectively extend the mango season for our customers. Better service to our customers is our number one priority.”

With nearly 30 fresh produce programs marketed by five regional sales offices, the expansion into Brazil is the company’s latest progression of its growing imports division.

The program follows …

CLIMATE CHANGE: The Discovery of Global Warming [Excerpt] ...

The basic physics of climate change have been known for more than a century, but it is in recent decades that the fundamental science of global warming has solidified

By Spencer Weart

CLIMATE CHANGE: Scientists have spent the last 150 years proving that human emissions of greenhouse gases have created global warming.Image: Courtesy of NASA

This excerpt is from The Discovery of Global Warming, by Spencer R. Weart (Harvard University Press, 2008).

It is an epic story: the struggle of thousands of men and women over the course of a century for very high stakes. 

For some, the work required actual physical courage, a risk to life and limb in icy wastes or on the high seas. The rest needed more subtle forms of courage. 

They gambled decades of arduous effort on the chance of a useful discovery, and staked their reputations on what they claimed to have found. Even as they stretched their minds to the limit on intellectual problems that often proved insoluble, their attention was diverted into gru…

Exportaciones peruanas de mango procesado crecen 12% ...

Las exportaciones peruanas de mango procesado (sin cocer o cocido con agua o al vapor, sin azucarar y congelado) han presentado un crecimiento promedio anual de 12% entre los años 2008 y 2011, reportó hoy la Sociedad de Comercio Exterior del Perú (ComexPerú).

Asimismo, el dinamismo continuó mostrándose en el presente año dado que entre enero y junio las exportaciones alcanzaron un valor de US$27 millones, 16% más que en el mismo período del 2011.

Entre los principales destinos, Estados Unidos compró este producto por US$14 millones en el primer semestre del año y reportó un crecimiento de 26% respecto al mismo período del 2011.

Le sigue Bélgica con US$2.7 millones de dólares (31%), Japón con US$2.6 millones (24 por ciento más) y Canadá con US$2.5 millones (9% más), informó Andina.

Fecha de publicación: 20/08/2012

Viva Assange! Latin American groups rally around Ecuador's asylum decision ...

Latin American groups say that Ecuador's decision to grant asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a matter of sovereignty.

By Tim Rogers, Correspondent / August 20, 2012

Supporters of Ecuador's President Rafael Correa hold posters showing WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange at the Main Square in Quito on Monday, August 20. Dozens of people gathered in the main square to show their support for the Ecuadorian government's decision to grant political asylum to Assange.

Erick Ilaquize/Reuters

Once again perceiving a threat to one of its scandal-prone member nations, the Bolivarian Alliance for Our Americas (ALBA) is rounding the wagons to protect Ecuador and defend its latest cause célèbre, WikiLeaks founder and aspiring Quito resident Julian Assange.

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Will WikiLeaks founder Assange go free?

Assange asylum case ripples through Latin America

Nicaragua and the other seven ALBA countries released an eigh…

Scientists Find ‘Miracle Molecule’ In Red Wine, Blueberries ...

August 20, 2012 7:50 AM

(credit: Thinkstock)

Reporting Suzanne Monaghan

By Suzanne Monaghan and Dr. Brian McDonough

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There may be another health benefit drinking red wine.

Scientists report a so-called “miracle molecule” found in red wine might help improve mobility and prevent falls among older adults. 

The ingredient is called ‘resveratrol.’ 

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Duquesne University Jane Cavanaugh says they tested the effect on laboratory mice.

“As these animal age, they lose some of their motor coordination. Very similar as to humans do as they age. And when we gave them out the resveratrol, the older mouse has less loss of motor coordination.”

Resveratrol is also found in grapes, blueberries and other dark-skinned fruits.

“We just used blueberries in our study and actually when they eat the whole fruit it’s actually more effective than the resveratrol alone and you don’t need as much.”

A person would have to drink at least a bottle of wine compared to onl…

Typhoon Kai-Tak leaves dozens dead in Vietnam ...

At least 27 people killed and tens of thousands of homes destroyed as storm continues destruction across Southeast Asia.

Last Modified: 20 Aug 2012 16:13

Typhoon Kai-Tak caused extensive flooding in northern Vietnam over the weekend [AFP]

Strong wind and rain in northern Vietnam unleashed by Typhoon Kai-Tak have killed at least 27 people, damaged thousands of houses and submerged valuable crops, authorities have said.

The typhoon brought winds of about 100kph, according to the national committee on flood and storm control on Monday.

Many of the dead are believed to have been killed in landslides or while attempting to cross rivers swollen by heavy rain.

In the capital Hanoi about 200 trees were uprooted and a huge sinkhole appeared in the middle of a major road.

According to an official update on Monday, more than 12,000 houses were damaged and 30,500 hectares of cropland were flooded nationwide.

The storm was downgraded to a tropical depression on Saturday.

Before slamming into Vietnam, the t…

MEXICO: A la baja envíos de mango a EE.UU ...

20 de Agosto de 2012

Exportaciones presentaron un baja del 28% durante la última semana

En un 31% disminuyeron las exportaciones de mango al mercado de EE.UU durante la última semana en comparación a la anterior, enviándose un total aproximado de 1,432,156 cajas, detalló la National Mango Board(NMB) a través de su Crop Report.

La entidad informó de una caída del 28% en los envíos demango mexicano, país que exportó aproximadamente 1,405,223 cajas durante la última semana.

Se prevé que durante las próximas dos semanas los despachos sigan bajando, alcanzando las 905,315 y 595,301 cajas respectivamente.

La temporada mexicana se mantendrá hasta septiembre. Se prevé un total de 54.4 millones de cajas con la fruta.

La NMB reportó que el precio promedio semanal por caja para la variedad Kent en el puerto de entrada de Texas, la semana finalizada el 11 de agosto, cayó un 5%, mientras que en el puerto de entrada de Arizona el precio experimentó un alza del 6%.

En el caso de la variedad Keitt el precio…

AUSTRALIA: Tips on how to stop mangoes dropping in quality during transport ...

By Matt Brann

Monday, 20 August 2012

Scott Ledger says there are simple mistakes being made which effect the quality of mangoes. (ABC Rural)

The Australian mango industry loses millions of dollars each year from fruit which has dropped in quality during transport.

It's a long haul for mangoes which are trucked from the tropical areas of northern Australia, thousands of kilometres to consumers in the south, so conditions in the truck need to be right.

Researcher Scott Ledger, says there's a lot of things trucking companies and growers could be doing better to make sure mangoes reach the supermarket shelves in good condition.

"I think the two main issues is that basically a lot of people really don't understand what you need to do with refrigerated transport and secondly, there's not a lot of good feedback that comes back to growers on how their fruit is actually performing."

Mr Ledger says one of the simplest mistakes being made is transporting mangoes at high temp…



~ La Oposicion

Para que se lo informen a la gente.

Tarjetón electoral para el 7-Octubre - alerta

La tarjeta de la MESA DE LA UNIDAD (MUD) dice "MUD Unidad", y está ubicada en la penúltima posición de la última fila, moviéndose de izquierda a derecha.

Pues bien, con la misma palabra UNIDAD existen dos tarjetas: una ubicada en la última columna, la número cuatro de arriba hacia abajo, y que dice "MIN UNIDAD" (fácil de confundir con MUD Unidad), de color azúl, el mismito azul elegido por la MUD; y la otra está ubicada en la tercera columna de derecha a izquierda, es roja y dice "UNIDAD visión VENEZUELA".

 Además, al lado de esta tarjeta roja, está ubicada otra tarjeta que dice "Unidos para VENEZUELA".

Esta es la tarjeta oficial para votar y el Voto formal de LA MESA DE LA UNIDAD DEMOCRATICA QUE DICE “UNIDAD” para votar por Henrique Capriles Radonski.

Las otras que aparecen para …

JAMAICA: NCU Aims To Keep Mangoes Sweet ...

Published: Monday | August 20, 2012

Polyethylene shields on five fruits.  No other part of this tree bore any fruit.

Robyn Miller, Gleaner Writer

The sweet, juicy nectar of an engorged East Indian mango makes it an easy favourite among fruit lovers. 

But if the Anthracnose disease has its way, fruit lovers in central Jamaica may soon have very little of the beloved fruit.

Researchers at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) in Mandeville, however, have other ideas. 

They have set plans in motion to combat the disease and several others affecting the country's crops.

According to environmental scientist at NCU, Professor Mark Harris, Anthracnose is a fungus which blithes the mango blossoms. The disease feeds on the carbohydrate that the blossom uses and causes the blossom to be very brown very quickly after initiation, drying them up.

Anthracnose generally affects the fruit in the cool parts of Jamaica.

Professor Harris said that the mango blossom is most susceptible because of its size.


Administración cubana de puertos desangra a Venezuela ...

agosto 20, 2012 6:46 am

(Foto AP)

El gobierno de Hugo Chávez cedió a Cuba engranajes claves en el sistema de distribución de alimentos de Venezuela, tras convertir a la isla en su agente de compra en el exterior y su administrador de puertos, concesiones que constituyen un fabuloso negocio para los hermanos Castro, pero que generan escasez y enormes pérdidas para el país sudamericano, publica El Nuevo Herald.

Antonio Maria Delgado

El gobernador del estado Carabobo, Henrique Salas Feo, dijo que gran parte de los problemas de escasez y encarecimiento del costo de la vida en Venezuela pueden ser atribuidos a la corrupción de allegados del gobierno y a la ineficiencia de los cubanos en administrar las instalaciones de Puerto Cabello.

“Puerto Cabello es la puerta de entrada de Venezuela, maneja el 80 por ciento de todo lo que entra o sale al país y desde que los cubanos tomaron el control, las cosas van de mal en peor, y eso está afectando el quehacer diario de los ven…

Pakistani mangoes shines at Wall Mart China ...

Amanullah Khan

Karachi—Pakistani mangoes carved a best seller place at Wall Mart, the largest retail chain of China where the king of fruit is being offered for sale in a festivity.

The mangoes have been shipped by a leading Pakistani exporter Durrani Associates through sea in July this year.

Director of Durrani Associates Babar Khan Durrani said here that Pakistan has taken a lead by exporting 40 tons of mango to China. India had registered for mango export to China in 2003 and Pakistan in 2006. He said China is a big market and a three-member Chinese delegation will visit Pakistan to conclude an agreement for the purchase of 100 tons of mango. The delegation will witness the working of latest mango treatment and quality control processes during the visit.

China can be the biggest market of Pakistan Mangoes and within 3 years Pakistani export can be doubled,” he added. He further said that Pakistan produces 1.6 to 2 million tonnes of mangoes annually and ranked 5th to 6th in the world fo…