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Hurricane Sandy's Long Economic Reach ...

Peter Morici | Oct 29, 2012 9:38AM EDT

Hurricane Sandy will have a devastating impact on life and property. 

However, gauging its ultimate impact on an economy still struggling to overcome the Great Recession but with substantial resources to overcome adversity is far more complex than merely adding up insurance payouts and uninsured losses.

Disasters can give the ailing construction sector a boost, and unleash smart reinvestment that actually improves stricken areas and the lives of those that survive intact. 

Ultimately, Americans, as they always seem to do, will emerge stronger in the wake of disaster and rebuild better, making a brighter future in the face of tragedy.

Sandy is unusual storm and complex to gauge. Coming late in the season and combining with cold fronts to the west and north, it is really a post-tropical cyclone and has the potential to deliver epic destruction. However, coming so soon after Irene in August 2011, the level of anticipation and preparedness demonstrated by…

Real-Time Monitoring Of Hurricane Sandy ...

Monday, October 29, 2012 12:22 pm

by Rob Lightbown

Hurricane Sandy:

There really isn’t much to add today that I haven’t said already about Hurricane Sandy. 

As feared, Sandy is expected to bring major power outages, major coastal flooding and the likelihood that the subway system in New York City will be flooded by the 12 foot storm surge that is expected.

I highly recommend that you continue to monitor the latest information on Sandy by going to our real-time Hurricane Sandy page at

Expected Wind Impact From Sandy:

Forecast Storm Surge Map:

Forecast Coastal Flooding Impacts:

Rainfall Forecast For Today & Tonight:

Rainfall Forecast For Monday & Monday Night:

Rainfall Forecast For Tuesday & Tuesday Night:

Sandy Information
Forecast Track:

Model Track Forecast:

Satellite Imagery:

AUSTRALIA: Mango prices "crash" ...

By Matt Brann

Monday, 29/10/2012

The price of mangoes has crashed, with reports that some supermarkets are selling the tropical fruit for 99 cents each.

Growers from the Northern Territory got as low as $5 a tray last week, which is down from over $50 a tray a few weeks ago.

Alex Caroline, from the Sydney Markets, says there's been an inundation of poor quality fruit.

"Yeah, it crashed last week and deservedly so, because the fruit was very poor," he said.

"There was a lot of immature fruit, a lot of fruit with resin canal, stem-end rot, anthracnose and black-spot.

"There was fruit sold last week for $5 a tray and if you're a mango farmer from Darwin there's no future in that sort of price."

Mr Caroline says things have picked up a bit this morning and good fruit is now fetching $20 to $30 a tray.

He says mangoes have started to arrive from Katherine in the Northern Territory and their quality is excellent.

The overall quality of mangoes has dropped in the l…