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Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board ( October 26, 2012 ) ...

The Mango Crop Report from the National Mango Board has been updated.

Click here to see the newest Mango Crop Report.

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Mango Market News Mango volume shipped last week was approximately 806,689 boxes representing 8% more than the previous week. 

Brazil Brazil shipped approximately 277,200 boxes last week representing 43% less than the previous week. 
Tommy Atkins weekly average price per box at the Philadelphia entry port on week ending 10/20/2012 decreased by 2%.

Projections for the next two weeks are 321,552 and 266,112 boxes respectively.  Ecuador Ecuador shipped approximately 529,489 boxes last week representing 107% more than the previous week.
Tommy Atkins weekly average price per box at the Philadelphia entry port on week ending 10/20/2012 decreased by 2%. 

Projections for the next two weeks are 590,000 and 700,00 boxes respectively. 

FOOD NEWS Commentary for Friday, October 26th, 2012 ....

Online version

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Chase of status
Friday October 26 2012

STAPLE status seems to be the holy grail of food processing. Everyone wants their product to be loved. Preferably some love at home, to protect you from exchange rates, and also some love abroad, so you’re optimally positioned to hit the world’s emerging markets.

The thing is, trying to start a sea change in favour of your product is like herding cats. It is not easy. What people eat is similar to the language they use – it is habitual, it is integral to their everyday life, and it can be very difficult to change. They merrily ignore all attempts at top-down ruling, only to take it up for reasons of their own when the industry has its back turned.

One of the problems with many FOODNEWS products, such as fruit juices and canned or frozen fruit, seems to be that people in the countries where they are produced do not seem to see why they should bother with the processed form when they c…


Seaports in the projected path of Hurricane Sandy were battening down the hatches Friday in anticipation of the storm's impact whenever it hits the Northeast coast on Monday or Tuesday ...


Hurricane Sandy is shaping up to be one major storm once it heads for land somewhere along the East Coast.

How major?

On Friday, the weather experts at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began to quantify what residents from North Carolina toMassachusetts to Ohio can expect starting early next week.

NOAA’s latest projections show the storm coming ashore in Delaware and then moving into southern Pennsylvania. However, the storm’s course could change.

In all likelihood Sandy, which is not expected to be a hurricane when it comes ashore, will dump a very large amount of rain. It could dump 10 inches along the coast close to the area of landfall. Inland, expect five to 10 inches of rain, NOAA says.

Rivers including the Susquehanna, Schuykill, and Potomac could spill over t…

‘Fight pollution with mango, mahogany, banyan, Ashoka trees’ ...

(IANS) / 26 October 2012

Mango, mahogany, banyan and Ashoka trees should be planted in large numbers to fight air pollution in towns and cities, a horticultural expert has advised.

”We have drawn up a list of trees which can effectively fight air pollution, and we have asked the town planners and landscape artists to incorporate these in their designs,” said Anupama Mitra, deputy secretary, Agri-Horticultural Society of India.

These trees are special because they not only absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but also take in poisonous gases responsible for pollution.

”They take in gases like certain sulphur oxides and nitrous oxide, major air pollutants,” said Mitra.

Responsible for effects like global warming, acid rain, smog and ozone depletion, these toxic gases mainly emanating from vehicular and industrial emissions find their way into the atmosphere.

The trees were selected based on their Air Pollution Tolerance Index (APTI) which determines the response of plants towards air -…


The Mosaic of lies, deceits and state-sponsored terrorism:
The hidden real truth about Benghazi

- Doug Hagmann (Bio and Archives) Friday, October 26, 2012

Most people know that we’ve been lied to about the attacks in Benghazi, but few realize the extent of those lies or the hidden secrets they cover.

 After all, the lie is different at every level. Thanks to a well placed source with extensive knowledge about the attack, the disturbing truth is slowly beginning to emerge and is lining up with information contained in my previous articles published here weeks ago. 

The truth reveals the most serious situation in the world today as it involves the interests and destinies of us all.

A mosaic of lies
According to the U.S. government, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed during a spontaneous protest at the consulate office in Benghazi by a frenzied crowd of Muslims outraged over an obscure internet video. 

Recently released “sensitive but not classified e-mails” …


Upgrade for Manaus

Brazil’s National Department Of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) has signed a contract worth US$2.3M with Sistema PRI Engenharia Ltda to draw up the outline project for the expansion and upgrade of the Amazon port of Manaus in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

According to DNIT’s Waterways Division, the work will include structural renovation of access bridges and floating docks, as well as landscaping. Much of the original structure of the port was built in the early 20th century and includes steel warehouses prefabricated in Great Britain, which are now officially part of Brazil’s National Heritage.... 


This data is according to ALEXA   ( )   at 9:08am on Friday October 26th, 2012 ....

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Sandy Is Expected To Bring Significant To Possibly Major Impacts From Eastern North Carolina Starting On Saturday Night Northward To New England From Monday Through Tuesday

Friday, October 26, 2012 5:36 am

by Rob Lightbown

Hurricane Sandy:

Sandy seems to be evolving from a purely tropical cyclone into one that has subtropical characteristics. The pressure and wind fields associated with the hurricane have expanded overnight and the convection associated with Sandy has been displaced more to the north. Even with that, I fully expect Sandy to maintain hurricane intensity right through this weekend and still be a hurricane when it comes ashore along the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern United States coastline on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Sandy is tracking somewhere between northwest and north-northwest at a forward speed of 13 mph this morning. Now, I expect Sandy to first turn northeastward on Saturday, but then turn northwestward and aim for the…


Pocket Litter: The Evidence That Criminals Carry

October 25, 2012 | 0900 GMT

"Pocket Litter: The Evidence That Criminals Carry is republished with permission of Stratfor."


By Scott Stewart

On Oct. 12, a pregnant medical doctor from Guadalajara, Mexico, attempted to enter the United States through the San Ysidro border crossing. The woman reportedly wanted to give birth in the United States so that her child would be a U.S. citizen. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers arrested the woman, who has since been charged with visa fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Ordinarily, the arrest of a Mexican national for document fraud at a border crossing would hardly be newsworthy. However, this case may be anything but ordinary: Authorities have identified the woman as Alejandrina Gisselle Guzman Salazar, who reportedly is the daughter of Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, one of the world's most wanted men.