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Tropical Storm Isaac unleashed heavy rain and winds off Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as it moved across the Caribbean ...

The storm could strengthen into a hurricane as it nears Haiti on Friday, the National Weather Service says. - Reuters, read more:

Image: Five-day forecast for Tropical Storm Isaac from the NWS National Hurricane Center, released at 8 pm ET.

FACETS 2012: Big ideas on the future of food security, climate and energy ...

By Renee du Preez

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Rockmelons and maize in the Ord Valley (Matt Brann)

FACETS 2012 - Click here for the live audio stream
Friday August 24th. 8:45am -5:00pm.

FACETS is an acronym for Food, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Topsoil and Sustainability.

Energy to power economies and food to feed the world's population are critical for sustaining life and lifestyle. But these necessities of life are under pressure.

There'll be seven billion people sharing the world's food resources in coming decades.

Land resources for the production of food are in decline.

As always, agriculture is vulnerable to the uncertainties of weather and climate change predictions paint a picture of more extremes and volatility.

Meanwhile the pressure is on to reduce carbon emissions from traditional energy sources and move to cleaner sources to power our way of life.

As part of the Australian Year of the Farmer, FACETS 2012 aims to initiate a national conversation and offer big ideas to addr…

MEXICO 2012 MANGO SEASON: USA IMPORTER RANKING (Through August 21, 2012) ...

Acumulado General Temporada 2012Total CajasTotal %DistribuidorGM PRODUCE SALES LLC6,828,02413.78%FRESKA PRODUCE INTERNATIONAL LLC.4,100,9228.27%COAST TROPICAL3,301,0326.66%CIRULI BROTHERS3,298,5606.66%FOODSOURCE3,217,1866.49%PAULMEX INT'L. LTD2,876,7525.80%LONDON FRUIT, INC.2,487,0315.02%SPLENDID PRODUCTS2,000,9544.04%CABEFRUIT PRODUCE LLC1,940,4803.92%EB INTERNATIONAL1,832,0173.70%FARMER`S BEST INT. LLC1,732,4733.50%DIAZTECA COMPANY1,656,8303.34%RCF PRODUCE INC.1,025,6162.07%DEKALB FARMERS, MARKET1,007,3242.03%CENTRAL AMERICAN PRODUCE INC.9


Data is through August 21, 2012 and courtesy of EMEX (The Mexican Mango Packers & Exporters Association) ...

Total General por EstadosNAYARIT   8,964,834 JALISCO   2,548,471 ZONA LIBRE (NORTE SINALOA)   5,030,566 SINALOA  12,537,611 MICHOACAN  13,255,985 GUERRERO      137,341 NUEVO LEON               -   CHIAPAS   5,862,563 CAMPECHE      186,536 OAXACA   6,071,135 IRRADIADO      229,890 Total Temporada 2012  54,824,932

Check out the Los Mochis numbers !!!! (Fruit Fly free fruit & non Hot Water Treated)

They will porbably surpass Oaxaca and Chiapas in total exports !!!

Los Mochis is in  northern Sinaloa, so Sinaloa state is largest exporter by far !!

Little old mochis will end up exporting nearly as much as Brazil to the USA!!

Total numbers fairly safe to say that this will be another record year volumewise for Mexican exporters!!

Considering that volume was tight for quite a few weeks during the 2012 season...60 million(4kg) cartons is not that far out of reach in the next few year…


First in an exclusive two-part interview with US Ambassador Phyllis Powers

Settling In: US Ambassador Phyllis Powers says Nicaragua is a diverse and interesting country (photo/ Tim Rogers)

By Tim Rogers/ Nicaragua Dispatch

August 23, 2012

MANAGUA, Nicaragua— When U.S. Ambassador Phyllis Power arrived in Nicaragua four months ago, she quite literally hit the ground running.

Less than two weeks after presenting her credentials to President Daniel Ortega, Ambassador Powers laced up her running shoes and won second place in Nicaragua’s inaugural 5-K “Green Race.”

“To be honest, I came in second for my age group (55-99),” Powers says with a smile. “But I was pleased; it was the first time I ever won anything.”

Powers has also hit the ground running diplomatically. After making the rounds of introductory kaffeeklatsch with government ministers and Sandinista apparatchiks, Powers delivered the cymbal crash to the prolonged drum roll over the fiscal-transparency and property waivers. It gave her the…

Isaac Has Formed Further South; Threat To The Eastern Gulf Of Mexico Has Increased ...

Thursday, August 23, 2012 5:54 am

by Rob Lightbown

Tropical Storm Isaac:

Isaac has remained nearly steady-state in its strength over the past 24 hours and the most recent reconnaissance reports indicate that the center of the storm is very ill defined. 

This lack in organization and strengthening is due to dry air to its north and northeast and some northeasterly wind shear. 

Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the environmental conditions are forecast to become more favorable and I think we will see Isaac strengthen as we head through the day today and especially as we get into tonight and Friday and Isaac is expected to become a hurricane during the day Friday.

Isaac is currently tracking nearly due west at a forward speed of 13 mph. The latest guidance correctly forecasted the reformation of Isaac to the south which occurred overnight and these models seem to suggest either a sharp turn to the northwest today or perhaps another reformation of the center of Isaac back to the north. After that, …