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INDIA: Konkan mango farmers to get compensation for crop loss ...

Express news service : Mumbai, Thu Sep 13 2012, 03:01 hrs

The state cabinet approved on Wednesday a compensation of Rs 78.38 crore to mango farmers in Konkan who have suffered crop loss due to unseasonal rain and pests in the past two years.

The government said in 2011-12, mango crop over 87,094 hectares in Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts was damaged.

Since the mango tree bears fruit every alternate year, the cabinet approved a minimum compensation of Rs 1,000 per hectare per farmer for 60 per cent of the affected area.

The maximum compensation per farmer would be Rs 15,000.

After the state government announced a package for cotton, soya and paddy farmers late last year, mango growers in Konkan also demanded a compensation for losses.

Leaders from Konkan such as Minister for Industries Narayan Rane, leader of opposition in legislative council Vinod Tawde and former leader of opposition Ramdas Kadam supported their demand.…


Naked wins Australian Mangoes PR account

Naked Communications Sydney has been appointed by Australian Mangoes to handle its public relations.

The appointment was made by Horticulture Australia Limited, which works closely with the Australian Mango Industry Association, the peak body for the mango industry.

Naked takes on the business from incumbent Crossman Communications, which has a number of other horticultural accounts with HAL.

The strategy agency won the business after a competitive pitch, and will manage PR, social media and experiential for Australian Mangoes.

Elisa Tseng, HAL’s marketing manager said: “We know that Aussies love mangoes. They conjure up images of summer, fond childhood memories and fun times spent with family and friends. Naked Communications demonstrated such a passion for our business and their strategic and creative response to our pitch really taps into the hearts and minds of Aussies.”

Louise Pogmore, head of PR at Naked said: “Mangoes are such an Aussie icon a…

CHAVEZ PARANOIA UNFOUNDED: Venezuela releases Ocean Atlas, crew

Breakbulk Staff | Mon, 09/10/2012 - 14:40

Breakbulk Online - News Story

Drops arms trafficking charges, U.S.-flag ship to set sail by Tuesday

Venezuelan authorities have dropped charges against the captain and 14 crewmembers of the U.S.-flag Ocean Atlas, an Intermarine heavy-lift vessel, detained for more than a week in Maracaibo.

The ship and crew, which were detained under an alleged weapons smuggling investigation, are expected to set sail Monday or Tuesday, CNN reported early Monday.

The Ocean Atlas docked at Maracaibo on Aug. 29, when the vessel was searched on suspicion of drug-smuggling. No drugs were found but three rifles were found locked in a weapons arsenal used by the vessel’s security team during a recent transit of the Gulf of Aden.

Capt. Jeffrey Raider of Texas and the crew were charged with arms trafficking on Sept. 5. The captain was held on land while crewmembers were told to stay aboard the ship.

The U.S.-based Seafarers International Union, which represents about half th…

IRAN BEHIND EGYPT & LIBYA IN CHAOS: US Ambassador murdered as extremists on all sides win, again ...

The murder of the US Ambassador to Libya yesterday and a raucous protest in Cairo, all over a movie deemed offensive, recall the widespread violence during the Danish cartoon controversy.

By Dan Murphy, Staff writer / September 12, 2012

In this photo taken on Tuesday, damage at the US Consulate in Benghazi is seen during a protest by an armed group said to have been protesting a film being produced in the United States.

Esam Al-Fetori/Reuters

The murder of US Ambassador to LibyaChris Stevens yesterday as an unopposed crowd ransacked and torched the consulate in Benghazi, along with a raucous protest at the US embassy in Cairo, are events that are going to reverberate for months to come. 

That the violence came on the anniversary of the 2001 Al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington was not a coincidence.

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy, who has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, and more than a dozen other countries, writes and edits Backchannels. The focus? War and international relations, lea…

MSC Flaminia Docks at Wilhelmshaven ...

Joseph Bonney, Senior Editor | Sep 11, 2012 7:52PM GMT

The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

Damaged ship arrives at German port seven weeks after mid-Atlantic fire

The damaged container ship MSC Flaminia docked in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, seven weeks after an explosion and fire killed two crewmembers and forced the ship’s abandonment in the mid-Atlantic.

Three cargo holds were gutted by the fire, the cause of which remains under investigation. The ship’s owner declared general average, meaning all parties will share in losses from the accident.

The MSC Flaminia is owned by Reederei NSB and chartered to Mediterranean Shipping Co. The vessel has capacity of 6,732 20-foot-equivalent units.

After the fire, the ship was held in international waters until authorities from the U.K., France, Belgium and the Netherlands cleared it for passage through the English Channel. German authorities later allowed the MSC Flaminia to be towed into port.

The ship was towed by the tugs Fairmount Expedition …

MANGO MARKET UPDATE for Wednesday, September 12, 2012 ..

By Will Cavan
Executive Director
International Mango Organization (IMO)

September 12, 2012

Winter Park, Florida -

Brazil supply is tight:

Hearing market is really strong in USA.

Quotes as high as $10.00 per (4Kg) carton on Tommy Atkins from Brazil.

Brazil supply still very short.

Somewhere between 80 and 100 containers per week being shipped.

Ecuador off to a slow start:
Still waiting for Ecuadorian mango season to kick into gear.
First shipments from Ecuador are expected for week of September 24, 2012 (Week 39).

First shipments are to be Ataulfo mangoes with Tommy Atkins coming on later.

Shipping most volume to west coast USA until volume picks up.

Overall, Ecuador expects to ship:

Tommy Atkins: 65 %, 

Kent 18 %, 

Ataulfo 12 %

and remaining 5 % Other (Haden, Keitt, Nam Doc Mai etc.).

So at this juncture, supply will be split with Brazil on the East Coast USA and Ecuadorian mangoes on the West Coast USA.

The very last Mexican mangoes:

Daniella selling all his mangos local…


I've been interested lately in growing fruit trees, but my local nursery didn't have any mango trees for sale.  Later, while enjoying mango, inspiration struck and after a little internet research, I was convinced that I could start a tree from a mango seed/pit/stone.  I don't know of this new tree will ever bear fruit, but it's been fun to start.

My ultimate plan is to keep the tree small (6-8 feet) by regular pruning and keep it in a container that I can bring indoors over the cold winter months.  With any luck, it will eventually bear fruit...we'll see. Step 1Eat your mango I'm sure there are a hundred ways to cut a mango - The pictures show my own preferred method - but anything that gets the pit from the middle works for now.  One the pit is out, get as much of the mango flesh off as possible.  I find it easiest to gently scrape it with a knife and rinse regularly.