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Daily chart: Today’s chart reveals America could hit net self-sufficiency of oil and gas as the rest of the world is set to rely even more heavily on imports by 2035. 

View chart on projected global oil and gas independence:

Commentary: Sandy's S.O.S.

by Arnaud De Borchgrave

Washington (UPI) Nov 12, 2012

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Polish-born nuclear physicist Marcin Jakubowski and his small band of acolytes are holed up in rural Missouri working on a "civilization starter kit."

Bloomberg Businessweek headlines the experiment "The Post-Apocalypse Survival Machine Nerd Farm." Is this the future of American innovation? asks the magazine.

The answer might be affirmative after reading the same issue's cover line in large black letters on a red background -- "IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID"

"If Hurricane Sandy doesn't persuade Americans to get serious about climate change, nothing will," says cover story writer by Paul Barrett.

Hopefully, a study commissioned by the U.S. intelligence community will convince conservatives that global warming isn't liberal disinformation.

After millions of years undisturbed by man, human-induced climate change shrunk the North Pole'…

MOVIE REVIEW: The Fruit Hunters documentary is finger-licking fantasticThe Fruit Hunters documentary is finger-licking fantastic

Review RIDM 2012:

November 13, 2012. 8:10 am • 

In a scene from The Fruit Hunters: Noris Ledesma , Richard Campbell and mangoes at the University of Florida, Tropical Research and Educational Centre. Did you know that there are 600 varieties of mango? Photo: EyeSteel Film

There are many blissful faces, and a lot of oohing and ahhing, drooling and finger licking in The Fruit Hunters. I guess it’s difficult to eat ripe, juicy fruit in a tidy and dignified way. And who takes a knife and fork into the jungle or the forest?

The people in The Fruit Hunters are more concerned with sight and smell and heavenly tastes than they are with their sticky fingers.

The Fruit Hunters is a movie by Montrealer Yung Chang, who was inspired by the book of the same name, by another Montrealer, Adam Leith Gollner.

The film is variously about people who like to eat fruit, to grow it, to discover new varieties, to try to prevent the varieties that we already know about from disappearing, etc.

Some of these people a…

STRATFOR Commentary: Time for USA to Assess Global Relations ...

U.S. Foreign Policy: Room to Regroup

November 13, 2012 | 1000 GMT


By George Friedman

President Barack Obama has won re-election. However, in addition to all of the constraints on him that I discussed last week, he won the election with almost half the people voting against him. 

His win in the Electoral College was substantial -- and that's the win that really matters -- but the popular vote determines how he governs, and he will govern with one more constraint added to the others. 

The question is whether this weakens him or provides an opportunity. 

That is not determined by his policies but by the strategic situation, which, in my view, gives the United States some much-needed breathing room.

The Structure of the International System

At the moment, the international system is built on three pillars: the United States, Europe and China. Europe, if it were united, would be very roughly the same size as the United States in terms of economy, population and potential military power…

Mango demand strong but pineapples sluggish, says Kingston ...

November 13th, 2012

U.S. importer Kingston & Associates Marketing is positive about the demand potential for increased Ecuadorian mango volumes, but times are still tough for its other key tropical fruit the pineapple.

Company president Ken Nabal told overall volume for mangoes from the South American country was down on last year, but numbers would peak from now until around Dec. 10.

“In general, mango supplies here in the States have been very short, so any demand is pretty much exceeding supply, particularly for large fruit here for the past Brazilian season,” he said.

“When we get into the smaller sizes here, the retailers are looking to promote. The mango sizes are dragging so they’relooking for something to generate some new sales in the stores – they haven’t had an opportunity to.

“We have enough supplies coming on to get into some promotions between here and Christmas.”

He added the peak sizes would be around 10-12 count.

On the issue of increased Food an…