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HISTORICAL CONTEXT: 2012 Isn't Close to Being the Most Expensive Election Ever

NOV 6 2012, 8:31 PM ET

Every four years we bemoan record campaign spending and every four years we are wrong. For all the fistfuls of dollars super PACs have thrown into this post-Citizens United election, the reality is the 2012 campaign isn't even in the same vicinity of the most expensive ever.

That would be the campaign of 1896, by almost a factor of five. The chart below, courtesy of Dave Gilson of Mother Jones and Seth Masket, puts our campaign finance system in historical perspective. It looks at presidential spending as a share of GDP, rather than in nominal dollars, over the past century and a half. There was remarkably more campaign spending in 1896 than in the next four priciest elections combined.

With apologies to Franklin Roosevelt, this is what it looks like when business is united against a single candidate as they never have been before or since. 

What inspired such historic hatred back in 1896? 

In a word, silver.

 Democratic nominee William Jennings Bryan famously wan…

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory Poor quality brings down mango price ...

By Steven Schubert

Wednesday, 07/11/2012

The biggest producer of mangoes in the Northern Territory's Katherine region says poor quality fruit from Darwin has driven prices down this season.

Some low grade fruit has only fetched $5 a tray, well below the $18 mark which is generally considered necessary to turn a profit in the Top End.

Marie Piccone own Manbulloo Mangoes, and says it seems like Darwin growers could be sending away better quality fruit, but aren't trying to improve their product.

"Some of the quality has been hardly saleable, so the price for that fruit has been extremely low, and when you send a very low benchmark, and you have consumers who can't buy fruit that they should be eating, it affects everybody and drive the price down."


Baffling but sweet


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Rishab Pal, 10, holding the carrot and apple mango at their Bocalevu home in Labasa on Thursday afternoon. Picture: SERAFINA SILAITOGA

A FIJIAN family of Indian descent is baffled as they continue to reap two types of mangoes from the same tree at their backyard in Labasa.

The Pal family in Bocalevu have been eating carrot and apple mangoes from the same tree over the past two years.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Pravin Pal said they noticed the unusual production in 2010 and they were really surprised because they had never witnessed such growth before.

"At first, we were reluctant to eat the mangoes because of its strange growth but somehow, we decided to try it," Mr Pal said.

"The two types of mangoes remain green in colour when it's ripe and it hardly falls on the ground," he said.

"When it is mango season, the tree is always filled with mango and we usually give it to neighbours and frie…

A Fruitful Idea: Hollywood Orchard ...

Bill Pullman and his Farmer’s Circle learn about tree care from Gary Knowlton.

If you called Bill Pullman an Everyman, he would probably cringe, because a true Everyman is too humble to marinate in praise. 

Whether it has been major roles in Hollywood smashes like Independence Day; indies like Lost Highway; Broadway fare like Edward Albee’s The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?; or the upcoming NBC midseason replacement 1600 Penn, the native of Hornell, New York, has applied what you might call American-roots acting to a panoply of styles, visions, and voices.

Ensconced in Hollywood’s Beachwood Canyon, the husband and father of three can now deliver this line to his supporting cast: “Lights! Camera! Action! Pick!” Pullman’s efforts to rally volunteer fruit pickers from the neighborhood to fill bushels and pecks for charity, while helping to educate local school kids, have placed him knee deep in limoncello, loquat jam, and appreciation. 

Featured in the upcoming documentary The Fru…

Here's Who's Winning The Key Congressional Races ...

Walter Hickey | 3 minutes ago 

As it stands, the New York Times has described some 82 House races as battleground races.

That means that the 228 solid Republican races and the 183 solid Democratic races aren't really under the microscope. 

If one of those takes an unexpected turn, we'll update that here and maintain a count of the current stats.

Some of them are in new districts with no prior incumbent. Others are open races, where the current Representative has either retired or moved to a new district as a result of the 2010 redistricting. Still others have embattled incumbents in the toughest races of their careers. 

Democrats need to win 60 of these races to take the House, an unlikely chance.

Here's the status of the House election. Refresh the page to see updates as they come:

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The First Exit Polls Are Coming Out, And There's Mass Dissatisfaction With The Economy ...

Brett LoGiurato | 5 minutes ago

Getty Images

The Associated Press has just released the first exit poll of the 2012 election.

Most notable is the lingering dissatisfaction with the direction of the country's economy — only 25 percent of respondents in the exit poll said they were better off than four years ago. 

Only four in 10 voters said that the nation's economy is getting better. Still, though, more blamed former President George W. Bush than President Barack Obama.

Cox Radio reporter Jamie Dupree reports that 24 percent rated the economy as good, 75 percent rated it as, and 39 percent said the direction of the economy is "getting better."

Dupree has some more data at his Twitter feed.

Much more to come...

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CHECK THIS OUT !!! : USA election 2012: live results map ...

Click on this link to follow election results on this interactive map ...

Follow live results of the US presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. 

Projected votes will be shown on the map from 11PM GMT (6PM EST) as the polls close and the results of the first exit polls are revealed.


Voting booths are illuminated by sunlight as VOTERS

cast their ballots at a polling place in Billings, Mont.,

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Freska primed for good fall and winter mango supplies ....

by Tim Linden | November 06, 2012

With Brazil and Ecuador in full bloom and Peruvian mangos expected to join the party soon, Oxnard, CA-based Freska Produce International LLC is expecting to have very good supplies throughout the fall and winter period.

Managing Partner Gary Clevenger said that higher prices at this time of year tend to curb promotions, but Freska is doing its part in filling any supply gaps.

He said that Brazil, which began shipping to the United States in 
September, has enjoyed a very strong market and that should continue through the end of their traditional U.S. shipment period sometime in November.

Freska's managing partners, Gary Clevenger (right) and Jesus (Chuy) Loza, checking out a mango tree in Ecuador.

"We actually may have Brazilian fruit into December," he said. "Our mangos from Ecuador will take us through January. And Peru, which willget started in December, will take us through March."

Both Ecuador and Brazil are volume suppliers to F…


Daily chart: Today’s chart reveals electoral spending for the 2012 American presidential election in the key swing-states. 

As the map shows, Mitt Romney and his allies have outspent Barack Obama and friends in most of these states

El pueblo de origen de Obama espera ansioso los resultados: “Es un hijo más” ...

Publicado el 06 de nov de 2012 9:38 am |

Foto: Reuters / La imagen muestra a la abuela el Presidente de los Estado Unidos, Sarah Hussein Obama acompañada de habitantes de su comunidad

(Kogelo Kenia, 6 nov EFE).- El apacible pueblo keniano de Kogelo vive con expectación la recta final de la campaña electoral en EEUU, cuyo presidente, Barack Obama, cuenta en esa localidadcon incondicionales seguidores que le consideran “un hijo más”.

En Kogelo, población situada a unos 60 kilómetros de las orillas del Lago Victoria, nació el padre de Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, y allí aún reside gran parte de la familia keniana del jefe de Estado demócrata.

A pesar de que Obama no ha visitado Kogelo -ni siquiera Kenia- desde que fuera elegido primer presidente negro de la historia de Estado Unidos hace cuatro años, los lugareños hablan de su “paisano” con gran entusiasmo a un día de que los estadounidenses decidan en las urnas si renuevan su confianza en él para un nuevo mandato.

Foto: Reuters / La imagen m…


Feds OK Savannah Port Dredging for Panama Canal Traffic

Posted on November 1, 2012 by Larry Ehl

Obama’s “We Can’t Wait Initiative’ expedites decision on Port of Savannah dredging project. Image – Tiziana Stupia on

The Port of Savannah received approval to proceed with a dredging project to accommodate larger ships expected from the Panama Canal expansion. The project is designed to help the Port preserve its place as the largest southern U.S. container port, and may help it compete with West Coast ports for Panama Canal traffic.

The Army Corps gave its final approval for the approximately $652 million Savannah Harbor Expansion Project last week. The review had been expedited as part of the President’s “We Can’t Wait Initiative.” The federal review process lasted fifteen years.

Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-2013 and be completed in 2016. 

First, Congress must approve the spending of State money on the project. 

 Actual construction also could be jeopardized by th…



The race among the world’s biggest ships begins


Today Maersk Line’s major rival CMA CGM will take delivery of the world’s biggest container ship, of 16.020 teu, with two more ships in the pipeline for April next year. 

The record will stand until June 2013, where Maersk Line will receive the first of its Triple-E ships, writes Alphaliner.

Offentliggjort 06.11.12 kl. 09:48

Maersk Line’s major rival, French CMA CGM, enters global container history today, when the shipping company takes delivery of the world’s largest container ship to date, at 16.020 teu, constructed by the Daewoo shipyard in Korea. 

The shipping company will hold the record until next summer, when Maersk Line will take delivery of the first ship in the series of the so-called Triple-E (photo), at 18.270 teu.

The ships mark the beginning of a massive competition between the major container shipping compani…

Leadership Council Agrees To Enhance Produce Traceability ...




» Wish Farms Shop Talk at PMA 2012

Ottawa, Canada

The PTI Leadership Council has agreed that a buyer-centered implementation focus is needed to ensure continued industry movement toward case-level traceability.

The Leadership Council, representing 32 companies in the produce industry, met recently in conjunction with the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California, and decided to:

• Create a new Buyer Working Group to expedite the completion of the remaining retail/foodservice implementation steps for PTI

• Keep the PTI governance structure intact with the Leadership Council meeting twice a year and working groups utilized as needed

• Maintain progress of supply-side PTI implementation

• Maintain industry education and communication…


Food Safety Training Managing HACCP in the Food Industry

HACCP legislation states that all companies of 5 persons or more require a written HACCP plan.

What is HACCP? (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
HACCP is a food safety management system which had its roots in the astronaut training devised by NASA in the 1960's. It aims to pro-actively identify any Hazards in the food production and to eliminate or control the hazards to avoid food safety incidents.

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