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USDA/APHIS Removes Regulated Areas in Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy Counties, Texas for the Mexican Fruit Fly,Anastrepha ludens ...



October 19, 2012

SUBJECT: APHIS Removes Regulated Areas in Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy Counties, Texas for the Mexican Fruit Fly,Anastrepha ludens


Effective September 26, 2012, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) removed the last Mexican fruit fly (Mexfly) regulated area from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. As a result, there are no remaining Mexfly-regulated areas in Texas.

On March 9, 2012, APHIS designated portions of Cameron County as a fruit fly-regulated area restricting the interstate movement of regulated articles from that area in order to prevent the spread of Mexfly to noninfested ar…

VENEZUELA muestra arsenal encontrado en cárcel de Coro

Varela muestra arsenal encontrado en cárcel de Coro

Por Agencias / Maracaibo /

La ministra para el Servicio Penitenciario, Iris Varela, detalló que en el penal desalojado hace pocos días, se encontraron un fusil HK, tres sub ametralladoras, dos rifles 30/30 con componentes de fabricación carcelaria, cinco escopetas, 39 pistolas 9 mm, 4 revólveres y más de 11 mil municiones

Un total de 56 armas de fuego fueron encontradas en la desalojada cárcel de Coro, estado Falcón (Foto: AVN)

Lunes, 22 Octubre 2012 15:01

La ministra para el Servicio Penitenciario, Iris Varela, ofreció un balance sobre las armas encontradas en la ya desalojada cárcel de Coro, en el estado Falcón.

Un fusil HK, tres sub ametralladoras, dos rifles 30/30 con componentes de fabricación carcelaria, cinco escopetas, 39 pistolas 9 mm, así como 4 revólveres, son parte de un total de 56 armas de fuego encontradas en el recinto, informó Varela en una rueda de prensa.

Varela indicó que en el lugar fueron hallada…

Future Sandy: East Coast Tropical Nightmare or Miss ??? ...

By Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist

October 22, 2012; 10:59 AM

Tropical Storm Sandy will soon form in the Caribbean, and scenarios for its final destination range from bypassing the East Coast to creating a nightmare for millions of people.

Tropical Depression 18 formed in the central Caribbean at midday Monday and should strengthen into Tropical Storm Sandy during the next 12 to 24 hours.

The Hurricane Center is confident the future tropical storm will then head northward through Thursday, spreading life-threatening flooding rain across Jamaica, Hispaniola, eastern Cuba and the Bahamas.

How future Sandy tracks Friday and beyond is dependent on several weather factors, which at this time are very complex and creating solutions that range from a tropical nightmare to a miss for the East Coast.

The worst case scenario for the East Coast involves future Sandy paralleling the coast from Florida to the Carolinas this weekend before being drawn inland into the mid-Atlanti…

USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: What You Won’t Hear At Tonight’s Debate ...

October 22, 2012 by Bob Livingston


Tonight is the final installment of the Kabuki performance called the American Presidential debates. 

While the ideologues, talking heads, spinmeisters and party hacks get all hot and bothered over what is said in their efforts to reinforce the false left/right paradigm, what is not said – and, in fact, never discussed in the two single-party choreographed gab fests inaccurately called debates — is much more telling.

So here is my (partial) list of things you won’t hear — but should — from the mouths of one or the other of the two puppets vying for the “highest office in the land.”

Despite what we’ve been saying for months, Presidents do not create jobs in the private sector. 

We can advocate policies that either get government out of the way of job creation or stymie job creation.

 We can foster an environment that is friendly to job creators and encourages job creation. But there is no way I can say of a private sector job, “You didn’t build that; I d…


Manga and Milk

By Tom Le Mesurier - Posted on 15 October 2012

What does the word 'Manga' mean to you? 

If you'd asked me this question a few years ago I would have started talking about Japanese comics and anime.

However, two and a half years ago I moved to Rio de Janeiro and started learning Brazilian Portuguese, so now the word has very different associations: clothing and fruit!


Let’s start with the clothing meaning – ‘manga’ is the Portuguese word for the sleeve of a shirt. A sleeveless shirt (of the type commonly worn by women) is called a camisa sem manga – very popular in the heat of the Brazilian summer!

In many office environments, Brazilian men still wear a formal shirt (with a collar and buttons), but often it is worn without a jacket or tie and with the sleeves rolled up. In English we would describe this as being “in shirtsleeves” (it’s a look many politicians are fond of). In Brazil they use a similar phrase: “em mangas de camisa”.

Barack Obama em mangas de …


Images posted on the 12th of October 2012 by MANBULLOO  ....

Caption reads "Not ripe yet"

R2E2 s

Horseshoe Lagoon.

Jeremy heading in.

Tiana, one of our new packers!

Something special about Manbulloo...

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A chain of events: minimising food wastage

A study by CSIRO on the carbon and water footprints of the Australian fresh mango industry has identified areas of waste in the supply chain that could apply to other food industries.

3 December 2010

CSIRO determined the impact of food waste on the carbon and water footprints of the Australian fresh mango industry using a technique called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

LCA can also highlight where the greatest opportunities are in the supply chain to help minimise wastage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserve valuable water resources and improve food security.

The results show that a staggering 54 per cent of the average yearly production - about 19 000 tonnes of mangoes - are wasted along the way from farm to fork.

In this podcast, CSIRO’s Dr Brad Ridoutt explains how and why the LCA on fresh mangos was done and how important Life Cycle Assessment could be in making food systems more sustainable in the future.

Read more about Dr Brad Ridoutt: as…


More mango varieties on the way

By Tyne McConnon

Friday, 19/10/2012

The CSIRO has promised new hybrid mango varieties will be released for sale next year.

The three varieties, which produce high yields and mature early, have been developed through the National Mango Cross Breeding Program.

The CSIRO's director of business development Lionel Henderson says they are ready to provide to commercial operators.

"We have suitable numbers of mature trees here at the institute in Kununurra (WA) that we will be able to provide budwood to supply pretty much whatever requirements are out there in the industry."

Mr Henderson says he sees three avenues for ensuring their sale next year.

"Working with the Mango Industry Association would be plan A. If we are unable to do that - and I've set some times frames around it - then we will be looking at the other respondents to the expression on interest process," he said.

"If unable to do anything with those guys positively, then w…


High hopes for new Australian mango release in 2013

October 22nd, 2012

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is aiming to license three new mango varieties next year based on the popular Kensington Pride cultivar, media agency the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported.    

The varieties are a result of the National Mango Cross Breeding Program which began in 1994 with the goal of rectifying some of the problematic aspects of the variety such as its unreliable flowering and low shelf life.

CSIRO director of business development Lionel Henderson told the ABC he had taken on the task of commercialization recently and was aiming to achieve his goal by the end of this year.

“The partners in the program ran an expression of interest process a couple of years ago and the Australian Mango Industry Association was our preferred partner out of that process, but we’ve been unable to finalize the details with them to date,” he told the broadcast…