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World Foods, LLC, Florida initiates voluntary recall of cut fruit and salsa products that contain Daniella Mangoes ....

World Foods, LLC, Florida initiates voluntary recall of cut fruit and salsa products that contain Daniella Mangoes

08/31/2012 01:29 PM EDT

World Foods, LLC is initiating a voluntary, precautionary recall on various products it distributes to retail supermarkets that contain mangoes associated with the Splendid Products recall of Daniella Brand Mangoes with the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

For detailed information pertaining to this Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts message, please click the link at the beginning of this bulletin.

POST DANIELLA RECALL: National Mango Board (NMB) expects "zero fallout" for USA market ...

Marketers expect mango volumes similar to last year

08/31/2012 10:57:31 AM
Tom Burfield

The Orlando, Fla.-based National Mango Board expects overall U.S. mango imports this fall to be similar to last year’s, said Megan McKenna, director of marketing.

Fall mangoes are produced primarily in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Major varieties are tommy atkins, keitt and some ataulfo.

“It is still too early to forecast the Ecuadorian crop with confidence,” McKenna said in mid-August.

“Weather is certainly impacting mangoes, as they have seen higher temperatures than normal during the past weeks, and this adds a level of uncertainty to the flowering stage.”

As a result, there could be a delay in the start of the season, with shipments from October to mid-January.

“At this point, Peru looks like it will be a long season — late November to late March — with normal volume,” she said.

Volume from Brazil should be about 6 million boxes, which is typical, said Clark Golden, partner in Amazon Produce Network, Mull…


Down to Earth - the real world of produce By Ron Pelger
Saying, "I'll think about it" will kill decisions every time
"The qualities that make a good manager is decisiveness."
          - - - - - - - Lee Iacocca

With our food industry growing in many different directions these days, it has changed the speed in which we make decisions. The global produce environment has created new companies and business opportunities that are opening up all over the world. There is no room for procrastination in any company seeking to open up trade relations in this market. Hesitating on rapid decision-making will not be acceptable.

Working with so many different companies in the produce industry, I often discover the decision-making process to be in a state of self-defeating practice. It's absolutely astounding how some management people dance around subjects on a daily basis that only require simple decisions in order to move on to the next level of business.

There are two…


Mexican mango sector attacks ‘unfounded rumors’

August 31st, 2012

Mexican mango exporters have expressed concern over ‘unfounded rumours’ linking Mexico-sourced products with the ongoing salmonella outbreak in the U.S. and Canada, although they say it is too soon to estimate how recent events have affected the sector.

The country’s top mango associations have promised to work with the U.S. and Mexican food safety authorities and, should the origin of the current deadly strain of the bacteria be proven to be within the country, have pledged to take appropriate action.

The comments come after 105 people in the U.S. and 80 in Canada were reported to have been affected by salmonella poisoning, which the authorities have linked to Daniella-branded mangoes, originating from northern Mexico.

Mango exporters’ association EMEX president Jorge Armando Celis Moreno, told that although the outbreak had been linked with northern Sinaloa state, there was as yet no demonstrable e…


Mango recall follows 105 salmonella cases in 16 states

By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY
Updated 58m ago

A recall of potentially salmonella-tainted mangoes from Mexico may have involved as many as 900,000 pieces of the tropical fruit.

The Daniella-brand mangoes were grown and harvested in Mexico and sold in the United States between July 12 and Aug. 29, Splendid Products spokesman Ernest DelBuono said.

The mangoes were sold as individual fruit with the sticker brand "Daniella." Each fruit was also marked with a small sticker with one of the following codes: 4051, 4959, 4311, 4584 or 3114.

STORY: Mango brand pulled in salmonella scare

The mangoes were sold at supermarkets including Costco, Save Mart Supermarkets, Food 4 Less, Ralph's, Topco stores, El Super, Kroger, Giant-Eagle, Stop & Shop, Aldi and Whole Foods, DelBuono said.

Consumers who have purchased these recalled mangoes should not eat them and should throw them away.

Federal officials are investigating 105 illnesses invol…


US: Traceability could help with recalls

In light of the recent outbreak of Salmonella in a batch of imported mangoes, growers and retailers may be worried that consumers will cut down on mango purchases. But with better traceability options, and more information, such worries could be alleviated.

A voluntary recall for mangoes was issued this week and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned consumers not to eat a batch of imported mangoes which may be contaminated with Salmonella. Though the likely source of contamination which is responsible for a multistate cluster of Salmonella Braenderup infections has been traced to Mexico, investigators are still trying to determine the exact source of the outbreak.

So far, 73 cases of people getting sick from mangoes have popped up in the United States. While it's suspected that tainted mangoes made their way into the country via imported fruit from Mexico, the FDA is still trying to pinpoint the exact source of the mangoes that may be l…


HEALTH HAZARD ALERT Store-made FRUIT CUPS, YOGURTS, and SALADS sold at Sunterra Markets in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta may contain Salmonella Braenderup bacteria

Food Safety Investigation - Salmonella in certain mangoes | Related Alerts | Product photos

OTTAWA, August 30, 2012 - The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Sunterra Market are warning the public not to consume the store-made Fruit cups, Yogurts, and Salads described below because these products contain recalled Daniella mangoes as an ingredient which may be contaminated with Salmonella Braenderup.

The following products are affected by this alert.

ProductUPCSizeBest Before Dates Up to and includingFresh Mango Cup0204628 602992210 g2012AU28Strawberry and Mango Cup0201747 602995210 g2012AU27Quinoa and Mango Salad0201725 201400Various weights2012AU30Strawberry and Mango Salad0201745 201404Various weights2012AU29Quinoa, Mango and Edamame Salad Box0201726 307996450 g2012AU29Cajun Chicken and Fresh Mango Salad Box0211527 3…