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117,837 VIEWERS LOG ON TO IMO BLOG (Mango World Magazine) IN SEPTEMBER 2012 ...

The month of September set a new pageview record.

The following graph shows that daily viewership averaged nearly 4,000 daily pageviews...

Only three days of the entire month dipped below 3,500 daily pageviews.

This was more than compensated with stellar performances on other days.

As of 2:30 am (Eastern) on October 01, 2012:

Pageviews today

Pageviews yesterday

Pageviews last month

Pageviews all time history

We are now less than 33,000 pageviews from the one million pageview milestone !!!

The IMO is eternally grateful for your fantastic support which has far execeeded initial expectations.

Thanks a million !!!

Israeli president says Iran's Ahmadinejad needs history lesson ...

JERUSALEM | Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:51am EDT

(Reuters) - Israeli President Shimon Peres offered his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a history lesson on Thursday, saying his lack of knowledge about the region was an embarrassment.

The outspoken Iranian leader raised hackles in Israel on Monday when he said Israelis had been occupying their territory for no more than 70 years. "They have no roots there in history," he added during a visit to New York.

Meeting a group of children in Jerusalem, 89-year-old Peres said Ahmadinejad should have known better.

"It was an embarrassing speech which showed a deep historical ignorance with regard to the deep historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel," he said, adding that Ahmadinejad did not even know the history of his Persian ancestors.

The name Israel first appeared at the end of the late Bronze Age and Israelite tribes were living in the area more than 3,000 years ago, archaeologists say.


Es importante crear conciencia de lo importante que es votar correctamente ...



Del Monte Recalls Fruit Packages With Daniella Mangoes

BY NEWS DESK | SEP 30, 2012

Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. recalled some of its fresh-cut fruit packages containing mangoes from Mexico's Agricola Daniella because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Del Monte said its recalled was associated with Coast Distributors Inc., one of four importers supplying the Mexican grown Agricola Daniella brand mangoes to customers in the U.S.

Del Monte in turn distributed the recalled mangoes to retailers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee.

The recalled fresh cut fruit packages are in clear plastic bowls. Product details can be found here.

Splendid Products of Burlingame, CA first recalled Daniella brand mangoes in the U.S. because they were associated with 25 Salmonella Braenderup illnesses in 25 states. Three other distributors have now joined the recall.



United Salad Recalls Mango Products Due To Salmonella Risk

9/18/2012 1:34 PM ET

(RTTNews) - United Salad Co. is voluntarily recalling various products that contain Mangoes due to risk of Salmonella contamination.

The product withdrawal is associated with the recall involving Food Source and Agricola Daniella.

The recalled products were distributed to retailers and supermarkets from 09/01/12 to 09/17/12 in states including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Brands involved with recall include Mary's Select, United Salad Co., Garden Highway and Trader Joe's, among others.

There have been no reported illnesses attributed to the recalled items.

More than a fortnight ago, reports trickled in about the outbreak of Salmonella Braenderup infections involving tainted mangoes.

 Infections were reported in more than 103 persons across 16 states in the U.S, with California accounting for most cases. At that time, California-based produce distributor Splendid Products announced a recal…

AUSTRALIA: NT mango harvest delayed but not damaged by weekend rain ...

By Matt Brann

Monday, 01/10/2012

Rain on the weekend has disrupted the mango harvest in parts of the Northern Territory and growers will be keeping a close eye on fruit to make sure post-harvest diseases don't flare up.

Martina Matzner, from Acacia Hills Farm, hasn't started picking her crop just yet.

She says parts of her farm got up to 50 millimetres and at this stage the rain is welcome.

"It would be pretty interrupting for some, because you can't go out and pick straight away after rain, but for us we haven't started (harvest)," she said.

"The mangoes are usually pretty thirsty and there hasn't been much rain, so there's nothing better than a bit of rain to fill the fruit out a bit more.

"We don't want too much more (rain) now, but this one shower was quite pleasant."

Mangoes in the shed and out of the rain. (Steven Schubert)

Confirman que sismo en Colombia fue de 7,3 en la escala de Richter ...

domingo 30 de septiembre de 2012 04:51 PM 

AVN / Caracas

Las autoridades colombianas confirmaron que el sismo de este domingo tuvo una magnitud de 7,3 en la escala de Richter y afectó a 11 departamentos del sur y suroeste del país.

El servicio geológico de Colombia precisó que el movimiento telúrico tuvo su epicentro en el caserío La Vega, en el departamento del Cauca, a una profundidad de 168 kilómetros, informó el diario El Espectador.

El temblor, que también repercutió en Ecuador, no causó víctimas fatales, aunque se reportó la afectación de algunas viviendas el caserío de Timbiquí, en el departamento colombiano del Cauca.

En Bogotá, el Fondo de Prevención y Atención de Emergencias (Fopae) comenzó un recorrido por todas las localidades de la ciudad, en compañía de las empresas de servicios públicos, para determinar si hay personas heridas o daños en redes de gas o acueducto.

Por su parte, la Secretaría Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos (SNGR) de Ecuador desmintió versiones que circularon p…


Seguidores del candidato de la Unidad, Henrique Capriles Randonski llenaron de punta a punta la avenida Bolívar de Caracas. (Fotos: Gustavo Bandres / El Universal).

La alegría estuvo presente a lo largo de la marcha, que marcó el cierre de campaña de Capriles en Caracas. (Gustavo Bandres / El Universal).

El tricolor nacional acompañó incluso el maquillaje de las jóvenes en la concentración de apoyo a Capriles. (Cortesía Comando Venezuela).

Las pancartas de apoyo a Capriles marcaron una jornada llena de optimismo y conciencia ciudadana. (Gustavo Bandres / El Universal).

En todo el recorrido de la marcha en apoyo a Capriles en Caracas se mantuvo la calma y armonía. (Gustavo Bandres / El Universal).

La imagen del candidato de la oposición, Henrique Capriles Radonski estuvo presente a lo largo de la caminata. (Gustavo Bandres / El Universal).


Tambogrande.- Zona de miedo. 

La rutina de un comerciante de limón casi acaba en tragedia, luego que tres individuos portando armas de fuego interceptaron a balazos la camioneta donde se desplazaban con destino a Tambogrande, para apoderarse de ocho mil nuevos soles.

 El feroz asalto se produjo alrededor de las 6.00 de la mañana del viernes, en instantes que Javier Riofrío Rosillo (46) conducía su camioneta por la vía caserío 15-8 del sector Hualtaco II con dirección a Tambogrande hizo su aparición en el solitario lugar una motocicleta con tres sujetos a bordo.

 El comerciante al darse cuenta que se trataba de un asalto intentó esquivar a los asaltantes recibiendo una lluvia de balas, una de las cuales cayó en el parabrisa y para no arriesgar la vida de su hijo y amigo de apellido Alvarado que lo acompañaban, detuvo la marcha del vehículo.

 Los esperaban
El atraco se produjo cerca de las 6.00 de la mañana, en instantes que la camioneta circulaba del sector Hualtaco II con destino a Tambogr…

Chavez rattled by heart-throb rival ...

Venezuela goes to the polls a week today, and a charismatic young leader is poised to end the President's 14-year rule




The crowds are bigger, his speeches slicker, and Venezuela's young opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, is on a roll in a final, frenzied push to end President Hugo Chavez's socialist rule. 

With just one week left before the Opec nation's presidential election, the 40-year-old state governor is whipping up crowds like never before, creeping up in the polls and becoming increasingly aggressive in his attacks on Chavez's policies.

"We've never had a candidate like him," gushes shopkeeper Andrea Gomez, 42, screaming at Capriles like a teenage fan at a pop concert, as the passing politician blows kisses from an open-top cavalcade on the Caribbean coast north of Caracas.

Capriles has made big inr…

Mexico giving Brazil, China a run ...

September 30 2012 at 03:37pm 


Here's a bold prediction for 2022, the year of another World Cup: Mexico will beat Brazil.

While soccer-mad Mexicans dream of defeating their regional rivals for the ultimate trophy, some analysts say 2022 may actually be the year when Mexico dribbles past Brazil to become Latin America's biggest economy.

And Brazil is not the only global powerhouse that Mexico is challenging. China's rising wages are making Mexico an increasingly attractive location for manufacturers, who are flocking here despite a relentless drug war.

The country's rising fortune has inspired a series of optimistic notes by analysts from some of the world's biggest financial firms.

“We forecast that Mexico may overtake Brazil as the No.1 economy in Latin America as early as 2022, on the back of strong growth in human capital and total factor productivity,” Nomura Group analysts wrote last month.

“Embarking on a trajectory of high growth will mark the birth of the f…

El candidato de la CIA ...

El gobierno colombiano actúa como intermediario entre EEUU y Venezuela; y, ¿adivinen quién es el delegado para el entendimiento?

 Un traficante de la política llamado Jimmy Carter. 

Esa relación no la pude entender hasta que un viejo amigo, el general José Roberto León, quien por casualidad es el actual director de la Policía Nacional de Colombia, me explicó la captura del narco y cómo Jimmy cuadró ciertos contactos con personalidades venezolanas. 

De manera que las cosas no son lo que aparentan y la CIA tiene candidato


Estaba en abril del 2000 en la insoportable Miami, rumbo al aeropuerto, cuando capté la descripción del momento en que un grupo comando del FBI, armados de subfusiles automáticos MP5, tomaba el hogar del tío-abuelo del famoso Elián González para devolverlo a los brazos de su padre y de Fidel. 

Se hace difícil describir el grado de indignación que derivó de tal acción.

Janet Reno, hasta ese momento con gran popularidad en Florida y posicionada para ganar la gob…


Our fourth month with over 100 thousand monthly page views!

September will see over 115,000 total pageviews.

Global viewership continues to soar ...

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries:

Entry Pageviews

United States




United Kingdom
















We are less than 40,000 pageviews away from one million milestone!!!

Thank you for your continued support !!!


Does your favorite natural and organic food company support or oppose labeling of GMOs? 

Check it out:

El Mundo: Una ola de fervor opositor frente al muro de Hugo Chávez ...

septiembre 29, 2012 7:44 pm


Venezuela se juega su futuro el 7-O en las elecciones más apasionantes de su historia política. Lo hace también la revolución bolivariana inventada por Hugo Chávez, sueño igualitario para unos, régimen militarista y autoritario para otros.

Del voto de 19 millones de venezolanos depende el efecto de dominó político que repercutirá en todo el continente. Empezando por Cuba, ‘petrodependiente’ de los regalos del mandatario, y siguiendo por Nicaragua, donde los fondos venezolanos auparon al poder al matrimonio Daniel Ortega-Rosario Murillo. 

Sin olvidar el futuro del Alba, de los movimientos bolivarianos del continente, de las negociaciones de paz entre el Estado y la guerrilla colombiana, de las inversiones rusas y chinas en la Faja del Orinoco (la mayores reservas del planeta en oro negro).

En definitiva, unas elecciones globales cuyas repercusiones van mucho más allá de las fronteras venezolanas.

Frente a frente, dos candidatos invictos: Hugo Chá…


Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc., Recalls Limited Quantity of Fresh-Cut Mango Products Due to Possible Health Risk – This Recall is Associated with Coast Distributors, Inc. recall of Mangoes Sourced from Agricola Daniella in Mexico



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 28, 2012 - In cooperation with the FDA's warning  not to consume mangos from Agricola Daniella in Mexico, Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc, is initiating a voluntary recall of a limited quantity of certain fresh-cut fruit packages containing mangos distributed to retail outlets due to the potential risk that the mangos may cont…

Mango Disc Golf announces 2nd Annual Mango Classic ...

BY GUEST | SEP 26, 2012

The 2nd Annual Mango Classic will be held on October 13th and 14th, 2012 at the Blue Angels Disc Golf Facility in Pensacola, Florida. 

The BAP is a disc golf complex with its three 18-hole courses, trailer rentals, cabins, RV and tent camping available on the course. This spot is truly a hidden gem in the disc golf world. Steve Hollis says, “Jay Yanovich, Recreation Manager for the Navy, and Mike Sidebottom as the liaison between Mango and Blue Angel Park are extremely excited about this event and are working very hard to be ready for this event and to showcase their park. I am sure that the courses will be in top shape”.

This is a PDGA Sanctioned B-Tier event, Southern National Qualifier, and NPC Qualifier. In only its second year, the Mango Classic 2012 will have one of the ‘largest’ cash payout of any B-Tier in the nation. Hollis' goal is to attract some of disc golf's top professionals to the event. It is obvious that in their first year with only $1…