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I don't mourn Hostess, but locavores should ...

November 16, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Posted by Bruce Ramsey

Hey, locavores! Wake up! You’ve lost a local Seattle producer of food: Hostess Brands. That’s right! Locally produced Twinkies, Ho Hos, Hostess cupcakes and Wonder Bread.

“Locavores” are supposed to be for locally produced food, but they don’t celebrate companies like Hostess. 

Why not? 

Hostess was local (not the headquarters, but the factory). If local is what you care about, why not mourn for Hostess?

I point this out not because it’s what I think; it’s what locavores ought to think if they held their “locavore” idea with any consistency. They like food that’s local. 

I like food that’s good.

 In May and June I buy  Soconusco mangoes from Mexico, because I like mangoes and my wife likes them. Mangoes don’t grow here and we don’t want to be without them. 

We buy saltine crackers from China because we lived in Hong Kong and learned to like them. 

Did it take energy to move them across the Pacific? 

It did, but not much, else the crackers woul…

“El Loco Barrera” confesó durante su viaje de extradición ...

Por María Gabriela Villalobos / Agencia / Maracaibo /

El narcotraficante más buscado del mundo habló con los efectivos policiales en el viaje de extradición. 

“El Loco Barrera” le envío un mensaje claro a los delincuentes: el peor error que pueden cometer es venirse a Venezuela

Daniel "El Loco Barrera" fue capturado el pasado 18 de septiembre en San Cristóbal, estado Táchira (Foto: AP)

Viernes, 16 Noviembre 2012 10:55

Durante el viaje de deportación el capo de la droga, Daniel “El Loco Barrera”, ofreció unas declaraciones a uno de los efectivos policiales que viajó con él hasta Colombia.

A unos 30 mil pies de altura el narcotraficante reveló que lo llaman por su alias desde los 12 años de edad y que utilizó la identidad de su hermano “Arnaldo”, que presenta problemas mentales y a quien no ve desde hace siete años, para transitar en Colombia por un tiempo.

En la pieza audiovisual que obtuvo el corresponsal de Noticias Caracol, César Chaparro, se visualiza qu…


A major USA mango importer has had mango shipments from Ecuador detained as a consequence of an outlawed pesticide residue coming up during the course of intensive search by Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspectors.

With an average of 30 to 40 containers per week coming out of Ecuador, the delays begin to compound the distribution chain for major importers.

The FDA issued this update on November 15, 2012:

Import Alert # 99-08
Published Date: 11/15/2012
Type: DWPE
Import Alert Name:
"Detention Without Physical Examination Of Processed Foods for Pesticides"

Reason for Alert:
This alert provides a compilation of all processed foods that may be subject to detention without physical examination due to illegal pesticide residues pursuant to the procedures outlined in Chapter 9 of the RPM.

Districts may detain without physical examination shipments of the products identified in the attachmnet for this alert if the shipper or manufacturer fails to provide a valid certificate o…

National Mango Board to host virtual industry outreach meeting ...

The National Mango Board (NMB) will host a virtual industry outreach meeting via webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 4 p.m. (EST). 

During the webinar, NMB staff will provide mango industry members with updated 2012 program results, as well as a glimpse of 2013 programs. 

Participation in this web-based virtual meeting is free and registration for the event is quick and easy.

Attendees will see updated results and highlights from both NMB’s 2012 marketing and research programs.

 The NMB will also share how they are working on the mango industry’s behalf in the U.S. marketplace to educate consumers, increase mango consumption and improve mango quality. 

The NMB encourages mango industry members to join the webinar, as they will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session. 

This webinar will be conducted in English. 

The NMB travels to the growing regions to meet with industry members, share details about the programs and results, and hear feedback from the growers, packers and expo…


11th APEM Peruvian International Mango Congress

Increased Peruvian mango export show promise Green Sky fruit caps

Arturo Hernandez has recently attended the 11th International Congress in Peru. The congress was organised and held by APEM (Asociacion Peruviana de Prodctores y Exportadores y mango), the Peruvian mango exporters association. 

Green Sky manufacture caps for fruits - papayas, melons and mangoes.

 The caps primary purpose is to protect the fruit during transportation. 

The caps are currently being exported to the USA, where the produce companies that buy them target Asian markets, primarily Japan, for cap covered fruits.

The event took place 8th - 9th November and covered such things as good practice in mango cultivation, pests and diseases relevant to the sector and attracting sales in the US market place. To that end the event was attended by the US National Mango Board.

Arturo said that the event promised the potential for his company to access a new market.

"The Peruvian p…

PHILIPPINES: Department of Agriculture allots P40M to improve mango industry ...


P 40 Million = $964,343.40 USD at current exchange rate

November 16, 2012 6:10pm

An initial P40 million has been provided to the mango sector to fund initiatives under the five-year development plan of the Philippine Mango Industry Foundation, Inc. (PMIFI).

P10 million from the fund will be used to provide production inputs and rehabilitate mango farms affected by typhoons during the last two years, said Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala in a statement on Friday.

The remaining P30 million, meanwhile, will help bankroll other projects next year.

Alcala made the commitment during Thursday’s 14th National Mango Congress in Mandaue City.

The event was attended by 500 mango farmers, processors, traders, exporters, input suppliers, local government heads and agriculture officials.


Alcala suggested that the Mango Foundation practice “geo-tagging” farms nationwide to ensure provision of assistance and to accurately monitor production and harvest.

He said “geo-tagging” has bee…


Bartiromo: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal? Don’t Count on It
Published: Thursday, 15 Nov 2012 | 9:58 AM ET

By: Maria Bartiromo

The Mayans may not be right about the world ending by the end of 2012, but the next month and a half is looking a lot more panic-stricken than celebratory.

Getty Images
Co-chairmen of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, former Sen. Alan Simpson, (R-WY)(R), and Erskine Bowles (L), participate in a Joint Deficit Reduction Committee hearing on Capitol Hill.

The ongoing fight over the "fiscal cliff" may overshadow everything else as we get closer to the new year. Sadly, compromise seems hard to come by, even though the consequences of going over the cliff — hundreds of billions of dollars of spending programs that are set to expire, along with the largest tax increase since World War II for virtually all income levels — was specifically designed to force compromise.

(Read More: What Is the 'Fiscal Cliff'?)

It seems Washington underest…



When a C.I.A. Director Had Scores of Affairs

Published: November 10, 2012

WALKING through the lobby of the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Va., after handing in his resignation on Friday, David H. Petraeus passed a bas-relief sculpture of Allen Dulles, who led the agency in the 1950s and early ’60s. Below it is the motto, “His Monument Is Around Us.”

Both men ran the C.I.A. during some of its most active years, Dulles during the early cold war and Mr. Petraeus during the era of drone strikes and counterinsurgency operations. And both, it turns out, had high-profile extramarital affairs.

But private life for a C.I.A. director today is apparently quite different from what it was in the Dulles era. 

Mr. Petraeus resigned after admitting to a single affair; Allen Dulles had, as his sister, Eleanor, wrote later, “at least a hundred.”

Indeed, the contrast between Dulles’s story and that of Mr. Petraeus reflects how fully the life of public se…


Images courtesy of MANBULLOO Facebook page ....


FDA Bulletin on ALL Mangoes

11/13/2012 11:15 am

Dear Valued Customer,

We have just learned that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Internal Bulletin on all imported mangoes. 

The FDA has issued an assignment to increase surveillance on mangoes for sampling. 

This bulletin became active in November and will last for 90 days.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 305-471-8989.

Thank you for your continued support,

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